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Vital statistics
Title Real Name Unknown
Gender Male
Race/Species Nocturnal Morgucy (Morgucis nocturni) (Formerly), Cursed Thaumavorous Monster
Faction Independent Feral Monster
Description Cursed, No Longer Sentient, Power-Hungry, Bitter, Angry, Murderous
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Magic Powers By Consumption Of Magic, Magic Breath, Powerful Wings for Flight, Magic Venom, Thick Hide, Weakness to Sunlight, Can Still Speak Only Random But Cryptic Words
Status Exiled
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Meoclite (Homeworld)
  • (Exile Location Unknown...)
Alignment Bitter and Evil

B'Ruth is an Alternate UUniversal monster of unknown origin and of urban infamy for causing the genocide of an entire community of alchemists. He was actually an orphan wanderer native to Planet Meoclite, a forgotten alien planet of enchantment and science, and was looking for a cure to his growing feral magic ailment which he got as punishment for an unknown terrible act, even though he was told it could only be cured by redemption. He constantly tried and failed to find the cure even from the same people who cursed him, and even stole and tampered with their magic trying to cure himself, and yet all it did was not only accelerate his curse, but make it worse, turning him into a tempered and nihilistic monster who annihilated nearly all of the alchemists for what they did to him. He was eventually exiled to an uncharted alien planet until he could redeem himself, which was already unlikely as he had been damaged too much for easy redemption. Lamented that he'll never be back to normal, he lost himself to the curse and became completely feral, losing his sentience and becoming a true monster. But not just any monster. He became a monster that eats magic to grow stronger and hunt better. This gave him growing abilities of magic and will possibly find a way to escape his exile to go to other worlds.

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