84RR4G38L45T-15, AKA BARRAGEBLAST-XV, is a Alternate UUniversal manned robot operated mainly by Professor Loadsby. The Professor created it as a bigger and more powerful version of MAXBLAST-X, yet because he couldn't afford an AI powerful enough for it to operate itself, it had to be a manned machine. It is a solar-powered mechanical monstrosity that has durable armor, has Uridium-based augmentation, has pulse, laser, plasma, electric, and explosive-based programmable armaments, it can teleport and regenerate through DIgistruction technology, it can create 2 rechargeable energy shield layers, and it can be extremely dangerous to even an entire army. However, it has one small weakness: It's ultimate attack, a powerful solar disintegrative beam that it unleashes, and it takes 5 seconds to charge up and fire, and beforehand, it can be shot and shorten out the machine itself, and until the machine finds new parts through Digistruction, it leaves it's internal machinery vulnerable to attack.


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