Vital statistics
Title Biological Father of Banzai
Gender Male
Race/Species Spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta)
Faction The Pure Hyenas
Description Deceased
Skills and Abilities Naturally Vicious And Agile, Little Experience in Pure Magic
Status Deceased
Location Pride Lands (Homeworld)
Alignment Good Yet Died Easily Misguided
Baako is a hyena from the Pride Lands who was descended from a distant hyena territory who moved to become a Pure Hyena and is the father of Banzai. He quickly became best friends with Shenzi's mother, Uzuri, and with another hyena and Ed's father, Dejen. He helped save the Pure Hyenas from the upcoming tyranny of Nyeusi III, and had soon got married to a female hyena named Kirabo, and gave birth to Banzai. When Shenzi's parents ended up murdered by Merlock, Merlock told him a lie about how Simba's grandfather, Ahadi, ordered the execution. As a result, Baako would end up causing several events that would not only get him killed by Nala's mother, Sarafina (Technically proving the lyric 'Now wasn't it her mom who ate your dad?' in the Hyenas' song 'Chow Down'), but causing the Lion-Hyena Feud that would lead to the events of SpongeBob's Adventures of The Lion King.


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  • Baako's role was originally given to a fan-made character named 'Baasho' by Chernibogfan, but because the rightful owner of the character, Rinjapine, was angered by this, Scroopfan got rid of Baasho, and MSM gave the role to Baako.
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