Trying to use the Time Master's repaired staff from the forbidden basement to go back in time and stop Mang from ever going down the wrong path in the begining, ending up making Cobra make an appearence and punished Spongebob, Lord Shen, and Celestia by turning them into toddlers, with Cobra leaving them, having no interest in the staff hearing what became of Paradox Cobra, leaves Boss Wolf, Luna, Sandy, and Kolwalski to go to the place that actselly dictates time: Limbo, realm of the limbo bats called Phantom Bats, but the only way to actess it (as told by Saldaron/Nega Chesure Cat himself) is the only funtioning Dimentional traveler made by none other then Docter Nefarious and Team Nefarious. Boss Wolf, Sandy, Luna, and Kolwaski went on with this mission, leaving Icky, Candence, Patrick, and the other three penguins with their methorical hands full with screaming, whining, arguing toddler versons of Shen, Celestia, and Spongebob. but, Nefarious has caught wind of this, and has once again got back to his former plan of giving every villain in the united universe a do-over like in the video game before, but this time, with the machine in limbo called "The Tower of ages", which dictates how any being ages, and the control of this controls time itself, even Saldaron, and controling Saldaron will force him to revel the number one sure fire methorical key to the generater of the universeal bounderies. can Nefarious be detered again, or is he finally gonna get what he wants?

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