After Diniello's defeat, not only has the Gate Sintari relic made Camp Failwell rich and left half the camp debating to add modern technology to the place while Divid forbids it because he likes the camp exactly how it is, Failwell ended up arrested for endangering the planet by smuggling the relic for profit in the black market. He wants revenge on everyone including Divid for not helping him when he needed them, but sees Maux as too dangerous to stay in the camp when he promptly ruins a secret plot by Nell to use the money to introduce modern technology, seeking to get him kicked out to keep him from ruining his plans, steal the money, and leave the camp unfunded while he uses it to get revenge on the Heroes Act and later the Lodgers when he gets enough experience to get past their defenses and offenses, all under the albeit-unconvincing disguise of Fairboy Succeedwell. He succeeds, albeit barely, and Divid is forced to sell the camp to Limid's new Campers Inc. head by the therapsid couple The Winwells. Vikki aims to get Maux back but Nell is adamant at Maux for ruining his chance to get back into modern technology. When the Hero Hive is attacked by Failwell's paid agents, foreign exchange campers from places he scammed in the form of a Roozsian bate named Viria, a Thai-like qumor named Darn, a North Korean-like onlyve named Juayne, and a shifty Athomian igueen named Brino. The Heroes Act are kicked out of their home and unable to contact the Grand Council. Left with only their dropship, their obvious solution is to go to the Lodgers. But what everybody doesn't know is that Brino is a charlatan-in-training that seeks to steal Failwell's power, wealth, and plans, jealous of Failwell and wants to avenge his mastermind con artist father CA Tailtuck, who was Failwell's rival and former partner, who died of homelessness after Failwell betrayed him. Seeking revenge, Brino eventually steals all the Heroes Act's secrets from Failwell, along with his power and money, with the intent to sell them to the Dark Radicals. Now it's up to Camp Failwell, the HA and Lodgers, and an unwitting Ferrell, to stop him.

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