The Lodgers must return to Symbolia with the Heroes Act when Ugnoramus' most diabolical device, the Transmitter Tower, a living tower of flesh disguised as a broadcast tower, intends to spread Ugnoramus' curse across the AUU. With the help of Zixen and a new paper-bag-masked friend of hers that she has wronged and betrayed in the past named Oneo who is trapped in the tower as a powerful Slenderman figure out for revenge named Lean Man, and is using his powers to broadcast a reality-warping transmission all over the planet and continue Ugnoramus' work, warping people into the distorted Watchers, while also creating new peons like a vengeful angry armed hunter known as The Woodsman, the extending-necked teacher called The Scholar and her porcelain Rudes, and the bulbous ceiling-dwelling cruel but exceedingly brilliant surgical mastermind The Surgeon. Thus Zixen has to fix her mistake and save Oneo before the cycle of his pain loops once again.

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