Gazelle is summoned back to Undezon, turned back into a child since she was more recognizable that way, and for the new task at hand. Mothereal is missing her other adopted child and he was last seen in his school where Apluy teaches, and wants Gazelle to investigate disguised as an innocent child. But she meets new friends that prove difficult to get along with including a purple aggressive monster bully Sistine, a friendship-obsessed poetic and cryptic magical witch named Relicqua, a speedy hoverbiking monster and former prince named Impaler, and the culprit Gazelle is looking for, a chaosmaker jester monster named Jestvil who does whatever he wants for fun, including making his own challenges like challenging the young Gazelle.

SMG4 If Mario was in..

SMG4 If Mario was in... Deltarune

Jestvil is defeated the same way

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