The Doodle Dimension invades the UUniverses as it's creations left by SpongeBob and Patrick during their last visit turned it into a viable three-dimensional setting. Doodle Bob Squarepants is also wanting revenge after 2 canon and a SAFA defeat, and begins using giant stolen magic pencils to assimilate the UUniverses. Thus in order to stop them, the Lodgers have to go to the Doodle Dimension and convince it's leaders that they can have a better existence than assimilating other dimensions. However, Doodlebob ends up being a least concern in that the invadtion has a far bigger impourence then Doodle wanting revenge, though he did sort've hi-jacked it for that. The Doodle Leaders explain that a dimention traveling darkspawn, named E-Rai-Zer, is a dark and malevolent force that erazes away dimentions based on drawings and pencels, in deeming them to be disgusting abominations to the multiverse, so he's going out of his way to erase it, has threaten to erase the Doodle Dimention for that reason! To add insult to injury, Plankton and the Villain Leage are involved because Mirage has deemed E-Rai-Zer to be an impourent asset because E-Rai holds the power to erase the Banish Realms' Boundery and freeing the Darkspawn that way! The Lougers both need to send E-Rai-Zer to the Banished Realms AND to take away these powers and fast!

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