Vital statistics
Title The Fall Master, Chessmistress, Backstabmon, Bitchgammon, The Pony who's named after one game but has a cutie mark of a different one.
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Unicorn-Daemon Hybrid
Faction Independent
Description Arrogant, Self-Righteous, Mean, Spiteful, Often Pretentious And Deluded in Self Hubris.
Skills and Abilities Natural Unicorn Magic, Verbal And Mental Mind-Control, Manipulative Cunning, Strategic, Intelligence, Knowledgeable, Jinxes, Telepathic and Empathic Abilities, Talent in Magic Gizmos.
Status Still At Large
Location Equestria (Unknown)
Alignment Tainted Pony
Backgammon Fall is an Equestrian Unicorn-Daemon Hybrid and the adult sister of Cozy Glow and a former student of Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. She is a highly talented magic user with a chess-based cutie mark like Cozy which exemplifies her ability to trump the best challenges, which exemplifies her daemon side which represents adaptability and ambition. Vastly unlike Twilight, she's been very much aware of how broken and sad the world outside of Equestria is in thanks to having a grandfather that saw the world for himself and came home a depressed colt, and has since had desires to fix it, but these noble intentions are made flawed and marred by her notions that the other races are hopeless without friendship, ignoring that the real problem is that they simply have nothing to balance their aggressive and/or self-harming ways and not entirely being that without friendship their existence is meaningless, thus assuming that the world outside of Equestria doesn't even know what friendship is as opposed to the fact that they're just not as dedicated to the ideals as ponies are, thus making Backgammon a bit condescending and intellectual to an annoying degree about it, of which is an attitude that would only serve to push the other races of the world away from friendship than any true change. But when her preaches get a bit much after a while to where even races with some respect for ponies have ended up losing their cool towards them and refuse to listen to her, she gets expelled for trying to spread friendship forcefully and disobeying Celestia for doing so, thus leaving a bad reputation to ponies on many races. Disappearing a day later, Backgammon was shamed by her family, thus leading her to have further disappeared from sight. But she later becomes incredibly jealous when Celestia's protégé and the crowned Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle, does exactly what she wanted to do but far better, and accuses her of stealing her dream, even when Twilight had never even known of Backgammon's existence and the fact that she was unqualified and banned from the job. She's Twilight at her worst and will not trust people who come off as incompetent, nonsensical, hasn't learned anything, will put magic and her personal goals above the needs of others, and her stress is malicious and capable of destroying lives, and her hybrid biology between a powerful magic using creature and a emotional spirit make her a force to be reckoned with.


Cutie Mark

Backgammon was born in the same hybrid family as Cozy Glow long before she was born, and was given her name because her strange habit of being smarter than an average foal and having luck while being so to where she even did smart things like making cookies after finding an empty cookie jar reminded her father of his favorite game of backgammon which he always loved to play in Las Pegasus with Chancellor Wellplay. As she grew up, Backgammon learned how to gamble more even as a child and after managing to aid her famed accomplishing family over 20 times expertly and becoming the most well-known youngest member of the family, she earned her cutie mark, a series of chess pieces that represent her talent for strategy and smart moves, and the ability to accomplish anything, giving her the nicknames Chessplay, Chessmistress, Chessmaster, etc.

Going Rogue

Backgammon 2

Backgammon in her Red Cloak

Growing up, Backgammon enrolls as a student to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. At first she was a striding and adaptable student that could potentially make her family proud. Then one day her grandfather returned to Equestria after years crusading, and became unbelievably depressed because of what he saw. After using a spell to see everything he did, she felt unbelievably awful of how wrecked the outside world of Equestria was, and desired gravely to fix it. Though she continued being an overachiever, Celestia became concerned she'd end up like Sunset Shimmer a week ago, and after they had a meeting and saw Backgammon's true feelings, she felt like she needed help after seeing she had plans to spread the magic of friendship efficiently and quickly, and thus sends her cousin Eightball Roll to keep her out of trouble.

Unfortunately, this wasn't enough. Backgammon's ability to adapt allowed her to lie her way to escape Eightball's watch. A condescending Backgammon snuck to other lands using her magic to adapt around environmental hazards like being underwater, in the clouds, and so on. She performed secret errands that ended up catching Celestia's attention when they complain about her preaches about how flawed and unfriendly they were, Celestia had Backgammon cut from much of her studies about friendship as her actions completely undermined friendship. Furious and feeling betrayed, Backgammon disobeyed Celestia's sentence and attempted to use a magic shockwave bomb with multi-payload and dosed with a stolen friendship magic relic to spread friendship magic across the entire world. But Celestia caught her in the act, and expelled her from the school and exiling her from Canterlot for her crimes and defiance.

After being completely shamed by her disappointed family, Backgammon angrily yelled it was for her grandfather and she was trying to heal the world, and thus disappeared a day later, never being seen again for years. In her times of isolation, she learned of the accomplishments of Twilight Sparkle who became the Princess of Friendship for successfully spreading friendship across the world. Feeling unbearably jealous that she should've been the Princess of Friendship, promptly accusing her of stealing her dream and goals regardless of Twilight not knowing who she was. She eventually comes back to the family after she hears that she's a big sister now. After meeting the foal Cozy Glow, Backgammon saw untold power inside her. Upon the day of Cozy earning her cutie mark, she learns that Cozy has the ability to use magic without a horn through her daemon side and how to appear innocent and normal fluently, as well as intelligence comparable to hers, after overseeing it. Thus she persuades Cozy to do a favor for her to restore the tarnished legacy of their family after the fall of the EEA, all as a secret plan of revenge against Celestia and Twilight over what Celestia alone did and she thinks Twilight is guilty of. Cozy was then enrolled into the School of Friendship doing Backgammon's errands, albeit with begrudging reluctance with potty-mouthed snark towards Backgammon.


Like Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer, Backgammon has high-level intelligence and magical capabilities and is capable of strategy and getting things done, which is what her cutie mark and her specific daemon side represents. Her magic is extremely powerful as her emotions are unrestrained and amplification through her daemon side, as she can use it for telekinesis, teleportation, magic shields, modifiable energy blasts, illusions, and she has the power to debunk any form of magic defense using jinxes. Also, like Twilight, she has acute memory and can learn a spell quickly after seeing it in use. She also has the power of legilimancy (verbal mind-control), occlumency which is beyond any pony in Equestria which gives her heightened intuitive clairvoyance and thus cannot be so easily fooled or outsmarted, able to see through magic disguises, and she can manipulate the thoughts, emotions, and minds of her enemies.


  • "Soon, everything Princess Twilight has, will all be MINE!"
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