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Backus Swell Waterways
Vital statistics
Title Backwater
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Seapony
Faction Queen Abysswish' Former Army General
Description Cold, Dark, Gentlemanly, Brooding, Subtle, Insulting
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Magic Ciguatoxic Bite Venom That Does Anything He Wants To The Victim
Status Alive
Location Equestria
Alignment Villainous

Backwater is an Equestrian seapony from the pre-Queen Novo days of Seaquestria. He is a sea snake-based seapony and one of Novo's old friends and former bullies since meeting Princess Swellsea and is Queen Abysswish's former general of her army who is extremely rich in ciguatoxins, making him a deadly fighter who can poison his enemies with snake fangs. Very unsupportive of Abysswish's mentoring of Novo and Novo becoming queen and believes that false seaponies were unworthy to rule the underwater kingdom, he supports Tidecaller's attempts to overthrow Novo. Backwater is infamous of being a very sofisicated but darkly opininated asshole who's polite mannorisums hides and betrays a very stark mean streak. In acknowledging that he doesn't pocess a good social standing due to his mannerisums alone, sided with that he questions the seapony royalty, he settles for the next best thing of getting Novo replaced at all, not caring if they're any better or any worse then Novo, just as long as they're not Novo. Backwater has unapologenicly enjoyed that Novo is in very little position to take action against him because of how poorly she handled Twilight Sparkle, in that even if he would deserve it, it would've ended up counting as misusing the pearl, thus giving Backwater the freedom to rattle her cage as he pleases, basicly being the shorce of why Novo tends to be prone to acts of self-rightious fury. His voice is similar to Michael C. Hall (Toffee, Dexter Morgan in Dexter, and David Fisher in Six Feet Under)


Born an outcast due to his snake physiology, Backwater was despondent, mute, and antisocial for most of his childhood until his fangs matured and he put them to good use when he saved Wavedancer. This got him enrolled into military school and he soon became the general of Abysswish's royal guard and eventually regaining his speech. He followed her to the foundation of Seaquestria which was built to relocate the Pearl of Maricolous when it was almost stolen by The Typhoon King. He continued serving Abysswish until her daughter Princess Swellsea rescued Novo from drowning and ushered an alliance between the hippogriffs and seaponies. Concerned for the risks this brings for the Pearl, especially since the hippogriffs are renowned aggressive beings, Backwater is denied any protest and goes rogue, getting himself fired in the process.

Feeling betrayed by his own ruler, Backwater proceeds to sabotage the alliance however possible. He first does this by convincing Novo's seapony boyfriend Tidecaller to help her replace her sister Corono as the heir to the throne. This ends up backfiring when the attack of the Storm King allows Novo to be the protégé of Abysswish and eventually her successor when Abysswish is murdered by Storm King. Appalled that a hippogriff is ruling, Backwater responds by bullying her into making a mistake worthy of the cowardly act that cost her Tidecaller. He succeeds when this comes with Novo leaving Twilight's homeland to die for an act that was her fault.

This act gave birth to the civil movement where Novo's sister Ocean Flow would lead the pro-Novo movement and he would co-lead the anti-Novo movement with Tidecaller. His plans going fluently with Corono replacing King Nephostratus as leader of the pure hippogriffs after a mentally-destructive civil sibling rivalry, he hopes that this movement will succeed in getting rid of Novo so Tidecaller can lead Seaquestria and relieve it of any hippogriff involvement once and for all.


Backwater is a seapony and one of the rare breeds of snake seapony. As such he is amphibious, he can travel fast in both water and land, his magic is highly experienced, he knows about the kingdom of Seaquestria more than anyone else, he is subtle, clever, and knows how to manipulate and turn people against each other.

But his infamous ability is his toxic ability. Combining seapony magic with ciguatoxin, a poison found in most marine fish, Backwater's bite venom is capable of adapting around any magical defense like an infection. It's capable of killing a Seaquestrian security jellyfish without sounding the alarm, including the one that safeguards the Pearl of Transformation, as well as nullify any opponent, disable, undo, or overload magical abilities depending on what Backwater wants, and it can virtually do anything to the victim. The antivenom can only be obtained through a sample of his own venom.