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Tonas Harold Sigma
Bad Luck Tiger.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Bad-Luck Tiger
Gender Male
Race/Species Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
Faction Bad Luck Crew
Description Hot-Headed, Greedy, Arrogant, Reckless, Relentless, Determined to Win, Willing to Go To Any Extreme and Endanger Lives to Get His Way, Similar Personality to Chick Hicks
Skills and Abilities Gadgets, Good Driver, 'Omegamobile' Racing Vehicle
Status Still Racing Recklessly
Location Athletecus
  • Burnside (Hometown)
Alignment Greedy and Egocentric

Tonas H. Sigma, nicknamed Bad Luck Tiger, is a tiger from Athletecus who is a widely unlikeable racer made infamous for his bad habit of cheating and unsportsmen-like conduct, and the rival of the much more prefered racer Lady Luck. Tony has never ONCE won a race in his entire career, (at least not fairly), and has been known to try and cheat his way into everything. However, people little understood the method behind his madness. He became a racer to one day win the Grand Prix 'Wishing Turtle' always offered in all the Grand Prix races and bring back to life his cherished idol Tom Incredible Lion. However, because people don't appreciate cheaters, and because he never dropped his habit once, it gotten bad to the point that if he tries to explain himself now, people think he's trying to whore for sympathy, so he turned into more and more of a jerk each day and each failed race. He still aims to finally get the Wishing Turtle for good. His cheating habits have gone into the point of hiring outside forces of help him 'take care' of the competition, and despite how careful it was, people automatically knew it was his fault because of past experience, and he can't hide behind innocent-until-proven-guilty for long because his 'enlisted help' is always captured. This is one unlucky jungle cat. He has a similar personality to Chick Hicks, wanting to get his way, is very egotistical, and willing to do anything and go to any reckless extreme in order to get his way, including cheating and even bumping other cars into spinning.


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  • "And may the ME win!"
  • "Cheaters never prosper they say? We'll see about that soon enough."