The Lougers had recently battled the Hair-Cut themed Super-Villain Barberchop and his near-iconic Indeffi-snip-Scissers, scissers designed to perimently cut off a piece of hair forever thanks to incerting biological components that causes the part that grows hair to stay perpetually bald biologically. Trixie ended up felling victim to the madman's perma-hair-cut and left Trixie with a perimently bad mane cut. Now, Trixie is out of her mind and has went to relentless depression. She even went to Equestia to mope at Twilight's castle. Trixie proved too depressed and snippy to even accept Rarity's advice, forcing the Mane 7 to seek out the Lougers to get Trixie help. However, when alone in an alley, Trixie has ran into a former Employie of the defunct Genesis Corporation, Dr. Hair-Mane-Doo, a Unicorn that has perfected the magic that can actselly help with fixing manes, but others didn't appresiated her reshearch because the claim that magic can't fix manes. Hair-Mane, refusing to accept such a fact, aims to prove that wrong with this new kind of magic with Trixie as a desperately willing ginnipig. After being hit with a spell, Trixie's mane comes back to life, proving the outcasted doctor correct and to be placed in the path of her own legacy with Genesis gone. However, even with the magic being proven effective, the problem is that it's MORE then effective. By the next day, Trixie's Mane becomes alive, and has a mind of it's own as it started to do things outside of Trixie's interests! It started to behaive like Mane-Iac's mane tenticles started to do things for themselves, as Trixie couldn't get it under control as it basicly unintentionally kidnaps her and steals the Louger Van. Then in Equestia, Ponies who adopted Dr. Hair-Mane-Doo's magic hair-care potions and shampoo began to suffer the same effects, as Trixie's Mane became the Queen, calling itself "Hair-A-Tic", and vows to make all manes sentient so Manes can rule the world of Equestia! Can the Lougers and the Mane 7 fix this litteral Bad Hair Day, capture Dr. Hair-Mane-Doo who is trying to avoid the consiquiences of messing with things she shouldn't, stop a hairy uprising, and save the day AND Trixie?


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