LOA bad po

Bad Po the Unversed

Bad Po was a villain from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.

He appears in the episode "Bad Po". When Po discovers the Mystical Mirror of Yin and Yang, the item splits Po into two halves. One being Good Po, who has Po's innocent nature and stupidity. The other being Bad Po, who is arrogant and brute: all the qualities of Po's alias as the Dragon Warrior.

Bad Po commits numerous wrong-doings in the Valley of Peace, such as insulting his friends, customers at Ping's Noodle Shop, and creating hatred and fear for the civilians. These crimes were blamed on Good Po. When the two halves soon meet, Bad Po manipulates Good Po and then imprisons him. Master Shifu finds out, but is imprisoned as well. When Shifu and Good Po escape, they form a plan with the Furious Five to restore Po to his normal self with the mirror. However, they had to do so before sunset, when the effect becomes permanent, as Bad Po attempts to take over the Valley of Peace with the help of Fung and the Croc Bandits. Bad Po fights the Furious Five, and Good Po helps by hurting himself, as the pain also affects Bad Po. Bad Po soon breaks the mirror and believes he has won. However, Good Po revealed to him that he had broken a copy of the mirror, and uses the true mirror to defeat the fiend, thus restoring Po to his normal self.

Iron Prisoner III

Bad Po's true form, the Iron Imprisoner

Bad Po will soon return in the Spongebob series, this time, as the Unversed of Po that was removed from Po's heart by Dr. Facilier's keyblade. Bad Po then proves to be a powerful opponent of the Shell Louge Squad as he aids whatever villain appears in the moviesode. In the final battle of the movisode, Bad Po's anger and frustration transforms him into his true form, the Iron Imprisoner, which is then destroyed by the combined attacks of Spyro and the Real Po. Although, when Bad Po will appear has yet to be desided.

Bad Po also became apart of Xehanort's radicalistic "Great Cycle" threat, for the sake of "He felt like it". He lacked every single moral problem with sending worlds into darkness, and congured both worlds, Dreamworks China, and Toontown when he made The Unversed Elite (The Toon Patrol's Unversed) his minions. He ordered them to attack the misfits once they entered toontown in darkness, but they were defeated, and Bad Po retreated, but not without slurring at the heroes. When the Lougers came into the Castle that never was in an arena-like room, that's when Bad Po apepared. He commenced to taunt them and insult them, saying it's hopeless to stop Xehanort. That is when the real Po, and the kung fu team, with Demyx of all nobodies, had enough and challnaged him. When Po and the other of the louger's kung fu masters, even the likes of Lord Shen and Fu-Xi, ended up being unable to defeat Bad Po, Demyx instantly become stronger and tougher, and beaten up Bad Po like how the real Po did to Tai Lung, even dispite Bad Po's useaged as his ultra form, the Iron Prisoner, before being beaten hard enough to turned back! Bad Po, weaken, stated that Demyx cannot win. He's nothing but a useless, idiotic nobody! Bad Po tried to punch Demyx, but grabbed him by the finger, with Demyx stating he's NOT a useless, idiotic nobody. He's THE useless, idiotic nobody! Demxy prepares to do the Wuxi Finger-hold, to the horror of Bad Po, stating that it's impossable since the real Po could've trained him the move in such a short period of time! Demyx agreed, but he qouted: "I figured it out. Not as hard as people say it is." Then proceeds to, as the Real Po would say it, "Skadoosh" him, and defeated Bad Po for good.

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