A lost Magelio artifact has been recovered by Cashmere Bling, a known egotisical greedy beyond-belief neutrol-mind amoral treasure hunter, who was working for one of the secret founders of the VA. And not just any secret Founder. She is known as Miss Wuliffe. She was the one founder who was more then supportive to Tex's beliefs, behind the head founder, most of the other Founders being neutrol about it, with only Tokath being the hater, Wuliffe reveils to Cashmere that the Magelo artifact is an anti-paradox time travel relic that can allow anyone to change history without a paradox doomsday, and she wants to use it to power a time machine being made by hired mercenary sciencetists and engineers-for-hire and to give it paradox proof power. Protected by a private force of Starbots and vastly upgraded Qui Drones, Wuliffe only has one ambition: to prevent Tex from being arrested and in her belief, Tex being around to still give the VA standerds would prevent the downfall and prevent the hero uprising from ever happening. That would mean that Qui would be kept from ever being reformed. Natrolly, after a HA drone spied on Wuliffe, the HA warns the Lougers of what is happening and declaire that, dispite what Wuliffe was trying to do in stopping the VA from ever causing more or less of it's own downfall, messing with time is still a punishable offence and Wuliffe has to be stopped.


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