Things between the Villain Leage and the Dragon Army are less then, perfect, ever since the most insane mess Su Su Ka-Boom ever made that eventally lead to a final downfall! Things have been going further south among the ranks of the Dragon Army, Ke-Pa is losing upmost valuable control, any attempt to use time travel to undo the mess has been rudely prevented, the biggest threats to the Dragon Army is still out and about, Derek has started to carry out much more secretive weapon trades with independent OC villains agains with his assusiates from Derek Glidester's secret scam to get himself a profit while the going is good to go rich when the Dragon Army should face disbansion, while most of the other members are starting to think about moving on out while the going is open, or it's back to Prison 42 and all the progress made would be for not. Worse it off, without the semi-allience with the Villain Leage thanks to Throx being full on leager and offically a widow with Su Su's end, Ke-Pa is desperate to keep his team from shattering. Ke-Pa has then desided to request help from the Dark Radicals, but Kafar refused in light of their own troubles, but was generious enough to offer a way out of their slump: Usurped the Leage Leaders and gain complete over them. Ke-Pa, having no choice, and that dipolicy is offictally hopeless now thanks to failed attempts, Ke-Pa has issued the Dragon Army to have a villain feud against the Villain Leage for surviveal. This was deemed unexpected by Mirage and the Villain Leage Council, but embraced the challanged none the less, hoping ineditable victory for the leage would further demoralised the ranks of the Dragon Army, espeically in their semi-weakened state.

What will the Lougers do? Stand aside for once and hope this goes without inosent causalties, or intervine to have this sorted out alot quickly to prevent the possability of a new villains war from forming for a safety measure if the feud were to escalate? And more importantly can the other lougers prevent Spyro from taking a drastic mesure to rid the UU of Ke-Pa forever just as Cynder had when she almost banished Qui to the Realm of Darkness back in Discord's Dilemma?

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