Vital statistics
Title The Bad Luck Dragon, Bad-Luck Baku, Nephew of Maleficent and Dark Dragon, and Cousin of Taiku and Haku
Gender Male
Race/Species Japanese Dragon
Faction Independent
Description Cursed With Bad Luck, Lost Horn, Melodramatic, Sore About His Life, And Tragically Sympathized By Many Family Members
Skills and Abilities Flight, Fire-Breath, Unable to Avoid Bad Luck
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria (Current Residence)
Alignment Sympathized, Villain by Circumstance

Baku is a cousin of Taiku and Haku, the nefpew of Dark Dragon and Maleficent, and the surviving desendent of the modern successers of Prince Aragon. He and Taiku were once the only things they have on struggling to survive in a world that fails to understand them. Having lost a horn to a battle against a knight, Baku seemed to suffer the worse of the discrimination. Like Taiku, just as an angry mob was about to destroy him and Taiku, the two were saved by Celestia, the ruling princess of Equestia. But while Taiku gives great appresiation, Baku was proven less grateful since he delfeupted sevre trust issues thanks to his troubles. Baku and Taiku both attended magic universeity, but unlike Taiku, Baku was purely an outcast. It was because he was proven to be a fallen luck dragon, because his horn was broken. That means luck no longer exists and the primary powers of the Luck Dragon are gone. Worse, the horn never heals unless a godly force far more powerfuler then even Celestia heals it, of which, at the time, there wasn't any. Baku's heart became dark, and was consumed by evil. He attempted to usurp the Equestian Monarchy for his own gain, but Taiku intervined and tried to stop him to no avail. But Baku was truely stopped by a younger Pred Judu Des. Dispite not being able to slice him, Pred was able to buck Baku's back badly enough that he can never walk on all fours ever again. Celestia kept Pred from finishing him off, but Celestia still acknowledge that Baku was beyond help, and Baku was banished to the Badlands as a result. He would then become new commander of an anti-Pred movement after the death of Malevolent Flames. He's currently still a heinious threat to Equestia, and is another reason why Pred is so hard on Taiku, among many other reasons. He disabled his ability to turn human because he felt that is both "Stupid and Pointless" since he is first and foremost a dragon, akin to being like his uncle The Dark Dragon.


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