After watching the stories of Zirago, the Heroes Act decides to mourn the main character's extinct race, the Crucyds, by going to their home planet, Thexus, which is like Texas, only with a blend of sci-fi. They discover that Pirchoch Helix was there as well as he reveals that the Crucyds may not remain extinct after all. Turns out, Helix Transgenics has discovered an entire cryogenic vault filled with countless preserved Crucyd specimens, as it gave the race hope of being brought back from the dead. Thus, they decide to help, and managed to make the first Crucyd clone, which they name Zira after Zirago. This clone had an accelerated aging cycle due to being inside the cloning chamber for 5 days, and she has already inherited the common traits of her race, and thus, hearing of her race's extinction, seeks to help bring them back. However, there is a reason they went extinct in the first place in the form of a race they encountered once or twice: Vocerkans, sometimes nicknamed as Vors, who had an alliance with them in the past until the Crucyds left them into poverty as a result of distrust in them due to their bitter customs and behavior, and have thus renounced their alliance and taken all that they did to better them. But in truth, it's because the original Crucyd leader was abit of a racist doughe and didn't appresiated the Vocerkan's customs, which when the Crucyds were made to ditch the Vors, it unsurprisingly went south. It pretty much deminstraighted that real-life Crucyds were not as noble as Zirago and that the race was overly sympathised because of the Vors not tyically enjoying a good reputation with others. So it's no surprise that the Crucyd storage labs were destroyed by Vor soldiers by order of Emperor Skinpeel, though almost shockingly enough included former Dark Radical Reserves member Bandit Cruge, who apart from an unfortunate history with them, had at the end of the Villain Reserves Revolt said that something big happened to the Crucyds and he wanted to fix that before any De-Extinction attempt was made, and it's safely assumed he still hadn't found that way to fix them and 'mysteriously' aided the Vors because 'The Crucyds aren't yet ready to be brought back', implying that either the Dark Rads are back to trying to regain the control of their disbanded reserves, or the Vors were the ones to corrupt him, either way, the attack was successful, destroying any chance for the Crucyds to return. When the Lodgers get involved and confront the Vor Emperor and Cruge, though insulted that they assumed he would ever get involed with anything related to the VA and Crucyd successfully proving that he still has sour opinions on the Dark Rads and proven that they're not involved again, both kept enough of their cool to explain that what they did to the Crucyds was more justified than just because of a douche leader and the poverty issue (Though contributing factors). The Vors did it to protect the universes from a horrorable rabidly evolving parsite native to the Crucyds world that can process it's host to become savage but intelligent hive mind monsters that would've caused the Crucyds to spread their infection to the universes and beyond and doomed everything to parasitic doomsday. Pirch and the heroes at first refused to take it seriously, but with witness testamony from Cruge who seen the Crucyds himself, and then Skinpeel offering physical evidence to more stubbern heroes and reveiled a fozzelised Crucyd that was in progress of becoming a nightmarish monstrosity. The parasite was named Crucydiod, the secret inspiration and evolutionairy cousin of the bruud. That was more then enough to wake everyone up on the matter! That means that creating Zira Crucyd was not the greatest of ideas, as they could've ended up bring back the parasite as well. Rushing back to Transgenics, they now must make the hard choice of putting down Zira before it's too late. But already Zira has became a ravionious beast attacking the planet and causing an uproar. Can Pirch be able to correct his mistake before it bad names De-Extinction forever?



(Zirago's Theme Song)

Sonic Satam intro - Fastest Thing Alive Full Version (Fan made)

Sonic Satam intro - Fastest Thing Alive Full Version (Fan made)


Story of Zirago


Introduction of the Crucyds


Birth of Zira


The Specimens Destroyed/Cruge Returns


The Tragic Truth of the Crucyds


Defeating Zira



Thexus Spaceport

  • Icky:... So... The Crucyds can't come back, can they?
  • Skinpeel: Afraid not. The Crucyiod parasite has permanently bonded with their DNA to where it's not possible to remove it no matter how advanced technology we use.
  • Pirchoch: You know, there is ALWAYS a way. Though your intentions were good... I don't think the Crucyds deserve this fate.
  • Skinpeel: Mr. Helix, maybe it's best that they stay extinct. Even if we somehow FOUND the ability to remove the parasite, how will they recover from the damage they were exposed to? De-extinction may be a good thing to do, but sometimes it has risks. Back in the times when extinct creatures were still thriving, there were diseases that were supposedly wiped out with them. If they were to be brought back, then the diseases would no doubt be as well. DNA is NOT a bunch of construction blocks that you can just rearrange the pieces and make them different. Only enzymes can do that, and we tried to stop the parasite with that. We've done nothing but fail in that field. So, I'm sorry, but the Crucyds stay dead.
  • Pirchoch:... And you're sure we can't try it again some other time?
  • Skinpeel: Well, I had to destroy the specimens. They were all infected with the parasite. It was good at camouflaging itself as a DNA helix. They feed off of genetic material until it becomes one and the same.
  • Pirchoch:... They... They seem to be a peaceful race. I just... Never knew this was a risk.
  • Skinpeel: You had no idea of knowing anyway. Though there ARE rumors of other Crucyd colonies having more specimens like this, we have no evidence of such as we made sure they were all destroyed.
  • Pirchoch:... All my hard work... Was a complete waste of time.
  • Gazelle: Mr. Helix, I know you're upset of what occurred. But please, if a race turns out to be extinct for a reason, then just... Remember them for how they lived, and not for how they died.
  • Cruge: Yes. And if there likely ARE any Crucyd specimens that the Vocerkans overlooked, then it's best to wait until something likely comes around to de-taint the DNA, though that's ultamately up for the future to deside. Maybe it will bring that, maybe it done won't. But for now... Know that sometimes, things deserve to stay dead. Nothing lasts forever after all.
  • Clifton: "Thanks for your words, Cruge. (Cuffs him) BUUUUUT, even if the Emperor approved of your actions, you still have to answer for damage of property, AND there's STILL your involvement with the Dark Radicals, revolting against them and true intentions aside."
  • Cruge: "Figures. Another reminder why I don't think so kindly about the system."
  • Clifton: "Oh, trust me. We have a friend in Oranos who will see to it that you'll come to appresiate the system soon enough."
  • Pirchoch:... (Sighs)... You're right. But... Funny thing, I was too hyped when you said how nice, funny, and risk-taking they were.
  • Cruge: No denying that. They were that and more. Sure, they kinda turned on me, but that was before the parasite varments and was because of, little old me being stupid. But sometimes, what comes up, must eventually come down. You'll just have to live with it. And look, if life ever changed it's mind about that, like, something of reality altering porportions, that be dandy, but even then, repairing the race completely won't exactly replace what we lost. It'll start the path to bring forth a new age, but, nothing too exact.
  • Skinpeel: Oh, trust me, there were other races like them out there. There were the Exemplyds. They were tall and lived on a superhabitable planet before they went extinct, and they were like the Crucyds, only taller... MUCH taller! Heck, there were many other human-like beings like them. Hundreds of races come and go. If the Crucyds DO get a chance to return to their normal ways, I'm up for it. But... For now... It's best that we leave the race be for the foreseeable future, cause from the looks of it, it's at the moment impossible.
  • Shifu: As much as I can doubt anything is truly impossible, I must agree. Zira nearly destroyed us, and with the skill she displayed, we were almost done for.
  • Xandy: What I'M concerned about is that how this info will affect the Crucyd name. They were once thought to be a race that the 'evil' Vocerkans destroyed. Now it turns out they're the ones that were evil?
  • Skinpeel: NOT, nessersarly evil of their own malition. They were tainted and corrupted by true monsters in the form of the parasites, and were also turning into monsters. An exsample that there ARE worse things then even the Bruud. I'm a fan of the Zirago movie that came out in 2017, but... Well, it's obvious that the badmouthing of our race can't continue anymore. Alot of my people are getting disfond of the negitive protrail and those flims are encouraging negative opinions, even if some would argue to not be the intention entirely or because they thought those protrails were accreate enough. The truth will have to be known, because after all this... They deserve to know. And hopefully... JUST, Hopefully... They'll develop a way to bring them back, DNA or not, parasite-destroying enzyme or not.
  • Pirchoch:... Well... Thank you very much for this, Emperor.
  • Skinpeel: My pleasure. Be sure to take this lesson to heart. Don't think about bringing back a species if the risks are just too great. (They flew off)

Months later...

  • Xandy: (As he and Clifton watched the pilot of a new Zirago series with the same theme song as before)... Wow!... Graphene seems to have... Found a way to keep true to the nature of the original franchise, while at the same time... Have the sad truth about the Crucyds be acknowledged well.
  • Clifton: At least Helix Transgenics will be more cautious about the risks of de-exti- (His oPhone acted up)... Who could that be?
  • oPhone: You have new messages.
  • Clifton: (He answers)
  • (Eco-Realist): This is the Eco-Realist speaking. If you're wondering how I got on this transmission when I'm on Oranos, I know how to make friends in even the most un-savery of places. Now, I know your chariable actions have made me more moderate about De-Extinction in how you quilled the Slaughter Bird over-population by introdusing Grook-Grooks as their new predator, and I do appresiate that. However, I called to say... What happened with Zira, I must say, has proven my point.
  • Clifton: "Hey don't over-analised this, Vector! This is NOT nessersarly a periment thing! It's only gonna be until a cure will ever be found!"
  • (Eco-Realist): "Oh, I know, I know eventually the reign of those parasites will not be absolute on the Crucyds and eventuallly a cure WILL become avaluable through whatever crazy means, espeically with those misfits involved, but still. Your little Zira will inspire Transgenetics and other like-wise De-Extinctioners to be more cautious of what race they try to bring back. De-Extinction will soon start to be slightly more monitored and bring forth greater survailence. And even if the Crucyd thing is resolved, fact of the matter is, De-Extinction will no longer enjoy an unregulated reign."
  • Clifton: "Well it's not gonna be TOO strict neither! It'll only mean that heavy reshearch will be taken place to see the reason for the extinction! And if it DOESN'T involve something like parasites or something worse, then it goes on as plan!"
  • (Eco-Realist): "Alas, yes, it is a SMALL victory for ethics of my caliber. It's no outright ban, but the rise of regulations, even if they're light? It's a decent start in a more cautious direction. And don't peg me wrong, I myself am no longer that bad in light of what you did for my home planet, but still, this situation will still inspire serious changes to how everyone views De-Extinction. Though my group has too foul of a reputation in my days of blinded hubris, my more moderate fellow critics of De-Extinction will make sure these regulations don't go away anytime soon, even AFTER any possable cure is discovered. If I was still more leaning on getting rid of De-Extinction entirely, I'd probuly be over-celebrating this."
  • Clifton: "Well thanks for not COMPLETELY rubbing it in regaurdless, Vector! (Hangs up)! (Sighs)..... Even when he's not THAT bad anymore, he still goes ethicist on us."
  • Xandy: "But he's not exactly wrong. This will clearly be the start of people becoming abit more cautious to De-Extinction, even after if the Crucyd parasite problem is ever resolved. It may not be the way that ironic Sodo would've wanted back then, but it's enough to inspire more morderate folks to consider and think about things. It's clearly the end of an era for De-Extinction to be truely un-regulated, even the Grand Council has grown from favering it to becoming moderate about it. Even Warson is calling for De-Extinction projects to be balenced with regulations and certain standerds to avoid, another Zira. And poor Pirch..... He's taking this real hard."
  • Clifton: "I heard. Is he gonna be okay?"


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