Vital statistics
Title Jungle Bum, Party Animal, Big Oaf (By Shere Khan), Groove-Setter, Member of the Shell Louge Squad.
Gender Male.
Race/Species Bear.
Faction Originally Independently.

Shell Louge Squad.

Description Bare Nessessities.
Skills and Abilities Bear Abilities, Dancing Skills.
Status Alive.
Location Dragon Guardian Temple.

Originally the Jungles of Indina.

Alignment Solid Good.

Baloo is a happy-go-lucky Bear who's a friend of Mowgli's. Baloo is part of the Shell Louge Squad, however the underused one due to not being used much. in fact, He, along with Mushu, another underused character, is offen requested to Lionkungrulez to have in the Jungle Crew, dispite that Baloo is already in the Shell Louge Squad. he is like a really fun loving but serious when nesersary brother to the louge.

Appearances and deleted death (made for the first segment)[1]Edit

Spongebob's adventures of The Jungle Book[2]Edit

Mowgli meets Baloo after he runs away from Bagheera who was friends with Baloo as a cub. Baloo and Mowgli becomes friends and when Mowgli is kidnapped by King Louie's monkeys, Baloo starts to take action. Mogli was taken by Kaa when Baloo and Bagheera wasted their time arguing, where after Kaa protacted Mogli from the Villains, Mogli thought Kaa was trying to eat him again, then ran off. Mowgli runs away and meets a flock of vultures who become friends with Mowgli. During this, Baloo goes out to find his friend, after Kaa warns him and the lougers of Shere Khan and his allies. Baloo finds him right before Shere Khan and his aliies, Zira, Makunga, Nuka, and Plankton, attempts to kill Mowgli. A battle follows and Baloo is nearly killed by Shere Khan. in fact, Baloo was intended to die, but it upsetted Supervideomaniac's friend, Tigerman, which caused him to have Baloo later made a surprase appearence alive and well torwords the end.

Spongebob and Friends and the Emperor's new groove.[3]Edit

he appears again with Bagheera. it's mosty short, Camieo appearences, and he was seen running with the shell lougers to help them fight Tai Lung.

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