A USRA nut by the name of Boozy Bamboozler, A Yurun, has managed to snuck through UIS' over-complicated and frusttraighting toll system designed to frustraight people out of visiting the isolated systems and went to the planet of the teadr 7 Bamboons. He came with the intention of getting the Bamboons groomed to become an USRA race and exsellerate their tec levels to insite an Isolated System rebellion against UIS and establishing an army of De-Isolaters in the name of the USRA. With UIS offictals throwing another fit and Madam President having to be held down to prevent a tirade, the HA and the Lougers were called to put this dishonest twat in his place and save the Bamboons from being Bamboozled into playing AUU politics. But short of badmouthing the USRA and turning them into a future UIS race, how can our heroes aim to keep the Bamboons from being Boozy's patises, all the while keeping them from hating the USRA, while at the same time still respecting UIS' desires to keep the isolated systems independent?

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