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Jose Andre Locoson
Bandit El Loco.png
Vital statistics
Title Bandit El Loco
Gender Male
Race/Species Halloween crab (Gecarcinus quadratus)
Faction Independent Bandit Lord
Description Undead Necromorphic Bandit Lord, Voodoo Witch Doctor, Insane, Crazy, Pleasurable In Bandit Career, Snappy, Cranky
Skills and Abilities Voodoo Magic, Necromorphic Powers, Natural Crab Abilities, Revolvers Augmented With Voodoo Magic, Strategic
Status Still at Large
Location SpongeBob's World
  • Puerto Rico (Homeland)
  • Piñata Bottom, Gulf of Mexico (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Jose Andre Locoson, AKA Bandit El Loco is a Halloween crab who lives in the SpongeBob world in the Gulf of Mexico in a city named Piñata Bottom, currently run by a manatee named Mayor Mujer following his mayor father dying in a dinoflagellate infection brought on by a mission in a crimson tide, and is the biggest Spanish underwater colony in the Gulf. Growing up in Puerto Rico and being raised by a toucan voodoo witch doctor named Miss Voocan who moved from South America, and taught El Loco in the ways of voodoo and other forms of magic. Sadly, this proved to be a mistake as Jose was part of a bandit family, and allowed him to become the most infamous of outlaws. He was eventually stopped by a lawmen from Texas with bloodline relations to Sandy. However, that was NOT the end of El Loco so easily. He made a deal with Davy Jones himself to become an undead immortal so his reign of terror never stops, but on the condition that he must destroy the bloodline of the lawmen that defeated him, or else if he's ever defeated again, it's back to Davy Jone's Locker forever. He even went as far as to start bring in sea chupacabras from the spirit realms, who were tainted forgotten spirits, to only expand the terror he brings. Mayor Mujer continues to run the place in an anonymous place while two Atlantic spotted dolphins named Leña and Peña would run the survival guilds, yet they will attack anyone who looks like a piñata, including strangers, especially when it's hard to see in the daily sand storms created by El Loco. However, there are a handful of piñatas, called Piñata Locas, that are sentient and have fragments of Voocan's wide-spaced personality, who keep trying to tell them that they mean no harm as they are only under the control of El Loco, who betrayed his own surrogate mother all because she failed to consider his heritage. He continues to have Piñata Bottom under siege, though he avoids outside forces though his magic, but there are people who aren't vulnerable to his mind tricks, and thus he will be in trouble when a few heroes come in. He has a voice on par with Benjamin Bratt.


Bandit El Loco (In Life)

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