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Bao Sa Mao
Bao Sa Mao.png
Vital statistics
Title Bao the Undead Conqueror, Chinese Boogeyman, Out-of-Place Being (Because people don't tend to believe that Elks are actually native to China aside from the ones native to the Tian Shan region)
Gender Male
Race/Species Tian Shan Wapiti (Cervus canadensis songaricus)
Faction Valley of Peace (Heir of Previous Rulers and Conqueror)
Description Formerly Undead, Immortal
Skills and Abilities Limited Experience in Kung Fu, Dark Magic, Immortality
Status Cured of Undead Body, Currently Immortal Wizard Searching For True Peace
Location DreamWorks China
  • Valley of Peace (Hometown)
Alignment Reformed

Bao Sa Mao was the former ruling heir of former rulers of the valley of peace, in which, it was once just a regular valley, ruled by the Chinese Purple Dragon, and the Elks. A benvolent warrior king, and a loving, kind queen. They had a son, called Bao Sa Mao. Bao was horrable at learning physical fighting.... but, he learned of very powerful dark magic, and it began to corrupt him. by his teen years, he cruelly over throw his parents and turned them into stone! the Chinese Purple dragon tried to stop him..... but.... he lost his life. Bao Sa Mao drank his blood, and gain the immortal capabilites of our blood. he ruled the valley, which he named, "The valley of the warlock", in which he used an army of chinese zombies to enslave the valley dwellers, and had intent to congure China, the world, and even the united universes. He became a relenetless madman. When Oogway eventally came to china, and discovered Kung Fu. it was kung fu that liberated valley, and possablity all of the united universes from this elk! Bao was thought to be gone. he was abinte for so long, he became only a legend, then a myth soon forgotten. He recruited Komodo Dragon Warriors and the sister of Tai Lung, to capture Spyro to drink his blood and become immortal. An unbelieveable twist of events reveiled that he was a victim of bad luck that he lost the love of his life, Sue Ming, a beautiful antolope, got slaughtered by an ape warlord for refusing to marry him and didn't know how else to react!  All this, was so he can find that warlord and make him pay. Oogway, ended up getting in the way of that. When enough darkness was faded away when he was about to vanish for good, Spyro allowed some drop of blood to be gained and Bao regained his immortally AND metathoical humanity when enough dark magic was lost and is no longer a dread "chinese boogey man" he was.


Bao Sa Mao (Living)

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