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Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg
Vital statistics
Title The Bringer of Pestilence
Gender Male
Race/Species Arthropod-Chimaeran Mischiever
Faction Mischievers
Description Slight Awareness, Vicious, Bloodthirsty, Mentally Unstable
Skills and Abilities Near-Invincibility, Acidic And Pathogenic Manipulation, Mouths On Pincers And Tail, Reactive Regeneration, Can Sense Nausea
Status Imprisoned in Lava
Location Xoth System, Mad Rims (Birthplace), Underworld, Dreamlands, Demon Realm (Mischiever Residence)
Alignment Mindless Freak

Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg the Pestilence is an arthropod chimaeran Mischiever who dwelt in the Underworld of the Dreamlands in the Demon Realm. He is a large infectious monster with the wings of a fly, the head of an ant, and the body of a scorpion with mouths inside his pincers and a scorpion tail with two stinger-fang-pincers inside a tail-mouth. He has the ability to spread pestilence and illnesses, as one who was trained in the Mad Rims' Infestiverse, and has incredible durability to the point where he is impervious to deathly hazards like acid or lava. His ability to control chemicals to concoct his own infections and poisons have even allowed him to be too noxious to even get close to, as he can use these acidic substances to melt through barricades, as well as reactive regeneration abilities. He has mastered the power of pestilence so well, he can literally smell nausea, and can breath noxious green fires from his tail, pincers, and mouth. First documented by Thomas M.K. Stratman in the 'Mysterious Manuscripts' RPG, Baoht was once worshiped by small conclaves of ghouls in the Underworld. Baoht also lived on Shaggai, a planet that was destroyed by Ghroth. Baoth then spent time on Earth until it was banished back into the Underworld by Randolph Carter. Before then, back during his earlier years, Baoht was a weapon for the ghouls far in the Crag of the Ghouls that went rogue eons ago, and it soon came to be under the service of Nyctelios, who was possessing Nodens, to help him guard Elder Hierophant in the Vaults of Zin. Luz, Eda, King, and Randolph Carter aided a friend in saving Elder Hierophant, even managing to dismember Baoht's arms, but Baoht manages to injure Luz's foot by hurling a lava-covered boulder close to it and burning it, hindering her movement and making her vulnerable. It was later imprisoned in lava since otherwise it can't be killed bu such, but at most it did got stuck. With Nyctelios gone since, Boaht became surprisingly a non-issue for the time permitting. Potaintionally a dramatically altered Quantom Eater that was granted sentience (Or more likely sapience) upon Mischiverication.