The 34R63R Base, AKA The Barger Base, is an Alternate UUniversal superweapon/mobile command center created by the rogue AUU robot named Burge, the 'brother' of Bilge created as a many-purpose variant of the Bilge Units. However, after being cancelled, the only model made, Burge, got jealous of 'his brother's notoriety' that he escaped and created a revolution by hacking a satellite to turn every Bilge Unit in the Beofynzeny System evil. To rule, he created the Barger Base as his mobile command center and a weapon designed to protect him wherever he went, all while digitally constructing more Bilge units, or even more Burge units of himself. However, the Phaseforce (Before it was taken over by Commandant Steelea), took out the Base, yet failed to arrest Burge as he took off before they could do so, swearing revenge. He later hid in the shadows waiting to strike again. He not only had a secret lab to construct not just a stronger Barger Base called the Barger Base II, but another one stronger than that one called the Barger Base III. Besides Digistruction Chambers for Bilge and Burge Units, all three of these models have a ton of firepower and are able to mow down heavy artillery and forces like they were not there, having 10 AI multi-function turrets with energy-shield coating, four spiked tank-like wheels, powerful land mines of multiple programmable types, has multiple energy shield layers, powerful speed and elusive capabilities, durable armored plating, an adaptive mind, a central eye that emits powerful laser-based attacks that are enough to destroy an entire building or mountain, and is entirely solar-powered, as it has to recharge it's solar power cells after each attack, as it cannot fully heal when in action and thus must be in an open yet secluded area to recharge. It can use Digiportation to travel from planet-to-planet, yet this requires 5 minutes of recharging after use. It is the AUU version of the Borderlands MINAC (Mega Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap).


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