Purple Barnabot

Purple Barnabot

Barnabots are small walking bombs in the game Omicron II. They are barnacle-like Crabbots in loyalty to Craborg, and are programmed to act as walking mines and explosives that either stick on walls and hurt the player with a focusing gamma ray when either an alarm is raised or move towards the player and explode. There are 4 types that correspond to a specific type of weapon: Red Barnabots can fire focus beams on the walls, or can explode in the same energy blast as other Red Crabbots, Yellow Barnabots can fire rapid energy blasts and also explode in ricocheting blasts of energy along with a blast radius, Blue Barnabots can fire electrobeams or can explode in electricity which can shock for long periods of time, and the Purple Barnabots fire beams of pixellanium energy and can explode in a blast of pixellanium.


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