Baron Hardscrabble

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Tomin O. Planter, AKA Baron Hardscrabble, is an Alternate UUniversal Ribhorn from Planet Folbox. He is a farming baron who, after denied attempts to start his own corporate society, forced it and created a "corporate tyranny". Born on Folbox, he had a lifelong dream of establishing a great agricultural business and owning an agriworld since he was a kid since his father worked at the Bhor Corporation, but because of a few mistakes, and slight failure to take full respondsability, he was not only cut of his fundings by his father, which left his lifelong work to remained incomplete, but it lead to the added insult of being sentenced to probation. However, he wouldn't let his dream be ruined, so he disappeared without a trace, getting off-planet and going to Everworld, where, in just 12 years, he became the baron kingpin of an entire field of bankrupt businesses he found with the wealth from folks willing to back him, to buy up and remake into his own farming terratory. Now, because he done all this legally, he is hardly justifived as a villain, being that he only wanted to be the farming baron he wanted to be. But what does cement his morality to dark is that he still hasn't learnt his lessons and still does the same bad ideas even when they failed him before. So he's more of an overly ambitious "Too big to fail" twat then something more serious. Still, whether he intended it or not, the farming communities still don't enjoy a desireable outcome as their world was left lawless as a result and he ignors it as "Changing Times".


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