Nolan Xander Opjurge
Vital statistics
Title Baron Opjurge, Superior Purge, Hater of Super-Heroes AND Villains
Gender Male
Race/Species Common warthog (Phacochoerus africanus)
Faction The Opjurge
Description Superanimal
Skills and Abilities Super-Strength, Super-Endurance, Flight, Metallic Skeleton, 90% Invincibility, Power Bestowal, Power Negation, Telekinesis, Teleportation
Status Still at Large
Location Kratos
  • Calypsoe (Hometown)
  • Opjurge Underground, New Sparta (Current Residence)
Alignment Amoral, Though considered evil by proxy of actions
Baron Nolan X. Opjurge is a Superior warthog who is known to be a very powerful supervillain who arose from heroes causing a mistake on him. His family was taken hostage by another villain, and he was forced to work with him. The heroes ended up causing him trouble, and didn't believe him when he said his family was in trouble because he did too much trouble for them to trust him anymore. When they realized too late that he was telling the truth and Opjurge's family was banished to an unknown dimention, never to be seen again, he was torned apart, and rudely shunned the heroes. He later banished those same heroes and his former master to that same dimention, took over the entire lair, along with his massive cloning chambers and machines, and vowed to become the greatest supervillain in Kratos by banishing all heroes AND villains to the dimention for both parties ruining his life, implying an ironic sense that he believes that super powers are being abused by "re-enacting something that should've stayed in comic books" and wants to turn super-heroisum/super-villainy a truely fictional conspect. Fully acknowledging the hypocritical irony of what he became, he does plan to save himself for last to be banished into that dimention after he does away with all heroes and villains, knowing fully well he'll never be loved for what he has done and knows that even after he succeeded in what he did, no one will ever love him, so he figured he saved them the trouble of punishing him by punishing himself as a Darth Vader-like act of redemption. He does however acknowledge that he needs to make sure a new generation of villains and heroes are forever prevented from being born after he gets rid of the current beforehand, or otherwise he'll end up never reaching such goal. He soon ended up injecting so many quantonium cocktails into himself, he became powerful enough to be a match for so many. His powers include super-strength, super-endurance, super-flight, a metallic skeleton and tusks, 90% invincibility, power bestowal and negation, telekinesis, and teleportation.
  • MCode: AhIvPbPnSeSfSsTkTpo


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