Teash Bu Zarakka
Baron Teash Bu Zarakka
Vital statistics
Title 145th Baron of the Tiikon Empire
Gender Male
Race/Species Tiikon
Faction Tiikon Empire
Description Naturally Technophilic, Cybernetic Eye, Three Personalities Based on Brain Sleep Cycle:
  1. Wise, noble, reasonable.
  2. Tenacious, self-righteous, determined
  3. Impatient yet sophisticated
Skills and Abilities Intelligent, Cybernetic Eye Gives Enhanced Vision
Status Still Alive and Ruling
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Tiikno City, Tik (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Niogen System) (Hometown and Current Baron Residence)
Alignment Noble Good

Baron Teash Bu Zarakka is an Alternate UUniversal Tiikon from Planet Tik. He is the current and 145th ruler of the Tiikon Empire. Just like other Tiikons, he is a technophile who has a fascination for technology, and his trade deals with the AUU Currency Troupe have allowed him to build up his government's military and economy. He also knows that it's his duty to provide for the rebellions that are being supported by the Gamma Federation. He is also responsible for keeping track of all Globex facilities in the UUniverses. He basically knows that some of his kind went to work for Corruption Co., and that company steals technology from several non-Globex companies since stealing from Globex was severely punishable by law. He also has 6 kids who work for Globex or non-Globex facilities. He has 3 personalities since, being a Tiikon, 2 of his brain lobes shut down every 12 hours, altering his behavior. These personalities are as follows:

  • Alfa Phase: Wise, noble, and reasonable.
  • Bravo Phase: Tenacious, self-righteous, and determined.
  • Charlie Phase: Impatient, yet sophisticated.


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