Zachary Whaler Tritiumlung
Baron Tritiumlung
Vital statistics
Title Baron Tritiumlung, Baron of Lagoola
Gender Male
Race/Species Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)
Faction Lagoolan Government
Description Superanimal
Skills and Abilities Natural Strength, Power Bestowal, Power Negation, Super Mentality, Super Longevity, Teleportation, Mind Control, Waterbreathing
Status Still Alive and Ruling Lagoola
Location Kratos
  • Zeusoritanic Sea (Homeland)


  • Aquaprome City, Hydroprometheon Reef (Current Baron Residence)
Alignment Partial Good

Baron Zachary W. Tritiumlung is a Superior humpback whale who was originally born in the seas of Kratos, but moved to it's twin planet Lagoola. His father, Mack Tritiumlung, was one of Grotch Prometheus' friends, and when he died at age 1100, Zachary took his rule as Baron of Lagoola, and kept peace for centuries. He was supposedly 'tricked' by Grinchgrog Carnavan into trying to take over the UUniverses so he could keep it in true peace, but this was a way for Grinchgrog to turn the Lagoolans against the UUniverses and make them evil. In reality, the Sea Superiors actually know better than to believe in anonymous and none-useful rumors, but Zach used it as justification why the Sea Superiors adopted a near-xenophobic and anti-freewill philosophy against those that 'take too much advantage on their freedoms', and declared that those who abuse freedoms will be stripped of their free-thinking. Outside of being a little delusional and almost fanatic, he is not doing it because he is evil, but because he only wants peace in the world around him since an other-worldly assassin nearly killed him, even when he knew the assassin was a rogue that didn't represent the rest of the UUniverses, but used it as an example why freewill is dangerous in the hands of irresponsible 'free-thinkers', and think that only Superiors are worthy of freewill because of 'being more responsible with it than outsiders' and that they must 'cleanse the UUniverses of rampant dark freewill'. Though he is very strict and arguably out of touch of true morality, he will not kill when it is not necessary. In fact, he's not even particularly fond of using death as a punishment, not even if it's the only logical conclusion. He even has a barnacle named Steve Squirt attached to him at an unknown location that seems to taunt him, and with his limited eyesight, he can't seem to see or find him, especially since Squirt has the ability to turn invisible and untouchable. He has several allies working with him, such as Commodore Bailiwick, a female orca whale who is the commander of his royal guards, Nurse Syringe, a nurse shark doctor who serves as a medic for his guards and keeps the Baron healthy, Vane Iris, a paranoid and cowardly fur seal who works at Aquaprome City's Charybdis Power Station, and a questionable recent ally Dr. Circuitrax, an outsider sea snake criminal genius with regulated brain cancer who was turned into a Superior illegally after being abducted from imprisonment and now runs Apollo Futuristics, the main source of science and technology in Lagoola. His powers include power bestowal, power negation, super mentality, super-longevity, teleportation, mind control, and waterbreathing.

  • MCode: McPbPnSlSmTpoWb


Zachary was born on Planet Kratos as the son of the previous ruler of it's underwater kingdom, Baron Mack Tritiumlung. He grew up as the heir to the kingdom, but the kingdom was being threatened by accidental pollution, fishing, and so on. Mack was being forced by public pressure and stubborn advisors and Council to declare war on his own friend, or he and his son would lose their royal privileges forever. If it wasn't for Zachary giving Grotch the idea of a mass relocation to Lagoola, which was currently being researched until their in-development space travelling ships were complete, a massive war would've broke out. Grotch was able to convince every Sea Superior to relocate to Lagoola, which was actually filled with matching life to their world, except with 100% sanitation. So Mack was able to convince the Council to allow it, and all Sea Superiors took off in the space cruiser on a 3-month journey to Lagoola, which was then colonized, and was made a massive and successful kingdom.

Zachary grew up with a unique ideology about how evil, or conflicts in general, have been formed from people who had freewill. He developed this by studying the controversial studies of a Superior philosopher named Kem, who believed that evil is truly born from freewill and the power to choose your own path, which was partially accurate for some. The studies said that because the High Council or like-minded greater authorities allowed people to decide their own destinies, some people pick darker paths or a more violent legacy instead of a more preferred path, and that freewill gives birth to criminals, villains, fanatics of all kinds, and even dark gods and demons. Kem's studies believed that the only way for true UUniverseal peace was for freewill to be destroyed. Zachary felt enlightened by these ancient Kratosian studies of a philosopher that was later executed for high treason, and had a realization. Freewill also caused wars and violence since people sometimes choose to be violent. He ended up thinking that freewill to those unworthy of it is the most dangerous thing to the UUniverses. But Mack discovers what he's been reading, and forbids him from ever reading that 'philosophical nonsense' again. Though Zachary obeys him, he will never forget Kem's beliefs for as long as he lives.

Baron Mack ruled the new kingdom in Aquaprome City for 25 years. However, when he died at age 1100, Zachary took his place as Baron of Lagoola. Things went well for him for the next few decades, until the royal flying fish forces reported the Kratosian Big Shake made all of Lagoola think that Kratos was destroyed. While they were horrified and heartbroken, the Baron was still able to keep peace running for centuries until he was almost killed by an other-worldly assassin who was hired by an anonymous payer. While not falling for the actions that anonymous payer was trying to pull and knows it clearly does not represent outsiders as a whole, this triggered his sense of philosophy, and was then convinced to 'save the UUniverses from itself' by taking it over completely, so he did ended up using it as an excuse to justify his plans to introduse Kemisum into Lagooia, especially since a rumor said strangers were responsible for the Kratosian Big Shake. The Baron refused to fall for these rumors as well, even when they say they can be trusted. But he however used it as further justification for why they must adopt to Kem's philosophies. Since then, Lagoola was hostile against other-worldly visitors, harmless or not. This decision ended up making an enemy out of Seth Daggertooth, who, outside of picking an albeit poor choice to resolve the problem, only wanted to keep Sea Superiors from becoming warmongering xenophobes and anti-freedom-of-choice fanatics under the Baron's delusional 'conquest for peace' plan. Seth, cause of his crimes, has ended up being banished for it after being ratted out by people who are blindly loyal to the Baron, and ended up declaring murder, making him a deadly criminal.

Zach once intercepted rumors that a Prison 42 transport was holding a captured mad genius named Dr. Theodore Snake Wilson, an other-worldly sea snake who was diagnosed with brain cancer and was charged for trying to turn everyone in his world into robots to avoid diseases. Because the transport ship was trespassing in Lagoolan space, the Flying Fish Fleet intercepted and contained Theodore. Upon hearing his story, the Baron decided that he become a Superior in exchange for his servitude. So he was illegally turned into a Superior, and had his last name changed to Circuitrax to camouflage his other-worldly heritage. Circuitrax was made the head of Apollo Futuristics, Lagoola's main source of science and technology, including military technology. Zach wouldn't stop until his delusional ambition was realized, or if something unexpected happened and lead to incredible changes his life and views forever.


Zachary is as powerful as Grotch, capable of bestowing powers to others, as well as take them away. He is also very intelligent, and can live for thousands of years. He is also capable of teleportation, and can control other people's minds unless a psychic shield is involved. And he is acquired by law to have water-breathing abilities since he is a Sea Superior.

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