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Baron Wu Hao
Baron Wu Hao.png
Vital statistics
Title Wu Hao, Cousin to Lord Shen, Baron of Jing Rong Province
Gender Male
Race/Species Indian peafowl (Pavo cristatus)
Faction Jing Rong Province
Description Non-Albino
Skills and Abilities Amateur Kung Fu and Swordplay, Genius at Crafting Weapons, Excellent Marksman, Master Illutionist.
Status Still at Large
Location DreamWorks China
  • Jing Rong Village (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Evil by Circumstance

Baron Wu Hao is a peacock from DreamWorks China, the Baron of Jing Rong Province, and is a cousin of Lord Shen. Long ago, he had a hand in the invention of fireworks, and had actually speculated the idea of a pyrotechnic weapon before Shen did. He had far better crafting skills, and he had discovered how to travel through worlds with an old spaceship he found in the ruins of a nearby city. He took off with it, and used his schematics for his custom weapon to create models of it. While the device started with being made of wood, other models made it into metal. He didn't steal metal since he had access to a life supply of it, and he had hoped that his next model would be far greater than any of the others. Eventually, he finally creates the most ultimate model of his weapon: Omniweapon, a 100ft combat mech with several kinds of weaponry built in. Wu Hao cared for his cousin Shen very greatly. When Shen ended up making himself look bad with what happened with the panda village, Wu Hao tried to justifived Shen's actions as momentary insanity, and blamed Soothsayer for ever predicting a Panda was gonna come after him, but Shen's Parents couldn't overlook of the crime, and punished Shen broken-heartedly. Devistated and hurt, Wu Hao returned to his mother and father's kingdom, leaving Shen's parents alone. After his parents passed away, he became Baron of the province he now ruled, and proceeded to make his continuing weapon. For awhile, he never kept tabs on Shen since his banishedment. However, when a messinger informed him of Shen's "Death", Wu Hao lost it and fell apart! He remembered the Soothsayer's warning, and he damned the Panda who "Murdered" his cousin, and blaming himself for not protecting Shen. He grown to become racist to Pandas, and outlawed them in the province he ruled. He also decided that a mere cannon might not be enough. He would have to make something, not even a dragon warrior of black and white would congure, to avenge Shen, and spread this weapon all-over the United Universes, never at once realising that Shen is not as dead as he thought, until his new weapon would bring him on a course against a force he never expected coming for him. Unlike Shen, he's not much of a martical artist, or much capable of swordplay, but he is a master illusionest and custom made himself smoke bombs capable of very thick smoke so he can make quick escapes, and hide behind his personal army of crocs to deal with "Disagreements" for him. Wu Hao's fanactic reasonings may be due to being indirectly exposed to Lord Cobra's corruption on Shen, and the supposed loss of him may have powered it more.


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