Lord Shen has started losing it when he heard someone from his family was causing trouble. Someone who had been involved with the invention of fireworks more than anything. That member was a peacock cousin of Lord Shen by the name of Baron Wu Hao, who had actually been the first one to speculate the idea for a pyrotechnic weapon. He spent much more time than Shen building this new weapon. It had gone through many models, but his ultimate one has finally been created: Omniweapon. After gaining experience in mechanics from other worlds, Baron Hao has actually built this weapon like a futuristic weapon. This weapon has any kind of weapon you can think of like lasers, missiles, fireballs, fireworks, guns, plasma cannons, death rays, electricity, grenades, etc. Though nobody knows what it looked like. After some speculation, the Lodgers decide to go to DreamWorks China and find out. Once they finally discover it, they are shocked to find that this particular weapon is a giant mech standing 100ft tall, and weighs up to 100,000 pounds. Given how big this, and with the Baron's plans to mass-produce this mechanical monstrosity, the Lodgers realize that they have to stop this mass-production, or the entire UUniverses could be in the worst possible danger you could imagine.


(Po's Song When Succeeding To Convince The People of Jing Rong Province Out Of Wu Hao's Ideas, But Failing To Do The Same To The Government Itself)

War what is it good for?

War what is it good for?


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