Corona Gelga Ellames
Baroness Corona Ellames
Vital statistics
Title 206th Baron of Rabodan Empire
Gender Female
Race/Species Rabodan
Faction Rabodan Empire
Description Mid-Life Age
Skills and Abilities Defense Staff
Status Still Alive and Ruling
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Creedville, Rabodia (Delta Universe, Delta Core Sector, Plar System) (Hometown)
  • Wargan City, Rabodia (Current Baron Residence)
Alignment Noble Good

Baroness Corona G. Ellames is an Alternate UUniversal Rabodan from Planet Rabodia. She is the current and 206th ruler of the Rabodan Empire. She helps handle the military power of rebellions containing her kind. What makes her hate the Villains Act is that they drove off her only human boyfriend, something which she's tried to keep a secret from the media. Especially since he accidentally got her pregnant, and have two Human-Rabodan twins named Tonas Ellames and Zanny Ellames, whom she kept a secret because they were born during a time when Human-Rabodan Hybrids, dubbed 'Hues' in Rabodan society, were underappreciated. To both prevent her from looking bad and by giving the two the proper life they deserve, she gave the both of them holographic disguises that disguised them as Rabodan twins as they both formerly served in the Nimboo Rebellion and currently serve in the Rabodan military, with nobody knowing their heritage. She helps the Beta Federation with their military powers, and she wishes to see her boyfriend once again.


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