Bart von Stellar
Bart von Stellar
Vital statistics
Title The Stellar Bodyguard
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Griffin
Faction Griffin Mafia
Description Strong, Healthy, and Deadly
Skills and Abilities High-Speed Flight, Vicious Claws
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria
Alignment Bitterly Evil

Bart von Stellar is an Equestrian griffin who was originally a member of the Griffin Navy until he went AWOL after he believed that the battles he was facing were wrong. Since this would mean he get arrested for desertion by his own Navy father, he became the bodyguard/assistant of the Griffin Mafia's head honcho, Boss Grouse. He is a seagull-like navy-blue-and-white griffin who was rather dimwitted at times, yet he was still not one to fool around with, for he was incredibly strong, and rather big for griffin standards. Since he was trained in the Navy for several years, he became an expert in combat, and is determined to protect his boss at all costs. He is often seen flirting with Grouse's assassin niece, Orchid, whom she constantly shuns.


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