Baruto Nuva Obito Uzimoto
Vital statistics
Title The Orange Ninja, The Kitsune, The Fox, The Fox Master
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Faction Independent Hero
Description Awkward, Not Very Bright, Sensitive, Strong, Brutal, Easily Frustrated and Stressful, Emotionally Imbalanced
Skills and Abilities Ki As An Offensive, Defensive, and Advantageous Ability, Acrobatic Ability, Quick-Thinking
Status Alive
Location Chrysanthemum
Alignment Good

Baruto N.O. Uzimoto is a human ninja from Chrysanthemum. He is a renowned clumsy ninja infamous for ending up being more of a complete embarrassment than a hero, as he got a giant monstrous kitsune of pyrokinetic abilities called the Fokku, which was a pet of his corrupt father, which ever since he lost custody of him thanks to his mother, he got revenge by implanting the fox monster into him, causing the beast to awake out of control and cause accidental destruction, making him an outcast, and hoping that he would give into his evil ways, come to him, and join in his footsteps. Though he was kicked out, he seeks to come back with respect and adulation, by rescuing his hometown from something bigger that would be awoken by his evil father. He makes friends in the form of Raiba his childhood friend and rival, Kirena his newfound girlfriend, and the keeper of another monster belonging to his father named Josho, who all help defeat his evil father, who was actually not evil at all, and was possessed by a dead spirit of an old benefactor of D.A.R.K.N.E.S.S. and their leader Emperor Dark, by the name of Reta, who was defeated by him, and took advantage of his hurtful new life and turned him evil, casting him off into the afterlife, and resulting in another much stronger benefactor named Naito, a dark killer ninja of unfathomable power. And though these forces have taken advantage of Baruto's weaknesses, that hasn't stopped him from standing up to them or other ninja clans that went to serve D.A.R.K.N.E.S.S. and the fact that Fokku has managed to develop itself in morality, and soon comes to helping Keiji Yackamora. He is a clear parody to Naruto Uzimaki.


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