Base Red Crabbot

Red Base Crabbot

Base Crabbots are crab-like robots and are the pinnacle of the Crabbot Army that serves Craborg in Omicron II. These Crabbots are the most commonly-occurring in the game, and actually get stronger as the game progresses. They come in 3 different color types: Red Crabbots, which uses scattered energy blasts, sticky explosive blasts, and focus beams, Yellow Crabbots, which use rapid-firing energy bolts, lay mines, and create battle drones in battle, and Blue Crabbots, which use homing rockets, crystal-based needler miniguns, and electrobeams. These machines are lead by higher Crabbots, and there are much stronger variants that come in firefights across the games.


  • Game: Omicron II
  • Enemy Threat: 4/10
  • Appearance: Common throughout the game
  • Abilities: Each color type fires one of three firearm types, and they attack in groups. They crawl around the battlefield firing as often as possible.
  • Purpose: These are the pinnacle models of the Crabbot series that are useful in various battles for their expansive firearms. Craborg finds them useful anywhere since they can handle even the likes of the Commando Beaver Taskforce or even Team Scattergood.


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