Though the Freetraders are still banned, the Reddle-Blume Crew are adjusting well to their new life, chilling the best way they knew how, renovating their new bases in their own comedic way, and just recovering from the chaos brought on by Chaeron and Metaea. However, they end up in another predicament involving the AUU's best sport: battleball, a combat ball game where two or more teams have to fight over a ball in a random environment and get it to their tower goal before it is done by another, whether through football tackling, fake guns, or just regular sport maneuvers, a sport which the Reddles and Blumes have played for 111 years. Through a bet between Grough and Kernel, an endorsement through Grough's obnoxious sister Gria, and the fact that Amily and Natan are hosting it yet being incredibly up at each other trying to make a proper truce between their families, end up causing chaos. Thus placed in teams against each other, the Reddles meet Team Hyperdrive with Coach Reddy, Taunton, Jacqueson, Lynt, Noob, MacOnomatopeia, Punch McOuch, and XP, while the Blumes meet Team Laserball with Coach Bloomfield, Tanka, Cerusalem, Blude, Rook, MacSmack, Gael McGee, and Pointe, which they'll both be training with and playing against. But they don't get along very well, especially since a fifth team of strong aliens called Team Hardcore lead by a rough Krogan-Sangheili-like bruiser named Crushor is playing along with his bruiser teammates Scramp the Brutan, Crooper the Spidklon, Geno the Genon, MacGyverence the Aexish, Maxstron the Dinotauran, Expey their robot, and the ruthless player Bartarus the Orsidian, who wants to have Hardcore annihilate the field by cheating via chaotic playing to imbalance the family as revenge for the chaos their feud caused. When this upsets the truce between the two families, how will the observing Lodgers and Heroes Act deal with this?

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