Vital statistics
Title Count Batula, Lord of the Vampire Bats, Ancestor to Batty Koda and Fidget
Gender Male
Race/Species Common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus)
Faction First Cartoonian War, Professor Eagle Beak
Description Corrupted by Traitorous Forces, Bloodthirsty, Sadistic, Cunning
Skills and Abilities Flight, Hypnosis, Control Over All Bats, Black Magic
Status Briefly Imprisoned in Stone, Now Currently Working For Eagle Beak
Location Ferngully (Birthplace)

Eagle Beak's Hideout (Current Residence)

Alignment Darkspawn-Based Evil

Batula is a vampire bat warlord who is one of Batty and Fidget's many ancestors who wanted nothing more than blood and conquest. he appears in the Cronitcles moisode "He came from the basement we didn't know we had" when accsidently released by Fidget and Batty apawn finding his statue, and thus, goes forth to go after Celestia, to control the sun to never come back again, thus reawakening the cursed bat army.


Born during the era before First Cartoonian War, Batula was one a benevolent preacher at the local Realm of the Bats. He lead his kind in a peaceful way, by having a diet consising nothing but fruits and veggies (which was basicly the starting point of Fruit bats.). He only had one strict commandment: "Thou shall not drink blood, or eat bugs." his idea was that the bats must be in peace with all creatures, even the lesser ones, by divine wish of the Great Spirits. However, he had problems: The Vampire Heritics. There were a group of Vampire Heritics that defied Batula's commandments and drank blood and ate bugs (which was the starting point of Vampire Bats and the bug eating bats we know today) and Batula was outraged, and had his loyal clan to join him in his campaign to wipe out the heritics.

However, the Heritics had secret allies: Hexxus and Chernabog. both Hexxus and Chernabog believed that the bats are better off creatures of fear, being a bunch of rats with wings, and what better way then to help out a bunch of mere heritics to Batula's rule, but the greater reason is that bats, for being small and insignifigant creatures, are surprasingly large in ranks, and both Darkspawn agreed that the bats must become creatures of darkness.

So Chernabog granted the Heritic Bats the power of corruption, and ordered them to use it on Batula. Despite fighting back very hard, Batula was succumbed by Chernabog's influence, with thanks from the Heritic Bats. His brother, Helsing Koda, (the ancestor of Batty Koda and Fidget, the good side of the ancestry) saved his corrupted brother's clan and retreated to places far away from their former home, to the Australian forest land that was Ferngully. Batula, however, became the leader of the Heritic Bats, and as such, began his dark descent.

Batula became one of the mortal generals that lead the Heritic Vampire Bats in a nightmarish rampage in "The Batty Uprising in Translvania!". As such, people began to dispise and fear bats for this, and Batula the 2nd was the most feared of them all (first claimed by his own master, Count Dracula) and Batula grown to forget his own commandments and his former clan. The Great Spirits took serious note of this, and realized that, although there was no way to save the bats' reputation, they must defeat Batula. And only one hero fit the job: Helsing Koda.

Batula 2

Batula in his stone-cold prison

The Spirits met up with Helsing Koda and asked him to stop and defeat his brother. Helsing was reluctant, but he knew it was the right thing to do. Helsing Koda and Batula met in battle, and took in hours and hours of combat. The Loyal Clan vs. The Heritics, with the defeat of either Batula and Helsing Koda as the deciding point. Batula was close to win, but the goodness in Helsing's heart fired to the sun, and unleased the famous curse that all vampire and bug eating bats are to be cursed to go out at night only (which was obviously the starting point of the bats' nocturnal instincts). This destroyed many Heritic Bats while causing remainders to retreat. Batula was trapped, and turned to stone forever. Helsing was in great regret, and took his brother's statue to be forever kept in secret by what will become the Dragon Guardians temple.


  • "Bloody-hell!"
  • "Eat THIS, you bloody blabbering bag of blood!"
  • "Son of a vampire!"
  • "(Takes a sip of blood from a cup) Mmm! Mother's milk!"
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