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Beakumus Buckle
Vital statistics
Title Beak-Buck, The Cutie Marketeer, The First Cutie Mark Communist, Cutie Mark Communisum Founder
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Hippogriff
Faction The Cutie Market (Defunct)
Description Greedy, Clever Manipulation, Gambling
Skills and Abilities Magic, Primarily Cutie-Mark Based, Cutie Mark Vaults
Status Deceased
Location Equestria (Homeworld, Grave)
Alignment Greedily Evil

Beakumus Buckle, AKA Beak-Buck, is an Equestrian hippogriff who was known in Equestrian history to be a communist tyrant who was exceptionally skilled in various cutie-mark-based spells. He is the creator of the cutie-mark vault that would later be utilized by Starlight Glimmer, who blamed cutie marks for losing friends and upon studying the tyrant, and going into crazy extremes which resulted in her making a deal with chaos-being Fem Fatala, the vault was given to her. Beak-Buck, in his time, was known to come from a family of hippogriffs that started out as scientists specializing in the science of cutie marks and how they function, as well as writing philosophies about them, and some even contributed to cataloging all known cutie marks in Equestrian history. However, the ancestors of Beak-Buck's family saw potential and believed that cutie marks could be exploited in hundreds of possible ways as their powers could be handy in aptitude manipulation, and Beak-Buck was the first to come close to pulling it off, establishing a communist society where cutie marks were the top superpower as it made slaves out of all 3 pony tribes as well as even defier hippogriffs by mixing and matching cutie gives them the ability to do what they represent, and thus he can grant them not by creating them, which was clearly established to be impossible, but by stealing them from others, and even take them from them, thus leaving them incapable of fighting back or standing up for each other, a pony of which he nicknames 'strips', and used the equal-sign signature of strips as his family's common symbol. While some members of his family shared the same beliefs as Starlight did during her communist-like rule as cutie marks could be seen as a sign of inequality, basically inventing that philosophy and inspiring it to Starlight, and others saw it as a sign of hierarchy and/or supremacy, others thought that manipulating cutie marks is quite an unheard of and very mean thing to do as they already knew the consequences of a removed cutie mark after one lab studied the effects of being a strip, and that that kind of power could be quite questionably unethical. His family were devided philosifully as a result, spliting to Pro-Beak-Bucks who sided with him, to Anti-Beak Bucks who view him as a disgrace to the family name and to Hippogriffs everywhere. Beak-Buck believed in both of these, and that inspired him to do whatever he wished with stripped cutie marks, as he built more cutie vaults all across Equestria, keeping them in stocks and libraries. His tyranny went unopposed for 15 years until all except the one vault was destroyed, and Celestia stopped him, but through an accsidental death.


Cutie Mark

Beak-Buck was born in a lineage of cutie-mark-focused hippogriffs who wanted to understand how cutie marks worked. They had viewed beliefs and philosophies upon the concept of cutie marks, viewing them differently. Beak-Buck was as philosophical as them, and was among the shunned family members who believed that cutie marks could be used for aptitude manipulation, a way to manipulate the talents of their owners. These views made them very unpopular, and all before Beak-Buck failed to emphasize this philosophy to it's highest. When Beak-Buck was 16, his achievement in forming a supremacist society focused around the manipulation of cutie marks earned him his own cutie mark: A sack filled with stolen cutie marks.

Later Life

This supremacist society remained under law-enforcement eyes until it grew into a communist society where Beak-Buck discovered more ways to manipulate cutie marks, and despite forming a pro and anti following with these actions amongst his family, he was an undisputed communistic tyrant who enslaved and manipulated ponies, and this troubled people like Celestia, who saw this just as cruel as when Discord treated ponies miserably, yet being a ruler, Beak-Buck briefly had diplomatic immunity, so it would have to take Celestia a lot of effort to try and take him down. Thus he remained undisturbed for 15 years until all the cutie mark vaults that kept stocked cutie marks were seemingly destroyed, and with all cutie marks spread out and returned to their rightful owners, a rebellion of slaves formed and overwhelmed Beak-Buck's forces, lead by Celestia, ultimately resulting in the accidental death of Beak-Buck.