The Black Bear

The Bear is a mindless creature corrupted by Fagin to punish Amos Slade for his attempt to try and shoot him at an unknown time. He is also the ultimate antagonist from Spyro and Friends meet the Fox and the Hound, a spin-off to the spongebob series, otherwise, the bear would and most assuringly not appear in the spongebob series, along with Amos.

He first appears while Amos Slade and Copper were tracking down Tod and Vixey, and then attacks Amos, who gets his foot caught in one of his own leghold traps and loses his shotgun and Copper for trespassing into his territory by accident. Copper fights the bear while protecting his master, and is soon overwhelmed by the beast. Just as the Bear gets ready to finish Copper off, Tod comes to Copper's rescue and continues to battle the Bear until they both come to the top of a waterfall. When the Bear knocks Tod on a log, as he comes closer to Tod, the he is too heavy for the log. But soon as the Bear attempts to take one more swipe at Tod, he misses and falls down the waterfall to his death. However Tod survives the fall.

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