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Beaver Commandos

Beaver Commandos are military beavers armed with huge guns in the Omicron game. Formerly the enemies of Vi-tor that served as a high-tech taskforce which protected Pixellania, they were once the heroes chosen to destroy Vi-tor at any cost. However, Vi-tor was quick enough to taint them, making them into his corrupted slaves, vowing to destroy anyone who is a threat to Vi-tor instead.


  • Enemy Threat: Average and Challenging
  • Appearances: More-or-less common in the game
  • Abilities: Different variants carry different weapons. They are strategic fighters who back away from the player when it approaches them. They have several strategies when fighting depending upon the variant. They appear only in restricted areas and trap the player in an energy barrier and attempt to destroy the player until there is none left to fight.
  • Purpose: They worked in a high-tech taskforce dedicated to protecting the land of Pixellania at any cost. They were previously charged with the duty of taking down Vi-tor, but circumstances left Vi-tor with the power to corrupt them and become Pixellania's enslavers. They are somewhat common, but Vi-tor entrusts more restricted areas to more menacing monsters.