An Unchanged Worxian

Worxians, or made famously known as "Beetleworx", are a semi-race of unsentient and virtually unreckitnisedable biomech-organic creatures that feed off of concepts of lost and forsakened ideas of things from the various universes and dimentions that were created by Wasteland Guardians to do their bidding when needed be. They started out as virtually unreckitniseable aliens, but the more they feed on concepts, they become more and more machine-like, as proven in Wasteland of disney fame where thanks to Shadow Blot and Mad Doctor XXX force feeding of many concepts of may've-beens of Disney's legacy of francises and medias, transformed into completely machanical and controlable devices. Though the Worx have insectiod properties, the exact genus of the creatures are unknown, but are commenly suggested to be extentions of the Wasteland Guardians. They are animalistic and unsentient in nature, but are still capable to obediently reckitnesed the desires of the Wasteland Guardians, where the creatures would go around and hunt down offending purgatory residence and/or intruders of the realms for a wasteland guardian to contend with. They have no ability to re-produce on their own and entirely depend on the Wasteland Guardian to keep their numbers up, as they are not indestructable as sometimes dangerious occupents can fight back violently or when too many of them simulated concepts to the point that they turned into something different entirely.

A Beetleworx, an exsample of a Worxian that simulated too many concepts.

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