Beezen V is an Equestrian goblin sorcerer from a distant land that is a potent and evil magic crafter capable of tainting any magical power into his using. He possesses a magical paint that allows him to do so, and even used this paint to create the original Smooze that the one that is friends with Discord is a part of and didn't wish to talk about. Beezen is the 5th descendant of an evil family of sorcerer warlock goblins of the same name who, like his rivals The Storm King and his clan, wishes to take over with the power he has and can obtain, wishing to be as grand as them even though he doesn't have just as much versatility and strength. The family is somewhat immortal, yet they cannot avoid dying by traditional means. The 5th descendant had been defeated long ago by Starswirl the Bearded and later on his protégé Clover the Clever long ago, and he has since remained unopposed since he accidentally sent the Pony of Shadows into the location of him and his legend friends, as they have thus been imprisoned in limbo for a thousand years. Though when Starswirl returns thanks to some pony heroes, his plans for stealing his power through his living protégés may be compromised and he may have to postpone his plans for until the time is right. He is an anti-canon repurpose of a G1 villain of the same name.


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