Heto-Xi. A wetland jungle moon belonging to an uninhabitable plasma-based-superstorm-driven large planet called Ocreen. The moon has entire jungles and wasteland that grew all across what are apparently Teadr 2 cities and ruins, and the ruins themselves are littered with plants and wildlife, there is a blue sky filled with small amounts of mercury, active storms and weather, large rock formations, mountains, canyons, and war-torn graveyards. This moon is a post-apocalyptic and techpunk-style world which is in a feud against two forces: The Noblists, an all-sentient-being faction which are apologists of technology and progress, and The Floressists, an all-sentient-animal faction living in symbiosis with nature and developing biotics. As a world of technology verses nature, with two factions fighting for the two forces, the war started when the Floressists used a terra-bomb to tear up not just an entire Noblist ecumenopolis built on a sacred home of theirs, but also consumed the rest of their colonies. Dubbing this an act of war, the two factions began battling. The technology of the Noblists are derived from common war technology from Warboth and other worlds, and as such it can pose a logical threat to the Floressists, yet they breed their biotics to adapt to their own technology. The war continues to this very day. The Grand Council has proven to be tired of Heto-Xi's continious conflict and wants it to come to an end. And the best heroes to do it are the Shell Louge Squad and the HA. This isn't a small task, as both sides have their good points and their clear problems. The Noblists process strong points for tec, but clearly lack eviomental respect and feel too high and mighty to fear problems like pollution and climent change when they can invent machines to protect those problems. The Floressist group clearly want the planet to remain natrol and be saved from the pollution, but went about it poorly with the bomb. But the damnest thing. The Floressist leader, Lady Naturline Florplase AKA Lady Nature, insists that they never sent that bomb to the noblist city as they denounce misusing nature for any reason, even if it's to stop the Noblists, as they don't deem terrorisum as what nature would want from them. That means the Floressists were framed for the crime for the sake of starting a war. Could the Noblists intentionally hurted themselves just to have an excuse to attack the Floressist? However, when the Noblists leader, Sir Shinro-Stuber Burttockson AKA Sir Stubborn, was asked about this, he reacted offended cause the heroes would "DARE ASSUME THAT WE WOULD HURT OURSELVES JUST TO MAKE THOSE NATURE LOVERS LOOK BAD?!" and suspected him from doing that because he happens to be the harshest critic of the Floressist's ways, which only resulted in Sir Stubbern in declaring the heroes enemy of the Nobilists, which only feeds the heroes beliefs that Stubbern is their guy. After alot of conplicated craziness, the heroes managed to find a lab run by Stubbern's top sciencetists and what appears to be old blueprints to create a terra-bomb, making Sir Stubbern look like he did it to his own people for power. With the infomation exposed, the Nobilist Group rebeled against Sir Stubbern for "Self-Terrorisum" and warmongering, stripped of his title, and was sentenced to death. However, Sir Subbern wasn't consistent to an exposed war-mongeror as he was pleading and begging for his life, kept insisting that he was framed, and that he knew nothing about what was going on! Already rulling out the Floressists doing an overcomplicated and confluted conspiracy to disban the Noblists since Sir Stubbern had no heirs, the heroes have quick suspitions to the subiquinet new leader, Vice-Duke Rusal Bustleron. And they quickly got their suspitions when Ruster began with the disbaning of the Nobilists and the banning of tec, and that the Beings should become one with nature like the Floressists. A futher exsamination reveils that Ruster is the true mastermind behind the bomb that destroyed the city and colonies, and inadvertingly thanks to the Misfits, succeeded in having Sir Stubbern killed off for the purpose of winning the affections of Lady Nature's love and bring Heto into a new era without tec, and did his extreme crime because Ruster wasn't allowed to love someone of "her faction", and that Sir Stubbern was kinda of a cruel dick and mistreated Ruster for loving "A FILTHY NATURE WHORE"?! While Understanding that Ruster did this to finally be with the woman he loves and being rid of a legit asshole, his methods were wrong and he can't be allowed to get away with this. Can our heroes stop Ruster before Lady Nature is forever his, and in the while, can they be able to inspire true peace with the Noblists and the Floresissts? Another set of star-crossed lovers, Squire Surqe Mansers, Sir Stubborn's former manservant, and Princess Florescha Florplase, Lady Nature's daughter and heir, and their heroic siblings, Gealle Mansers AKA Knight Gears, and Princess Warra-Lovo Florplase AKA Princess Warrior-Lovo?




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