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Dawn Bellwether
Bellwether image.png
Vital statistics
Title Assistant Mayor Bellwether (Formerly), 53rd Mayor of Zootopia (Formerly), Smellwether
Gender Female
Race/Species Sheep (Ovis aries)
Faction Zootopian Government (Formerly), Team Nefarious
Description Diminutive, Sensitive to Species, Xenophobic
Skills and Abilities Clever Mastermind, Brings Intelligence to Team Nefarious
Status In League With Team Nefarious
Location Zootopia (Homeworld)
Alignment Xenophobic Evil

Dawn Bellwether is a female character and the hidden main antagonist in Zootopia. She is the former assistant mayor of Zootopia, the mayor being Leodore Lionheart. She was the one who made the night howler serum that caused the animals going savage. 

Bellwether did what she did out of being treated by Mayor Leodore Lionheart with little respect. On the topic of it, other then because of being abused, which some cited to be a poor excuse for motivation for conspiracy, Bellwether's truer reasons are mostly unknown, though some theorised that it is because Bellwether faced discrimination worse then even Nick's, others stated that she intended her own downfall for the sake of getting away from Lionheart's abuse and neglect as an act of career Suicide. But because of lack of depth into her motivation other then an abusive boss, some considered her a poor Disney villain, a poor surprise villain who had no proper development and was shoe-horned, while some even compared her to a typical scooby-doo villain, others even compared the idea of her being a villain at all to the plot-twists of the Metal Gear Solid series. Others have even argued that the film would've been better off with a different character as a villain.

Role in the Film.

She initially appears alongside Mayor Lionheart awarding Judy for being valedictorian of her class and tells Judy that it is a big deal for all of them (the being the smaller prey) before being pushed aside by Mayor Lionheart.

Later, when Judy tried to take on the case of finding Mr. Otterton, Chief Bogo was about to fire her for insubordination as she took on the job before consulting Chief Bogo and Bellwether heard and texted it everywhere, forcing Chief Bogo to give her a chance (48 hours to find Mr. Otterton).

Then, when Judy and Nick realized they could look at the jam cams to find where Manchas (who had gone savage and attacked them but escape) went, Judy goes to Bellwether to help since Judy doesn't have access to the jam cams. Bellwether helps them look at jam cam records and explains she feels good helping them since she is more of a glorified secretary.

When Lionheart is captured for housing the savage predators, Bellwether takes charge and tries to convince Judy to be the role model for the frightened prey populace by being on the cover of a big magazine, but Judy refuses.

When Judy and Nick finally try to take the evidence of the Night Howler flowers being the cause of everything, Bellwether intercepts them and tries to take the case from them, before Judy realizes Bellwether was behind everything. Bellwether has her sheep henchmen chase Judy and Nick and tries to convince Judy that prey are superior to predators and she should join her but Judy refuses.

She captures them, takes back the evidence (a sniper gun used to shoot predators with the Night Howler serum) and reveals her plans of darting every predator in the city to maintain her power and eliminate the predator minority before shooting Nick in the hopes of killing off Judy and making her a martyr while putting the blame on Nick, the only other witness.

However, it is revealed that Nick and Judy switched the Night Howler serum in the gun with blueberries and that they recorded Bellwether's crazed speech. Before Bellwether has a chance to run, the police intercept her, having heard everything and she is now behind bars, along with her sheep henchmen while Mayor Lionheart is eventually reinstated (despite having kidnapped the savage animals).

She soon watches Gazelle's concert with contempt as her goons clapped their hands from their cell.

Role in the series.

Bellwether returns as a new member of Team Nefarious and becomes asentually the secondary assistent to Doctor Nefarious, behind Lawrence (Robot). Her history will also be reveiled as to be expected, Lionheart was not the sole one respondsable for her rise to being a villain, though was considered to be what broke the metathroical camel's back, she was actselly a victim of malicious predator bullies who picked on her for being a sheep, which have the reputation of being "Easy prey". Helped little that even as a teenager, she carried around a little sheep doll named "Shepard". which made the bulling worse. Dispite the efferts of the non-famous as of back then Gazelle, it ultamately ended with Bellwether humiliated greatly, as one of the bullies desided to rub salt in an old wound and tossed her doll into a wood chipper, destroying the doll. This left Bellwether broken beyond all belief and what started her predator hatred for the longest time, with being made the assistent to a misguided Lionheart what finally broke her nerves and started her path of revenge against predators. And with Team Nefarious around to further be bad influences, Bellwether is more then likely to be a major problem to Zootopia for awhile.