Ben Buzzard

Ben Buzzard

Ben Buzzard is a shady used airplane dealer from the Donald Duck cartoon short The Flying Jalopy.

He also makes a cameo appearance during the finale of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Ben Buzzard (KH style)

Ben Buzzard (Nobody.)

In the Spongebob adventures series, Ben Buzzard mostly lived alone in the disney kingdom, mostly unbothered, and uninterested in what other villains have been doing these days.... until the great cycle happened.He was captured by Frollo's Nobody, then turned into a nobody by Xehanort. He served as the adviser of Mortimer Mouse (Organization XIII), and aided him in the invadtion of Mickey's Kingdom. He was met before the battle against Mortimer, seeking to ensure their mission was a failure. However, Donlad Duck challnaged Ben into a magical duel, as the others were able to get into the thrown room. The battle was long and epic, but Donlad ultamately triuptm, turn ben back to normal, and used Thunder to scare off the lowlife out of the castle!

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