Benny the Squirrel

Benny the Squirrel

Benny the Squirrel is a street-smart Eastern grey squirrel with great knowledge. He is Samson's best friend and is the only one who knows Sampson's secret and true origin since he was sent to the zoo.


The Wild

Benny is a street-smart squirrel with great knowledge. He is also the only one in the zoo who knows Samson's secret about not being from the wild. Benny apparently has a huge crush on Bridget, and at the beginning of the movie he asks her out, but she refuses. Benny is softhearted and sweet. However, he can be bossy at times. Benny is good friends with Samson and Larry, but doesn't always approve of Nigel's ideas. Benny also cares about Ryan and deeply loves Bridget, who later becomes his girlfriend after he says the proper words to motivate her enough to kiss him.

Role in the series

Benny becomes a member of the Shell Lodge Squad since they helped save Ryan the Lion from the Villain League.

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