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The Beta Federation is the 2nd of the 3 federations of the Alternate UUniversal Legion of Dominant Races. It consists of the Sabochuns, the Ohrugans, the Rabodans, and the Aufones, and it governs the Epsilon and Zeta Universes. They are even given the rights to their own home planets even when they're not in any of their primary universes. Their main base of operations is located on Planet Ravina in an underground complex, and their main battle cruiser is the Typhirium Battle Cruiser.


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  • Ohrugans: (Leader: Lord Sanger Azakith) The Ohrugans are the leaders of the Beta Federation, and handle part of the military and diplomatic powers. They haven't been that shocked with the departure of the humans since their training leads to them being more manly and less-emotional. But that doesn't mean that they don't care that their allies are gone. All they know is that they have a duty of leading their federation. They're human-like beings who come in 4 breeds, and have a radioactive substance that powers their technology and have allowed them to discover artificial population control and genetic enhancement. They originated from the Planet Ohrugon.
  • Rabodans: (Leader: Baroness Corona Ellames) The Rabodans handle most of the military business since they're a military race, and they too haven't been affected that much by the loss of the humans. But only few have been seen feeling bad about it since they were considered to be very alike since their old war against them lead to them discovering they were very similar and evenly-matched, and even made a holiday called Truce Day thanks to it. They are the second most-common race to fight in the rebellions behind the Cunones. They have even developed a sensitivity of Truce Day, thus they kept it as classified as possible. They are known for their beauty and their military prowess, and they have been through more wars than any other race in the AUU. They originated on the Planet Rabodia.
  • Sabochuns: (Leader: Emperor Arbyen Vu Niao) The Sabochuns are responsible for the economic and political business, and since they're dog-like and more emotional, they are just as devastated of the humans' evacuation as the Yuruns are. Since they have limited military experience, they were chosen to have economic and political duties. They were good at trading resources to each other, and thus they helped trade resources all over the Beta Federations' territories. They rarely do military work even though they have some training in classical fighting skills. They are dog-like beings that developed an Asian-like community and technology through intertribal welfare. They are vicious, yet have an emotional edge that would make them easy to defeat in battle. The originated from the Planet Sabochalla.
  • Aufones: (Leader: King Clax Zsaroo) The Aufones are responsible for most of the diplomatic business because they're mainly a diplomatic race, and they were actually neutral with the loss of the humans. Most are seen working in the Beta Federation's AUU Currency Troupe circuit, and they even serve as part of the trade community for their agricultural skills. However, they haven't actually discovered space-travel, so they have to travel through space-transit. They are semi-aquatic amphibian beings who discovered a renewable energy source that is derived from water and will turn back to water when in contact with biological tissue, which they used to discover advanced technology. They originated from the Planet Aufonola.