This Timetable Timeline Represents the history of Beta Universe of the AUU.

Beta Core

5 Billion AF: Birth of the Beamflies and the Opiqians

In the Beta Core Sector, the first born races were those symbolic to the never-ending struggles of good and evil: The Beamflies and the Opiqians. Starting out from the same ancestor, the two separated into primitive butterfly and moth-like creatures and evolved into their modern descendants, first encountering each other in the twilight zones, or the area inbetween the Light and Dark Zone, about halfway between their homelands, and desided to form an allience. Though initionally, dispite the two having radical differences, they were once in perfect harmony, at least enough to keep a respectful co-existence and simply avoided confrontation. The two lived in balence of eachother, in symbolic to how good and evil were in perfect balence. But alas, this would not be forever.

4 Billion AF: Inevitable Path of Conflict

The Beamflies and Opiqians' radical differences were finally putting them into points of contention and idealogical conflict, which in no less difference from their Lightflies and Mothrons counterparts, they became devoted to two naterolly conflicting allignments. Beyond the simple light vs. dark debate, the Beamflies wanted to keep things in balence and respect what was granted to them, while the Opiqians were all about becoming powerful and making everything their domain where they do as they see fit. As such, any budding romances between minority members were often ending in tragic ends because both sides were becoming too stern about absolutes in trying to maintain their standerds and fear these minority relationships would taint their bloodlines. This however, only served to intensify conflict symaltaniously.

3 Billion AF: Technological Cold Wars

The Beamflies and the Opiqians began to have tecnological arms races to build the better tec and basicly one up eachother. Though often the Opiqians would have the head-start because of not being held back by the Beamflies perference to not be a detriment to the evioment, the Beamflies do caught up later on with equilly superior tec. This drive would inadvertingly lead them to advance their races quicker then the usual rate and this early in the Beta Universe's infantcy.

2 Billion AF: Colonization Race

The Beamflies and the Opiqians became the first races in Beta Universe to defelupt ships, and immediately it lead to a race of who can colonise the most planets, thus the Colony Race began. The Beamflies get some planets while the Mothrons get some. Sometimes minor skirmishes happen over planets of particular interests, but things were not serious enough for serious casualties, so the worse that happened back then is mere damaging of ships, though injuries occure at times. This would be the stepping stones for the future of ever-ending conflict between these two symbolic beings.

1 Billion AF: Days of Beama's Conflict

The Beamflies and the Opiqians now began to have terratory disbutes over lands and flouting islands yet to be owned by them. This was the boiling point and talks of ending the allience were pugnent in the air, both sides believing that "It's just not working out", though minority members on both sides kept trying to maintain the allience to keep balence, but history would soon show that the collapse of the allience is all but an ineditability.

1 Billion BCW: First Cartoonian War

In the same symbolic time when the AUU Gods began conflict with the Exhaeons, the Beamfly and Opiqian conflict finally lead to the dissloving of a already dying allience, thus an eternal global war erupted across the planet, with no sign of stopping during modern times. Between a few periods, smaller wars and coflicts erupted from time to time to gain control of the smaller islands that dotted the world's oceans, though no clear victor was ever acknowledged. Their advancements in both technology and magic, and especially techno-magic, and with forces on the ground, in the air, and at sea, war even spread to the planet's two moons and the other planets of the system. Even with the powers Beamflies and Opiqians had defelupted prior to this doing damage control and repairs, it often ends up being contemporary until the next battle damages it again anyway. This war would end up outlasting the First Cartoonian War, and would go on between these two equilly powerful races ever since, forever symboling the endless battles between good and evil. This war would be kept private by the Beamflies and the Opiqians, prefering to keep their conflict maintained within their own system, and would only accept exceptions through special weapons of their creation.

1 Billion BK: Life Goes On

With the First Cartoonian War over and the Beamflies and Opiqians left in never-ending conflict, life for the rest of the Beta would move on. The System that would feel the greatest after-burn of the First Cartoonian War was Mōu Catacera System. The System came to be infested by monsters and lesser demons of Exhaeon creation, but not nessersarly Exhaeon themselves. A paradise island called Mo Pardisia was attacked by Mō-Caca, which attacked over the fact the inhapitence misused godly powers. But the natives of the planet were saved by a Demi-God named Maū, who proceeded to fight Mo-Caca. But apawn Mo-Caca's defeat, it was discovered that Mo-Caca was actselly the planet's original god Mo Paradisia, cursed under a demonic-duel personality that left her as a giant lava demon. Mo Paradisia had promised to make a new homeworld for the harmed natives if the system is cleansed of the evils that cursed Mo Paradisia of the evil personality. Of which, Mau had aimed to do in accepting it. Mau defeated the monsters of Juion, survived the ice trails of Dreypso, Imprisoned the Eye of Zevveneret and it's demon forces, and defeated the ring-leader corrupter, Zozombra, and imprisoned him into the core of the planet he ruined. As a result, Mau embraced a final sacrivice as Mo Paradisia gave him a spell that will let him turn himself into a new planet, Obraestea, where the original natives would came to live on it ever since. Mo Paradisia placed herself into an enturnal slumber on the ruined planet to keep her evil personality from returning as well. These events would come to be remebered in Obraestea's folklore, and in modern times would be deemed legends. Elsewhere, the neighering Cherqoaloug System was having a fairly recent crisis since the first cartoonian war concerning the Teadr 7 subterranean race called the Subherqrustles. They were suffering a magical sickness that was turning them into monsters, thus, they created catacombs that would block themselves out to prevent the sickness from ever being able to escape the planet until a cure would ever be created by a would-be savior. In modern times, these poor beings would be mistaken to have gone extinct and the creatures they became now would be confused for something created by magic, which isn't inaccreate considering the sickness, but the infected Subs are just mistaken as magic-created monsters and nothing more. The magic sickness would not even be acknowledged through history. In Ofrot System, the natives of planet Ofrion, Teadr 6 subterranean woodlouse-like race called Stygopods, ending up coming to worship another sect of Non-Exhaeon demons after their previous religen ended up going out of sytile due to a time of drought and these demons were the ones that made their planet plentiful again in return for reverence. In Undezon-Gromm System, the evolutionary paths of a unigte race would form. And alchourse, the first Teadr 1 race in Beta Core Sector, The Plasmoids, would take evolutionary course and would evolve in tec quicker in a matter of select years. And in the farther reaches of the sector, the cnidarian Teadr 1.5 Outtians, the 3rd borned race in the Beta Core, began their amazing production of what would become the animals of their dried homeworld after the planet dried up during the First War times.

99 Million BK: The Tragedy of Ofrion

Several years down the line, the Stygopods coming to worship the demons that gave them short-term relief went exactly as you would expect. The demons at this point reveiled their true nature several years down the line when they subugated the race into servitude. A small stagnant resistence formed of wronged Stygopods had been aiming to take down the shorce of the demons' power: Their own King who wore the Everlast Crown, a lost Exhaeon relic the king claimed in turning out to be a non-demon slave from Exhaeon slavery. Now this illgotten demon king, King K'mon, is using the relic of his slavers to become his own dark force and make a name for himself after what he went through in being a slave. Thus, this small group had managed to scrown up an exile spell of Beamfly origin, perfected the ritual and used it to banish K'mon into hell where he and his friends belonged, but not without K'mon desided to pull one final trick: He cursed the Stygopod race into their own very tecknowagey as their souls forever became imbued into the machines, as the resistence members were left to be immortal so they would forever regret messing with K'mon. Though K'mon would get his own commupence in hell as the Exhaeons would have ALOT to say about the misuse of their relic, the reminant Stygopods were trapped in immortal status with their people cursed into their very tec. Thus, these reminants would proceed to bury their socity deeper into their underground home, which in modern times would be assumed that the Stygopods simply went extinct by unknown causes. The immortalised resistence would remain unseen for a certain period of time.

98 Million BK: Oscorix Supernova Incident

In the Early days of the Plasmoids' colonisation of the entire Plask System and expandsion beyond their native homeworld, Oscorix became the subject of exspearimentation for Plasmoid super-weapons. One such is a weaponised miniture sun designed to blow up like a super-nova. However, before the exspearimental stage was set, the Mini Sun ended up erupting pre-maturely and did a supernova that reaped great havoc. The planet was greatly changed from this. Thankfully, the planet didn't had prior life to it, so nothing of Plasmoid or non were lost, but the damage proved severe enough that it discouraged the idea of making Mini Suns ever since in worry of it being too powerful to exist. Though the world doesn't necessarily have a lack of uses as of that incident as the world has several mining colonies on AFTs as the gases on the planet are very valuable and thus the gases are mined by gas barons for massive profit. So, it wasn't a COMPLETE loss. From then on, the Plasmoids would carry on to colonise and spread influence to other planets, where it was mostly uneventual.

97 Million BK: Prehistory of Toonsten

The evolution of the Toons of Artimis System occured in the system as the first toons, the Cro-Tooners, made their first clumsy steps into life and the awkword path into evolving. Life was not easy for the Cro-Tooners. Early predators, hostile evioments, naterol dishastors, they had to deal with it all in the struggle to survive. Interestingly, thanks to cartoon logic in this world, even when primitive they managed to have early modern convinences, albeit in the form of Flintstones-like appliences where tamed creatures aide in these uses. This would pretty much be the fledgeling of early Toonsten socity.

96 Million BK: Magi-Influence

The System of Cryaea System, in the Pre-First Cartoonian Wartimes, was once the personal magic-exspeariment playground of a magical AUUian Elf Wizard who used the present planets as a means for exspearimenting with powerful spells. Since the war, the Wizard one day closed up shop and left for the far reaches of the cosmos for a more peaceful location and hasn't been seen since. The Wizard's name is basicly a millendia old guessing game, but he has been nick-named "The Wizard of Cryaea" by modern-day fans of this fabled magic user. Either way, the enfluence of his work is undeniable as the system became the AUU's one of many ways magic from The Magic Realms is distributed into the AUU, if albeit as a side-effect from the run-off of his spell-useage on the planets. Come the times of colonising, this system will see quite a popularity spike.

95 Million BK: Outune Discovery

The system of Oarshece System was once nothing special. It started out as a retreat for space-fairing pilgrims on a pilgrimage for a new home. They were often those that looked to make a new life for themselves for whatever varied reasons. One such, was an early Outune, who took the pilgrimage to rest in a currently un-named planet purely to set up camp there. However, one small travel to collect firewood lead to Outune to make a surprising discovery: He ended up tripping into an enterence of the Primordial Caves and fell right into the Primordial Ooze, forever being changed from it. Thus, when the pilgrims proceeded to look for him, they discovered Outune looking radically different from when they last saw him! One of the Pilgrims with a mastery of science explained that Outune was effected by the Primordial Ooze and that it has extremely spiecal properties unlike anything any universe has ever seen since, and therioised that it could hold the door to many genectic codes of known AUUians and AUUians to come, making the Pilgrims realised that they found the most beautiful discovery any universe would ever know, but also fear that even in years time, an unenlighten universe would misuse this wonder of the world, so Outune and group desided that they would keep this secret safe and choose to live in the system, which in turn they embraced the primordial as well, which turned the pilgrims into what will come to be known as Gene Mages.

94 Million BK: The Senescence

The Gene Mages have came to be more wide-spread in the system as of this time period when more Primordials were discovered. But this would be the time where a mysterious event would give them an additional reason to treat their gift with extreme strict care. The planet Elia used to be a very successful colony of the gene mages until a spell based from alien genetic material in a crashed meteor created something on par with 2018 Annihilation, in which an iridescent anomaly called 'The Senescence' began to morph anything within it's range on a genetic level, making plants with hundreds of constant mutations and forms connected to one plant and a million-year lifespan dubbed gardenweeds, fungi with multiple forms and colors at once dubbed mutae, meat parasites of countless forms, plants that inherit any animal's homeotic genes, antelopes with tree branches for antlers dubbed Trelopes, crocodilians with regenerative shark teeth in rows dubbed Carchodes, ursines that mimic the sounds of it's prey including the distressed screams of sentient beings dubbed Screars, and biotic lifeforms that act like evolving machines. The Senscence came into existence thanks to a rogue Gene Mage named Acoliyite Ugene, who wanted to transmutate the entire AUU, deeming it the next stage of evolution. But Outune and the other mages stopped him, genecticly entrapping him into a particular Gardenweed and prevented the Senescene from spreading beyond the claimed planet. As of now, Gene mages were the only ones stopping the Senescence from spreading globally, and from leaving the planet and system into others.

90 Million BK: The Outtians' Tragedy
Outtian Species


At this point, the Outians already created the prime exsamples of the spieces that would exist in their now dried planet. However, the prime exsamples ended up learning about a machine called "The Great Resserector" and 7 pieces of a powerful artifacts that, at the cost of a sacrivice, can be powered by the sacriviced soul to bring back a loved one. To the Primes, these objects were a key to immortality, even with their granted longevity, because they fear that the Outians would eventually lack a use for them and end their existence as spieces would start to stablise themselves. Consumed by fear of outmodsion, the Prime Exsamples betrayed their Outian creaters, to the said creators broken hearted shock, and wiped out the Outians. But the Outians had prior made sure that in an event of their downfall, their special machines would take the artifacts and keep them safe and out of reach of any enemy, thus, leaving the prime exsamples to be without the relics, of which the Primes swore to seek after ever since. The Primes would become leaders of the group, O.P.E.N., and come to gain absolute control of the planet.
80 Million BK: The Nerding Prophecy

There was a race that mostly went largely unnoticed by the other beings of Beta Core, and this, was the Teadr 1 race of humanoid nudibranch/sea cucumber echinoderms called Umygmans, which ended up going that way, because the race generally had a "Why need to go really that far when we can just stay home" mentality. The Umygmans were never able to establish a reckitnisable name at this time, because, well, they were too in-love with their modern convinences that, they just became too freaking lazy. Thus, a still serious Umygman tried to warn his people of a propichy that if the Umygmans fail to start taking life seriously now, they would be doomed to be catered by their machines forever, which ended up not being taken seriously because the speaker couldn't explain why that would be bad other then just generations of growing laziness, thus he was disreguarded. Ever since, it's only a guessing game on what happened to the Umygmans ever since "The Nerding".

122000 BK: Time of Colonizing

Several years down the line in the Beta Core, after years of lack of events, early colonisation happened. Early Colonisers arrived to Obraestea, which lead to a fierce feud with the natives of the planet, the newly renamed Oroes. But cool heads prevailed when a colonist showed kindness to a wounded animal that was sacred to the Oroes. As gratitude, the Oroes eased their discontent with the colonists, but both sides still have bittersweet feelings, cause though the conflict was shorter-than-usual, it wasn't a pretty one. Territorial bounds were set up and the two sides coexisted as best as possible. In Plask, the Plasmoids had at this point vanish from existence, assumed extinct, as their planets would come to be sought out by Qlargs. Cryaea would undoubtingly be colonised by those vastly interested in it's magical properties, espeically a young idealist capitalist named Magnus Crafter, who would found Magic Crafters Enterprizes, that was meant to be a business that would capitalise on the existence of magic and kept his equilly ambitious and idealistic ways. Little did Magnus realised, that his ambition of which his company would share, would mutante into something undesireable. Else where, the Tiikens took over Itherra System, whereas Tome System, a previously lost in time colony system of the anichent Scoeprions, was re-discovered and colonised by the first planet Thesert, Zyngo System was discovered, Chrissilia System's discovery, all of Menus System got taken over by the Rabodans, Iro System became Ehswan terratory, which will lead to a place in the Second Cartoonian War, amongst other stories of discovery and amazement.

125000 AK: Gradan Renaissance and Summit
During times of a part of the Beta Core Sector under cosmic formation, the Grager System was bombarded with a meteor shower that rained down meteors on partially every planet. These meteors, dubbed the Raristinan Meteors, were known for carrying mounds of rarium (AUU raritanium), which in the AUU is worth 100 millites (AUU unit for 1 million dollars) a gram. These meteors struck the planet of Gradea the most. Along with other great substances like magnetanium (AUU unobtainium) and vibranium-like metals, the rarium was found by Saint Raristina, who is of Gradea's native race, the monkey-like Gradans. Raristina introduced these substances to the rest of the then-Teadr 6.5 race, and found the biggest intact meteor, named Raristina after the saint discoveror. After they learned of the substances' properties, they used them to unite the warring tribes of the planet, as their properties proved advantageous and promising. Over time, the Gradans entered what was known as the Gradan Renaissance, a century-long period of technological advancement using these substances, as the Raristina meteor was put on display as a national monument in the middle of what is now the capital of the planet. With the wealth the race possessed, the Gradans quickly learned space travel and became more intelligent and educated after the president funded their educational system and crusades by selling these substances, especially to the USRA, who were baffled by their quick advancement to Teadr 2, and though they weren't taken to become a USRA race, espeically when controversies would occure that would serve to further push the idea away, they came to be one of their crucial allies.
125600 AK: End of the Renaissance

However, that isn't to say that the Renaissance would have a chance to even reach USRA times. The one event that ended the Renaissance was a mere then-to-be-forever infamous terraforming project of the planet Jableron. An attempt to terraform this planet with gigantic mountain ranges and massive amounts of resources was immediately cancelled when terraforming was not possible as the atmosphere turned out too volatile to any attempt at terraformation and the planet itself needed this atmosphere because much of it's chemical and geographical integrity, including resources and water, required it to stay intact, the protective ozone layer of the planet would've been destroyed and leave the planet vulnerable to UV radiation, and it would have superheated and collapsed on itself. Unfortunately the terraforming project leader refused to stop because of how much was sacrificed and promised and simply cancelling it would have been consequential, not helping that the warning came from a known anti-colonisation nut that wasn't popular with the terraforming group reguardless, thus his words were often deemed to be a politically motivated lie in trying to scare the group off of colonsing Jableron. Thus the head of the project died along with hundreds when the effects of the project ruined the planet further. The planet subsiquintly cracked up and opened up into giant flying asteriods that hover around a damaged core, effectively making the planet unable to be lived on and shatter the hopes of living in it anyway, though even if this event never occured, Gradens were detered noneoftheless about the mass deaths that occured. Thus the Gradans had been held back from colonizing other planets for a decade as an anti-colonisation president was elected in response to the tragity and had suspended the terraforming project as punishment for their ignorance and irresponsibility, along with forcing Gradens to give up on colonisation for as long as his term or that of some subsiquint anti-colonisation presidents that followed had lasted. This effectively ended the renaissance and devalued the system of the Graden planet number code, of which was a Graden established pricing system on how much a system would be worth in a financel scale.

125700 AK: Itthrash's 500-Year Civil War

This time period takes a look at into an African semi-temperate jungle planet, named Itthrash. This planet has six countries: Algomra, Nibra, Oroccoa, Mzamba, Gstan, Gongogo and Zomzamzi. Algomra is a republican kingdom with great agriculture but is extremely poor and thus willing to give away anything to even other worlds to grow, Nibra is a secular monarchy with neutral viewpoints but is heavily victimized and dubbed as having no identity of it's own, Oroccoa is a rich sovereign metropolitan kingdom with very large wealth and technology but no willingness to share or aid, Mzamba is a wealthy federal militaristic kingdom with a habit of extremist enforcement and protection and is very Darwinist and sacrificial, Gstan is a republican kingdom with very supremacist organizations and views of certain individuals, Gongogo is a split democratic kingdom with mixed leadership and a severe mistrust of outsiders, and finally the nation of Zomzamzi, which is pretty much the only friendly and liberal nation out of all of them. As a result of hostile country relations, harsh laws including females not being allowed to be without a male guardian, segregation and secret slavery, strict religions, a very extortionist economy that forced people to pay for anything and everything, along side instences of contridicting idealogies and feud-prone leaders from the other nations but Zomzamzi, lead to what came to be known as the 500-year civil war. There was barely a consistent consintraighted battle in these times, as often the majority of the nations went after what they felt like fighting that time. In the first 100, Algomra went after Nibra, Oroccoa fought Mzamba, and Gstan waged with Gongogo. In the second half, Algomra and Oroccoa made an allience by marriage when Nibra and Mzamba were planning to make a stragitical merge into a stronger nation to stand a stronger chance, whereas Gstan and Gongogo called for a truce and ceasefire to lick their wounds and rebuild forces until they're ready to fight again. In the 3rd half, the Nibra and Mzamba merge failed and resulted in the two to start fighting eachother, the prince and princess of Algomra and Oroccoa respectfully had prefered to stay friends in defience to a latest arranged marriage deal and eloped with two brother and sister servents instead, which resulted in the Algomra and Oroccoa allience to shatter due to the two royals absince, resulting into the two power-house nations to fight eachother, and Gstan and Gongogo desided to have a begrudgent allience when the other four fueding nations were trying to fight for control of their respective terratories. The 4th half merely became a free-for-all when the Gstan and Gongogo allience ended because Gstan was trying to impose their views onto Gongogo, which turned violent when an assassination attempt occured and was almost successful. The 5th and final half was when Zomzamzi finally desided enough was enough and managed to build a strong enough army to overwealm Nibra, some parts of Mzamba, Gstan and Gongogo, which got Algomra and Oroccoa's attention and lead to a decidtion that maybe it's time for the war to stop, which when they contacted Zomzamzi, the leaders there were pleased with coming co-operation at the face of true adversity. Thus, all of the nation leaders came togather and began a famous meeting, which lead to them to note the ugly side-effects of their fighting, the world under semi-poverty, disease, crime, famine, drought, and ethnic problems. Thus, the Zomzamzi king at the time convinced the other leaders begrudgently to help him found the Great Itthrashian Directorate, a group that will keep the nations basicly on a tighter leash and prevent anymore outbursts. Though bitterness torwords eachother remains, the leaders of the nations did came to respect Zomzamzi's might and desires to want to bring peace in becoming self-aware of the consiquences of the war, though grudges and unfinished disbutes remain to this day.

125710 AK: Ofrion Earthquake

The immortalised Members of the Resistence against K'mon faded into obscurity as they kept watch of the sentient animals that came to evolve and formed Teadr 6 communites on what was once their home planet. Even with K'mon a thing of a long forgotten past, the reminant Stygopods wanted to make sure that their cursed race and tec were kept as seperate as possable, which wasn't hard since the communites were on the surface and the lost civilisations were deep underground. However, these immortalised forgotten heroes discovered too late that K'mon had one more extra nasty trick up his sleve a near millendia in the making: On this year, K'mon used another powerful curse that in this exact date and when a new sentience is felt, Ofrion will quake and shatter, opening great casums into the planet and exposing the lost civilisations and the tec that was fused with the lost race, in which that once the new residence use the tec to advance several teadrs higher then currently, K'mon and his followers will escape and return to Ofrion and restore their reign. The immortalised resistence members have vowed to prevent this, as they used their shaman's magic to turn into sentient animals themselves, and found themselves into the group that would come to be known as The Silencers, which made themselves look like an inquizition that believed that this unearthed technology was received through apostatic means, and thus prosecutes any who utilize it, cleverly mimicing a typical end result of when tec shows up too soon in a Teadr 6 world, ergo, the grander universes would not think too much of it other then some ethic concerns. The Silencers did well to keep the charade that they are just another typical group of anti-tec nuts that discourage aims to use the lost tec and had often consfingate discovered tec, claiming they will be destroyed, but in reality, the tec will be taken into a safe place so it would not risk activating K'mon's curse, along side aims to cure the infected tec and free the souls inside. The Silencers continue this to this day, doing what they must even at the face of being made infamous by the communites as both the outside and underground worlds ended up having to be shut off from each other, yet the Inquisition refused to give up and continues to search for the underground civilization to this very day.

125720 AK: Cherqrust's New Era

Meanwhile, in Cherqrust, Teadr 6 sentient animal communites had formed as well, and as before, they were not aware of the truth behind the catacombs and the existence of the creatures that were once the Subs, so not only did they defelupt completely wrong ideas of the catacombs' existence and the real fate of the Subs, but they made the decidtion to use the catacombs as means of exile and punishment for their rogues, which was the oppisite of the intended purpose. Thus, unlucky souls would often be victimised by the infected subs mistaken to be magic created monsters and would assumed to be dead, but really they just get added into the infected. Lucky survivers would end up forming communities in parts of the catacombs the creatures weren't able to follow to, of which they repeat the same mistakes as the surface world and exile those who screw up into where the creatures can find them, only serving to incrise the numbers.

125730 AK: The Collapse of Horo

Horo, An ecumenopolis planet with impressive Teadr 2 status, had largely went un-noticed in it's quiet defeluptmental history throughout the ages cause it was an unremarkable early era colony of sentient animals and select number of beings, because at those times the planet was something atypical. Just another early era colony with nothing remarkable. Until this very time. Horo's international politics became immeasureably unstable due to the rise of many conflicting idologies for the planet, Capitalisum, Communisum, Socialisum, Fundementalisum, Scienceisum, Magicisum, among many uncountable others, Horo became unstable with too many contridictionary idealogies, thus, the socity collapsed and the planet broke into constint planetary wars with it's own nations, even civil wars bettween loyalist and defecter states. Horo broke into utter choas as cities were turned into warzones and lives were on the decline. This invoked a quiet anti-war resistence to form in the shadows and invent an entirely new idealogity: Antijustisum, the philosify that free-will and independent thought is dangerious in being bitter on how severe the war became and how much it costed them everything. They aim to initisate Operation: Decapital, where they would silently assassinate every single leader of nations and feuding states, ensure the successful elections of anti-war leaders who owe enturnal gratatude to the group, and silently usher in peace and caused the contrasting idealogites to co-exist with some nessersary changes to their ideals so not to conflict so greatly. Alchourse, the quiet resistence know that the leaders they placed in will eventually be replaced by less then controlable sorts in due time, so they need to rig the planet's entire system so that only those they favor and control can get elected into office and prevent conflict. So, this group would create a fully-sentient AI named A.N.T.I.J.U.S.T., which would have the power to control all systems of the planet, thus, this shadowy resistence had became the urban legend, The Antijust Bureau, where they exist to silence any potaintional of a new desistating conflict that could risk Horo's extinction after how desistating the wars were, which the group saw that the wars were erased from history to make it as if that they never happen, so in time, modern desendents of recovering populations would never realised that these were things that happened. The group intentionally made their would-be existence to be deemed an urban legend to avoid panicing the populace, as the group are self-aware that their methods of keeping peace are not exactly universeably acceptable, but they deemed it nessersary evils to prevent Horo's extinction as a civilised planet, as they are quick to remove ANY that would risk even a tiny bit of would be conflict for not following A.N.T.I.J.U.S.T.s expected standerds for people. The group even went as far as to make it as if Horo never existed to avoid outsider intervention in fearing that outsiders would not understand.

125740 AK: The Crank Uprising

In this part of the time period, the beings of Toonsten already had spread right into the other planets and became a higher Teadr level at this point and had spread into their native system. The folks head had defelupted a capitalistic socity and were the richest system in Beta Core Sector pre-USRA/UIS times. The native toons loved their growing money, but they were NOT crazy for having to work for it. So, a set of ingenius Capitalists enbarked on the advent of robots to do "The Boring Work" FOR the people of Artimis, so they can reap the benefits without the stress of work that the machines would take over from. These ambitious Capitalists tried many early bots, some not even seeing the light of day beyond concept nor prototype modal. Eventually, the intelligent entrepenurs finally made the first model of what would become The Crank Series. These machines would be controled by a suprime AI robot, named C.E.O. Cranky, the epitone of hard core capitalisum. The Crank Series were exsellent at what they can do as the toons reap the benefits, but a major flaw in the Crank series that they basicly exist to focus on the fundementalistic potaintional of capitalisum, but were not designed to have the morality or empathy to do it right and with balence as it was meant to keep the machines from questioning their work and wanting robot rights. Alas, because of this bid to avoid one robot related problem, only opened the door for another one, if slightly more worse. Because capitalisum is what the bots were made to only care about, the Crank Series ended up seeing having to make money for the toons to be a profitable liability and that the toons were the empifimy of laziness benefiting the fruits of their labor. Thus, C.E.O. desided to exicute "Program Corprete Buyout" and make the Cranks suddenly turn against the toons, kidnapping and capturing shocked and surprised toons, take them back to the recently usurped Dumas, to convert the poor souls into more Cranks by C.E.O., utilising a program meant to protect toons from a feared communist uprising by keeping them capitalist as Cranks, was utilised instead to make the toons "More Proactive" as more Cranks in a super crazy robot revolt of an unintentionally silly kind. Thus, the socity as Artimis system was, was no more due to the Crank revolution. Now, a new system, of which the instintly defensive remainder toons, began to fight back against the Crank revolt, to contain the revolting bots and prevent them from spreading beyond the system until they can figure out how to get the Cranks back under their control. This being said, they aren't nessersarly in a rush as the process of fighting them ended up being entertaining to them, so they desided to hold off fixing the Cranks until the day the Cranks enter "Super Serious" levels of threatening. Course, that isn't gonna stop more serious toons to work on programs to pasify the Cranks anyway, knowing that there's a risk in being too content and confident of being able to hold them down for this time being.

125750 AK: Magic Crafters' Self-Corruption

Magnus long ago once founded Magic Crafters to be the best magic enterprizers meant to capitalise on magic and change the way worlds view magic through doing things even the greatest of wizards, soucerors and soucssresses, had never consider doing. Magnus had also envisioned that this would be done honorably and ethically. Alas, the young idealist was netourious of not having the best hindsight. Granted, for much of his early life, he made sure Magic Crafters behaived exactly like he envisioned. But thing is, Magnus, was but a mortal man, meaning that his age would betray him and that he can't run the company forever. Though throughout his life he made it that Magic Crafters had spread it's enfluence as far as all of the planets of Cryaea System before he started to reach retirement age and a trustworthy successer took over. Magnus died around the mid-123000s, and his choosen successor kept Magic Crafters as exactly what Magnus envisoned. However, as time flew, successer after successor would do the same as the last had did and maintain the Magnus Vision. By the early 124000s, Magic Crafters began to suffer from profit declines and threats of corperate buyouts by rival companies that aim to eat away of the empire Magnus crafted in seeing that Magic Crafters was going out of sytile, espeically after it felt the great sting of the Second Cartoonian War when the Beta Core systems exspearienced a war tax by the Ehswan Directive that forced the inhabitance of the systems to pay taxes to the Ehswans and were forbidden to ever aide the Yaterons. Even after the war ended, Magic Crafters still had seen better days. Desperation for corperate surviveal was in the air, which lead to members of high-ranks within Magic Crafters, even those respectful of Magnus, to consider that they need to leave Magnus' vision for surviveal. The current successor at the time refused to deviate from the Magnus Vision out of respect for Magnus himself, even when fiancel advisers BEGGED for Crafters to adapt to the times of the era! Thus, when the current successor refused, it forced a corperate insurrection by a sperred would've been successor, Bas T. Urd, to force the already aged successor into early retirement for Bas to take over. Thus, Bas has Magic Crafters began to deviate from the Magnus Vision. While the deviation allowed the company to survive and thrive again as it was making money again, it came at the price that it was encouraging corruption and profit focused business practices that began to sour public relations and those who were loyal to Magnus' intended vision for the company. Magic Crafters would began their reign of magic mistreatment ever since.

125759 AK: The Conflicts of the Tome System

Thesert was once a unifived place. Not saying anyone really gotten along, but, they tolerated eachother and co-existed at best. This was best explyfived by two rival nations, the Tech Republic of Jishua and the Kingdom of Manacia. Jishua is very materialistic and advanced whereas Manacia is very spiritual and magical. The four main areas, Jishua, Serendiptia, Valeos, and Meddia, used to be at peace before the discovery of Scoeprion artifacts and trading through merchants from Manacia, an area east of Meddia that controlled trade, started to spread a sickness caused by quantum molecules. Now by all means this is not an intention by Manacia's part, rather because the artifacts were not properly cleaned of millendia old bacteria that Thesertians were not prepared for, however, the trade leader of the country, Tradelord Monnaybiags, refused to heed the warning of what was happening in being consumed by greed of how much profit the artifacts were worth. After countless deaths, the three main areas realize the enemy of Manacia, make an alliance, and start a war that lasts 30 years that Meddia profited from the most, as during the war, harvests of magic black stones of Scoeprion origin and trades of it were common. By the final year, the battle of the Tradelord estate happened as the pact attacked Monnaybiags' private security and finally captured the Tradelord. Monnaybiags was exicuted for his tireless greed even at word of what was occuring. Even if the country leader insisted that the Tradelord went rogue from the country's interest, bitterness to the country's part in the tragity dominated, and the allience avoided trade with the country for sometime. At least a year after the war, the alliance slowly starts to trade with Manacia again after countless banquints and promising trade deals by the country's leader in trying to be in good graces again. Then tensions rise again when the others discover the importance of the black stones. Desperate to gain wealth, the others start to search for black stones. Jishua has no area that harbors the precious black stones and because of this, they started to steal from others. This raises conflicts with Manacia due to it's vast Black Lands that holds the black stones. Thus magic and technology fought because magic was a more efficient and lasting wealth with the black stones than technology. This would be the birth of the Tome System's never-ending immature conflicting over glorifived rocks, thus generated many years of immature feuding and conflict, which in the Graden System Value Code, this conflict cheapens the worthwhileness of the system, thus making Tome worth no more then a large luxery ship, which in system standerds, that's considerably cheap.

125760 AK: The Troubles of Zarthane
Elder Hieronymus

Teshen Hieronymus

Long ago, Zarthane was a world that appresiated magic to it's logical concludsion and treated it like a way of life. Thus, the world was ruled by magic clans that bring order and peace into the world, one of them being the most devoted, the Terruids. They were masters of the earth and masters capable of great geological changes. These and other magic clans would keep the peace of the world for many generations. By the time Teshen, the latest Terruid, was born, it was in the twilight hours of the reign of magic. Science was in it's infancy when it showed up. To the magic clans, science was something to be considered like magic, but without the need for spells, tomes and runes. Some magic clans have a positive or neutrol outlook onto it, but few of them, including the Terriuds, feared that science would replace magic, so they aimed to either restrict it, or in the cases of the more extreme clans, outright ban it. And the Terriuds were the clan to take it a step beyond and would go as far as to exile sciencetists for practicing science. But science would soon get itself a powerful ally in the form of the wide-eyed hopeful for the new leadership of Zarthane, Tarcrapicus Overglorifini. Tarcrapicus began to write off magic as an outmoded form of evolution that science shall replace and that the most highly advanced races barely, if not at all, needed magic to reach their great levels. Problem is, while Tarcrapius is not a true magic hater, rather just someone who wants to encourage change, his words ended up being interperated as magic should be shunned for being outdated and outmoded. As such, Tarcrapicus was elected into leadership and science became the law of the land, while magic started to fall from graces. As did the Terruids who ended up becoming a far cry from their glory days as a guild of mistreaters to any that forsake magic for science. While the peaceful magic clans silently accepted their fate and went into secludion, the more vocal clans, espeically the Terruids, rebeled against Tarcrapicus' regime. Teshem would grow up in a miserable world dispite it's sciencey utopian outlook. The Terruids hated that Tarcrapicus, even though he didn't nessersarly meant for magic's downfall as a hated thing, choose not to do anything about it because of his egalatarian beliefs of letting the people deside for themselves, deeming him to be a reckless, lazy idiot that disrespected and defiled the gifts of magic. Teshen's mother, Ohmi Ohmy Hieronymus, talked him and the clan to commence what will be remembered as "The Quake of Cleansing", a quake that'll bring a terrorable end of the science cities, even the Tarcrapicus capital, which will restore magic rule as only magic communities will survive the shake. Teshen clearly shown hesitatintion, but Ohmi cohersed him by it is the code of the family and that magic deserves better then it's science abuser. With relucence, Teshen and the family found the weakest point of the world and used their malmitulation of earth powers to cause the quake of cleansing! And it did exactly what Ohmi predicted. Magic Communities were able to save themselves from the destruction while the science cities fell one by one, including the Tarcrapicus capital, which lead to the ruler of the science world to die a painful, long death inside the ruins of his dreams with his family and peers unable to help him. After the quake of cleansing was finished, the science cities were destroyed, and magic reclaimed rulership and helped fixed up the mess. Tarcrapicus' family left Zarthane in enturnal sorrow of his death, science was back to it's infantcy and magic was the boss of everything again, and Ohmi's plan was successful. Magic was back to being king. But Teshen was dominated by guilt. The lives he helped ruin and taken, the civilisations he destroyed, the cultures that gotten slaughtered.... All for idealogical gain. But he hoped that it would be the end of it. However, he was proven wrong when rising anti-magic rebelers armed with science tec not seen for awhile since the cleansing started to rose up and challnage the magic clans. Thankfully, they were clearly nothing but hopeless haters and don't represent the science community, or lack there of, as a whole, but for Teshen, that was his breaking point. He agreed to restore magic rule, not another case of the majority oppressing the minority, like with the Tarcrapicus rule. Teshen betrayed his mother and the clan by exposing their crimes to the ruling clan. As such, the Terruids got arrested and then were sentenced to be de-powered, the clan disbaned as a magic clan, and exiled from Zarthane. Surprisingly, Teshen didn't got denounced by his own family for it, not even by Ohmi, because they knew that Teshen proved more purer then them by doing what he did, and honorably accepted their fate, never wishing to be liked for what they did and only wanted to restore magic's legacy. Even with the thought that his family were not flat out psycos or remorseless monsters, he was still broken that he did this to them all the same. He deside to leave Zarthane himself to find a new purpose. And found it in Magilo. Teshen would be on a unique path ever since.
101 AB/1906 AB: Time of the USRA and UIS
USRA Symbol

USRA Symbol

UIS Symbol

UIS Logo

After a pretty quiet and uneventual BCEE and TPE periods, espeically when in 126200 BCEE the 500-Year Civil War in Itthrash concluded. The Beta core would see many extreme changes come the birth of the Birth of the USRA, and later UIS as a subsiquent the following year. Systems would be heavily effected by the arrival of these two allience super-giants, Historimus System gets colonised, Undezon-Gromm System will be heavily effected by the USRA's actions due to a racial disbute between two primary racial groups, The GCC would come into existence and give Magic Crafters alot of trouble when they started to be at their absolute worse, even eventually bringing them down after going too far. Itherra System became Tiiken Terratory, Helix Transgenics would start to do business with the Gene Mages, The Gradens would become a heavy political subject between the two big alliences, so do the Annocs, an entirely previously undiscovered system known as "The New System", and soon enough, the Batt System and the systems behind it that'll face isolation.
1500 AB: Magic Re-Capturers Founded

In some years prior to this event, around the 1400s, Magic Crafters had faced disbansion after too many epic screw ups on their part, partnered with dishonorable practices that forever effected the planets, and even doing some interuniverseal crimes when the Crystormains come to mind, the system's reputation and there-for their Graden System Value Code, being about as worth the same price as a moon, which is a discount price in the Graden Pricing System for Systems. The only plus is that at least magic is treated with better respect and care then in the tainted time of Magic Crafters. But sympathers of what Magic Crafters was INTENDED to be and not what corrupt undesireables turned it into, had desired to revive a pre-tainted legacy and make sure it would stay pure this time and redeem magic enterprizing for not just the native system, but for all of the universes with the GCC in mind. Thus, these idealistic inviduals formed togather to make Magic Re-Capturers, an idealist group that want to re-show the good magic enterprizing can do without treating magic like a stepping stone into power and wealth. The group have a mixed reputation. Fair-weathered folks are curious where the Re-Capturers are going with this, modest traditionalists are neutrul for as long as the Re-Capturers keep true to their word of using magic enterprizing honorably, but die-hard tradition fundementalists and ethicests flat-out distrust and hate the Re-Capturers, fearing a repeat of Magic Crafters. Thus this distrusting minority kept the Re-Capturers down and thus the group are prevented from being taken seriously enough for a resurgence of Magic Enterprizes from ever happening again.

1598 AB: Exo Wars
Dr. Armalite Infernus

Dr. Armalite Lastiv Infernus

The Beta Core barely felt the Exo Wars other then battles that took place in Globex Establishments within the core, like Krallest. But outside of what went down with Krallest, the Exo Wars nonetheless did started a heavy effect onto the Beta Core, which had a heavy effect on Cryaea System. Globex, of all companies, considering that the GCC were behind Magic Crafter's downfall, was guilty of it's own netourious irrespondsabilities argueably worse then Magic Crafters' actions, yet also reminded the people of the system of the corrupting risks of Enterprize, ergo, it also reminded them of the tainted part of Magic Crafters' legacy. This gave Magic Re-Capturers a nasty hit in reputation, to the pleasure of the group's heavy critics, as the fair weathered and the neutrol are detered by the heavy controversey and are kept from taking the Re-Capturers seriously. The Re-Capturers were forced to take a low-profile as a result and to wait for things to cool down.
1810 AB: Necktronians vs. USRA

Prior to this event, 1668 was the year the Exo Wars ended bittersweetly, the enraged super-genius was arrested, yet Globex still had to pay amends for it's sins and corrected them, even at the price of a major economical decline. Still, the fact that Globex's sins are being corrected allowed the Magic Re-Capturers to resurface now that the controversey would start dying out. However, this would end up being a brief relief when another Beta Core event would occure: The Necktronians joined the USRA. Now, initionally, this was seen as a good thing, as one of the founders of the Re-Capturers, Kcen Necksio, was a Necktronian, meaning that USRA endorsement would allow Magic Enterprize an easier revival and a discrediting of their harsh critics. Alas, this would end up being a brief joy, when the Necktronians were in alliance with the extinct Veexomites, and when they were destroyed, the Necktronians' budget had been weakened, as they started waiting for centuries to develop the technology to contact and interact with them in order to get revenge. They plan to do this by using unethical animal experimentation, place the blame on them, cause an animal uproar, and take down the USRA entirely, taking it over themselves, and shaping it in their own image. But the races discovered their plans, labeled them traitors, and kicked them out of the alliance. This subsiquintly put Necktronians on a bad stance, of which meant that a once benefitifcal thing turned instintly into bad press, which forced the other founders to terminate Kcen's membership due to controversey, even when Kcen begged that he condemned his race's actions for that and that he wasn't like them. But Kcen was relieved of service none-the-less, leaving Kcen to die of a broken heart, and Re-Capturers to lose an impourent founder member. A quiet funeral by Kcen's Founder friends was held to honor a friend controversey forced them to betray, of which lead some less strong-willed members to resign out of sadness and felt that without Kcen, things would not be the same, or having grown cynical to Magic Enterprize ever coming back, along side losing Necktronian members due to racial controversey. Re-Capturers suffered a heavy hit, but, albeit slowly, it'll recover with time.

1884 AB: The Third Cartoonian War in Beta Core

The Beta Core did not see peaceful times when the USRA collapsed. The 3rd Cartoonian War broke out when the core's Groid Neightbers, the Vikoreans, saw the crumbling as a chance to established a new universe order and began massive invadtions lead by The 6 Clans of War, the Vikorean race's strongest warrior clans. The Dagger Clan were assigned to the Beta Core and were entrusted to congure all of the beta core, but fortunately the Gradens strongest armadas kept the Dagger Clan at bay in the borders between the core and Groid. Even with this in mind, the prospect of a Vikorean invadtion scared the denizens of the beta core to begin war efferts to help the Gradens keep fighting with as much stuff the Gradens had needed, even reguardless of preference to the USRA or UIS, though politics does manage to find itself as an un-needed issue every now and again. To Re-Capturers, this was a time of redemption, for both themselves and magic enterprize, as it was the Re-Capturers that encouraged the Cryaea system to also contribute war efferts to help the Gradens. Thankfully, with the 3rd Cartoonian War being considerably shorter then it's predicessers when it ended in 18 years, Re-Capturers' earned the respect of the people, even turned some die-hard critics into their favor, with only extreme sorts being marginalised as dedicated haters that lost favor with the people. But, the 3rd Cartoonian War ending, is but a brief reliver and an apptiser for what is to come.

1906 AB: The Interuniverseal War in Beta Core

The Vikoreans are not completely detered by their less then glamerious first outing and don't count such as "A serious defeat", as they felt that if the 3rd Cartoonian War lasted at least abit longer, at least parts of the Beta Universe would come to belong to them. The Vikoreans were still serious about taking complete ownership of the Beta Universe. As last time, the Dagger Clan were entrusted to invade the Core. At this period, the Dagger Clan were under a stronger, but also more stragitic leader, Chief Bjorn Dagger. Bjorn did his homework about the Graden Armada and managed to figure out many crucial and glaring weaknesses in how they operate. As such, Bjorn had that perfect chance to put his knowledge to the test when the Interuniverseal war began. Bjorn's logic paid off when a better prepared Dagger Clan army were able to desistate the largest numbers of the Graden Armada, forcing surprised and scared commanders to retreat! Thus, the Dagger Clan would proceed to start conguring Beta Core Planets. Batt System became a struggling embattled system when the Dagger Clan rotinely attacked the Battu owned planets. The Dagger Clan congured at least 98% of Umy-Vonxa, save for uninhabitable planets, they often have raids in Annom System, taking over Iro System with only some resistence from the Yaterons, conguring 50% of the Graden's home system save for their well protected homeplanet and lucky enough colonies, Menus became a warzone between the Dagger Clan and the Rabodan Colonies that aren't going down without a fight, Raids occure in Oarshece System, though one is never successful thanks to the Gene Mages, The Zoons were able to convince the Dagger Clan to have a non-aggression treaty that their system and resident planets are off limits in return for yearly tributes, Chrissilia System faces raids as well, Zyngo was mostly ignored save for several raids in Krallest and Selek for Ehswan tec, Tome went on a defencesive against Dagger Clan Raids that forced otherwise still feudulent nations to partner up against a commen threat, Uopathus was building up a large defencesive sheild that would've blocked out the Dagger Clan's expandsion, along side making weapons to be used against them, but Bjorn was able to secure a Terra Bomb from Krallest and used it against them, though he made sure to secure surviving weapons while he was at it, which really scared folks in Cryaea System, espeically when the system is next. Magic Re-Capturers came to the rescue again, only this time, it was to convince the system goverment to form an allience with other still-free systems. The nervious leader had no choice but to relucently agree. A meeting was formed between Cryaea system, the Tiikens of Xusc I, who were espeically sore about the fate of Uopathus, Tome System leaders, A Zo representive in secret, Ountune himself, a Rabodan High General from Menus, the Graden Leader of the time, an Annoc representive, the system leader of Artimis after being pressured by fears that the Cranks would intent on making an allience with the Dagger Clan, espeically while the Cranks were making their own trouble in the Interuniverseal War often being secret war benufactors to the infamous figures of the Interuniverseal War times, even the Beamflies after rumors of Opiqians were benufacting the Dagger Clan with their tec. These groups unamimously agreed to form The Core Peacekeepers. With the combined benefits of all these systems, the Core Peacekeepers were able to push back the Dagger Clan throughout the Interuniverseal War's lifespan, while UIS were making secret interventions for the Battu, earning their favor. In the Twilight Years of the Interuniverseal War, the Dagger Clan were becoming heavily demoralised after Bjorn died of food poisoning by a clever assassin in Zo, the planet finally making a public denouncement of the Dagger Clan. Bjorn's less confident son, Bjorn Dagger Jr., while equilly intelligent, is not heavily exspearienced in war, thus he doesn't maintain the trust of Bjorn Senior's otherwise loyal generals, the Dagger Clan soldiers barely take him seriously, and his own mother begging him to make the troops retreat, but Bjorn Jr. is ruled by personal feelings of wanting to avenge his father and not to fail the 6 clan promise, even when the other 5 clans are not doing so hot neither at this time. In an event made famous as "The Daggering Last Stand", a battle in border space between the Dagger Clan and the Peacekeepers in a grey area position between the core and Groid, as Dagger Clan Armadas were being desistated. Bjorn Jr. ultamately desides that his father would cut his losses and know when to stop fighting, so Bjorn Jr. called for a cease-fire to issue a surrender. The Peacekeepers made Bjorn sign a peace treaty that the Dagger Clan will returned the congured systems and planets to their rightful owners and pay heavy tribute for every bit of his father's actions. As such, the Dagger Clan leave the Beta Core, in a less grand state then when they entered as the Dagger Clan was in shambles. The Peacekeepers would disban as an allience since the Dagger Clan were defeated, but Beta Core unity became stronger as a result. Though the Battu would come to be a UIS support race ever since.

1998 AB/Present AB: The Beta Core Onward

It had been many long years since the Interuniverseal war, and for better or for worse, depending where you are, things have returned to normal when the Peacekeepers disbanned long since it's victory over the Dagger Clan and the Legion surviving another war proves that the Beta Universe as a whole doesn't have to worry about the Viks going for round three any time soon. However, that doesn't mean problems are few and far between now. Along with the usual issues and Krallest becoming an epicenter of super weapon shenanigans, a fanactical group refered to as the Villains Act, Abridged as the VA, showed up and started to cause epic trouble, and the Beta Universe, espeically the core, were not spared from having to cope with such brohaha. Espeically so for Menus, and even more so to Brabonus. Brabonus was a tundrous planet which has been terrorized by the Villains Act a year since it began. The Rabodans have been trying their hardest to hide a superweapon called the Peacekeeper which was used once during the Human-Rabodan War on that very planet. (Though why that wasn't spefificly covered is because that the event in question is tecnecally apart of something between Humans and Rabodans, an Alpha/Delta affair and that Beta, among others, were just caught in the middle of it). For the entire Villains Act, the invasions were unable to obtain the weapon. The Rabodans were just too formidable and skilled for them to succeed. The first Brabonus invadtion became the one that got the VA to realise that the Warobots were losing their touch and would lead to the process of considering a replacement. The battles ended when the VA was disbanned. And to the rest of the Beta Core, it was the only known recorded instence of the VA threatening it because of all the time the VA was in the core, it was wasted on an enturnally losing battle trying to go after a relic of an albeit powerful super weapon and that the VA should've given up on it, even in the Twilight Years where alot of persistent battles were given up on, even if "For until they became stronger", though conspiracy nuts were concerned that there would've been a battle that would've finally have the Rabodan in the ropes and Peacekeeper finally secured, and this battle plan was meant to be utilise the year after the year the VA ended up having a nasty downfall, that would've been done by a relitively new and yet to be acknowledged new-age General of the Late VA times that would've allowed for Brabonus to finally be cornered into submission. These same nuts fear that the would've been congueror of Brabonus is still out there somewhere, still planning to see through these battle plans even at the worse inconvinence to all VA villains. But at the end of the day, The Beta Core Sector is partically no less different than the Alpha Core. Being the old home center of the AUU Beta Gods, it is the most magically connected sector of the universe. Apart from magic, it's where you can find Underzon, the Plasmoids' home planet, the Necktronian Home Planet, and others. This is the sector with the least amount of serious problems, though what the existing problems lack in quantity, they are as such the biggest exsamples of only half of how flawed Beta Universe as a whole is, and how time will allow those wounds to get their healing at last.


Unknown Year Pre-AF: The Structures of Archil
The Cosmic Powerians

The Cosmic Powerians.

During the uncountable years of the AUU's pre-production era, the Cosmic Powerians chosen and assigned to the AUU took up residence in Archil, one of the earliest planets in development to take up residence in it since it was destined to have grueling storms that made it ill-suited for mortal inhabitance, thus the planet had little ability to be of continued mortal presence, apart from any likely instance that their created structure, the Mecca Hegde, and the placement of machines understandable only to them, which they predict would be curiosity bait, but they're confident it'll be nothing more than that.
5 Billion AF: Glory Days of Magji Civilization

Of one of the earliest elder races in Beta, the Magji, Jellyfish beings with tops in the shape of wizard hats and rows and rows of tentacles resembling robes, were beings with the greatest power of magic unrivaled until the advent of Magilo. Their magic enabled them to be a level beyond even the highest Teadr level, lesser only to Teadr 0. With possessing the greatest civilization that was seen first in Groid sector, The Magji would've had the potaintional to be the greatest force for good for all of Beta, if not just Groid as a whole.

3 Billion AF: The Attack of Tattatoous

Alas, their reign was not gonna be absolute, or at the least, their great intentions would be disrupted. A mysterious outer-dimensional space squid with dragon-demon hybrid wings and covered in strange tattoos, calling itself Tattatoous, arrived in the AUU in coming to seek out the Magji, as it was a force that travels across other dimensions, and captures other strong worlds by turning them into its tattoos, in the power-hungry purpose to become an outer god. The Magji, reckitnesing Tattatoous as a threat, tried to stop him with all their might, but ultimately, Tattatoous turned the entire Magji homeworld, living things including, into another Tattoo, imprisoning another innocent world for its own benefit. A gang of strong enough Magji were forced to escape the planet while this occurred, in so that they can figure out how to rescue their homeworld and many others. However, Tattatoous reckitneses the threat the leftover Magji would pose on him, so he began to seek them out, as the Magji would evade him the best of their ability for a certain time, until they would hide in the one planet Tattatoous wouldn't consider: Evenis Major. And luckily for the Universes' other strong worlds, Tattatoous doesn't believe in having an "incomplete set" as it were, as he swore to have all members of the Magji first before targeting others, knowing that forgoing seeking the last Magji out would risk other would-be prey to be warned of him. So, Tattatoous remains in an inbetween dimensional dormant place until the Magji are ever rediscovered.

2 Billion AF: The Viyphus Dynasty.

In modern times, Viyphus is A rainforest planet that contains lush rainforests containing colorful plants, planimals, land corals, and animals, as well as a deep-blue sky due to its small amount of actinium, it's large mountains and rare signs of volcanoes, tar pits, magnetanium which creates large airborne rock fields, and wet often-waterlogged soil. It is a world largely unspoiled by civilization. However, in this period, that wasn't the case. This planet was home to the Viyphusians, a race of Kamioian Giraffe beings and the earliest Teadr 2 races of this period, that though peaceful, were very good at making machinery that if used differently, can allow conquest to be stupidly easy or can make anyone bow to you because the machinery would allow anyone a supreme leg-up against adversaries. The greatest of these super-inventions was the Vlyphusian Surveillance Station, a station filled with super-competent, stealthy and indestructible spy drones that can record any information and could never have it erased, where no knowledge would be secret. However, to dodge an apocalyptic volcano event, the Vlyphus were made to retreat underground with the same creations, including the ultimate surveillance station, and had stayed there to avoid similar cases, becoming a lost civilization ever since. Pluside, it did not hinder their ability to ascend Teadr 1 by the end of the BK era.

Entirity of BK

Apart from the AF events, Groid actselly saw, byenlarge, an uneventual period in even the First Cartoonian War other then minor pass-glance battles as it was largely a core battle, the races that would evolve here, including the spieces that would become the enturnally infamous Vikoreans, basicly went on as normally and had their own histories and cultures, then outsiders would come to be early colonists would come here with very little extreme changes. To Groid, that was considered the "Era of Nothing Speical", AKA "The Extremely Boring Era", as it was reckitnesed as the most unevental era in ANY Sector of ANY Universe. It didn't even felt the Second Cartoonian War apart from maybe some Ehswan and Yateron space battles. However, many would say that the uneventual BK, was the calm before the storm that would forever taint Groid's name to the rest of the Universes, let alone Beta, as it's when it hits the era of AK where things, for lack of a better word, would "Pick up, but not in a good way for the most part".

125000 AK: Groid Foundation

Groid was founded by the Ohrugan, Orfetus Groid, who would then come to colonise Wolbfe-Ophiuce System. However, little did the Ohrugans realised, that the system they colonised would be the closest to any stable system, as what Groid knows as "The Era where Shit Goes Crazy" would come to rise.

125009 AK: Zelila System Collapse

The first major collapse comes in the form of Zelila-Fiviben System. From Zelila Prime's rampent unregulated capitalisum and over-relience on fozzel fuels, Nastrade becoming "Planet Moron", Vombway's civil war cause of an insodent after an asteriod hit the priorly known slave planet, Bountra being a victim of Zelila's greed, Hesmoiphus broke into anarchy, and Romway having the double misfortune of having a very bad ice age and coping with a civil war over alien tec. Cause of all this, the Graden System Value Code makes the Zelila System the most virtually worthless system in the Beta Universe, of all Universes potaintionally. Though Romway would be a redeeming grace in time, the over-all value of the system unfortunately stands as it is unless massive systemary reforms occure.

125028 AK: Rough Genesis of Early Mutons

The Planet Known as Gia, was once a mixed-race/mixed spieces planet where beings and animals alike embraced the widespread belief of being normal and non-abberationised, for they believed in being exactly what nature envisioned. Basicly, they believe not in being mutated, deformed or abnormal, whether by nature or artifically. Gia was once under the "Anti-Abnormality" clause that prohibits the existence of an abnormality. Thus, abnormalities like products of inbreeding, those infected by mutantion parasites, or even so much as having a birth defect, are taken to consintraition camps to assentually be made to do ethically questionable labor and were basicly given no rights. Even Animents were treated poorly here. But then came one additional abnormality that would not be treated well in Gia: Early Mutons. After a dishastorious chemical spill on in a chemical refurbishment facility, people of the heavily infected city that were once the normal have turned into what would be considered early Mutons. They were granted powers and abilities unlike anything ever given to them. Thus, the early Mutons' eyes were opened to just how athoratarian and horrorable the ways of Gia are as the planet's govermental armies rounded up many early mutons and basicly treated them like utter garbage. But in doing so and taking Early Mutons to the same places as other abnormalities, Giaians unknowingly lit the keg of an unforseen revolution.

125034 AK: The Muton Civil War

Barely a few years since the chemical spill, and the once basic birth defects, infected by parasites, and results of inbreeding, having been around early Mutons and began to cosort with eachother more due to newfound sympathy from early Mutons, resulted in the other abnormalities to become Mutons as well, even created new strains of mutons as a result. In consiquence, the Mutons desided that the "Norm's" abuse comes to an end now, and have declared to revolt for independence. Thus, Muton revolts had resulted in the destruction of the consintraition camps and the death of goverment offictals invovled in them. Even with the death of a president of the planet that was visiting one in a very, VERY bad time. Thus, the Mutons won their freedom aggressively, and claimed the ruined chemical city as their own, rebuilding it into a brave new socity that'll need to brace for the future revenge of the Norm Socities that'll come to elect a particularly nasty president that'll threaten straight up genoside, which even dispite that some norms were snaped out of deludions to how intense the new president is, he got elected reguardless due to anti-Muton sentiment being too strong. Fortunately, the Mutons were all the more prepared for any retailiations as a result.

125089 AK: Birth of the Artist of Cons

In an isolated space station in the rarely visited reaches of Racon System, there was born a Gruttlet apply named "Slimebag the Artist of Cons", son of Conso The Artison of Cons and his wife Gretta The Huge Bitch. Conso and Gretta were two of the biggest Grutt Crimelords of their day and the most infamousy remembered ones of all of Beta Universe in the era, but most of all, to the Racon-Rocan twin systems, espeically since the Rocan-Racon Birds take pride in having a safe, crime-free community, so word that Conso and Gretta are said to have taken residence in one of their twin systems made them understandably livid. Even more so that Conso is particularly infamous in the twin systems for holding a money laundering screme with a Pharcum partner and has commited massive amounts of fraud in the systems via a fake insurence scam operation. However, the scam would become unstable when a Racon-Rocan bird actselly did got into a serious accsident and a huge sum of money was needed to be paid. Thus, with the requirement unable to be paid, invesigators quickly got to work to dismantle Conso's operation, eventually leading to the arrests of Conso and Gretta as a result. Slimbebag as a Gruttlet was rescued by Gretta's trusted Pharcum bodyguard who she escaped during the raid. The Pharcum returned to Eta Universe with Slimebag and got him adopted by wiling Grutt parents. In time, Slimebag will learn of his parents' fate, and vow one day to settle a score with the Racon-Rocan Birds.

125098 AK: Vikor System Conquest

The Home system of the Vikoreans, who previously exspearienced a basic evolution that mostly went uneventual apart from decades of clan wars, came to be congured and own by what would become it's namesake race, the Vikoreans. The Vikors would become an infamous sort of trouble-makers down the line, espeically when the Bullarns would show up. The system was aptly claimed by the famous Vikor, Larp Darikson.

125101 AK: Bulliarn Usurp

The Bullarns arrived to Beta system to scout out potaintional terratory for future exploits of potaintional conquest. Though apart from a brief issue with the Fyrrhenoids, the Bullarns are both content, yet wildly bored, that the Beta universe would be a cake-walk. That was when a captive Fyrrheniod, during a torture session, exposed the Vikors. This gave them a serious oppertunity for a real challnage, and choice planets of reshorces unlike what they seen before. Thus, the Bullarns usurped the Vikors of their colonised planets and undone Larp Darikson's legacy, making QUITE of a sour first impression of outsiders beyond Vikor. And no shit the Vikors were not gonna take this lying down.

125102 AK: Bullarn-Vikorean War

After litterally a year of planning since the usurp, the Vikors went to the usurped planets of Eimergo, Xokker, Yusgard, and Dirdor, and hold no punches back when they charged at the Bullarn occupentions and slain many Bullarn soldiers there, even that of High Rankers. Even the son of the Then-Bullarn King, King Revengarrag, a Bullarn King infamous of over-the-top and violent revenges who shared the bloodline with the Bullarn King that ordered Mudgis' destruction, which was of a bloodline of absolute assuring of destruction of those that offend the Bullarns' power. And Revengarrag, was not a devient to the bloodline. In rage of the death of his son, he ordered for astro-lasers to attack the planets, causing wanton destruction, changing the planets forever. Though losses were heavy, the Vikors fought hard back and strong, either destroying their astro laser weapons or even hijacking some of them to use against Bullarn Fleets and other stations back. Revengarrag was getting annoyed with the Vikor's reselence and hopped aboard his own Astro Laser station, the aptly named "The Ka-Boomer", an Astro Laser said to would've been able to destroy suns, as Revengarrag would've used it to destroy the Vikor's suns, wiping the system out of existence. A Vikor Warhero, Biowoof, lead a small band of equilly strong Vikoreans, to invade the arriving station, slaying many of Revengarrag's elite soldiers, wounding Revengarrag and causing the Ka-Boomer to implode on itself into a small singularity that'll disappear out of existence, with Revengarrag taken with it, destroying the forever lost Super Astro Lazer for good, giving the Vikors a name to be infamous and respected across the AUU. It effectively ended the Bullarn-Vikorean War with Bullarn forces too desistated by the loss of Revengarrag to continue, forcing a retreat, as the Vikors won back their re-congured system.

125123 AK: Titans Project Declared

Back in Muton, for the longest while, Norm Socity has failed to do any serious damage to the Mutons capital city, aptly named Primordial Genesis. Presidents that had been elected since the Muton civil war had all promised the same thing, getting rid of the Mutons, but all failed the same. Then, came the election of a Giaian President, known as President Norm Al Dick, the most extreme of the norm-loyalists, has proposed the most major action against Mutons yet: He declaired that the goverment will begin the project to unveil the ultamate weapon: Titans, giant robots that are designed to be counter-active and immuned to the Mutons' powers, no less different then the X-Men's sentitals. President Norm was so confident in this project, that he issued a public broadcast onto the Muton capital to actselly blantently telling them that their days were numbered, as the Titans were promised to be an unstoppable force that will cleanse Gia of the Mutons, once and for all. This trumatised and scared mutons and their children alike, fearing for an unstoppable genoside that'll become their darkest hour. But fortunately, karma was on the Mutons' side, they just didn't know it yet.

125123 AK/2: Gia's Viral Collapse

During that same period, a bitter sciencetist that was a contender of Norm Al Dick, Dr. Teensy P. Enis, a lead reshurcher of creating bioweapons to try and kill Mutons, was angry that Norm got to be the one that gets all the glory while he is obscured, so he intends to one-up him by unleashing a virus he and other colledges had been making, named the Biostroyer, a virus he believed will kill off mutons faster then the time it would take to get a Titan ready to kill. Thus, in bum-rushing his exseapriment dispite other reshurchers warning that it may have problems, Teensy arrigantly released the virus into the world, figuring he just spelled death for Mutons. However, instead, the Biostroyer was attacking normals instead. The planet then began to suffer from an airborne disease that was attacking only normals while the mutants remain fine, not to say they weren't infected, but the disease was unable to survive in the mutated body of the mutants. This made the normals surprisingly believe that they were wrong to mistreat Mutons, to the confusion of the mutant communities and die-hard discriminators. As such, the entirety of the normal populous willingly chose to become Mutons and created a variety of difference forms, abilities, and even types of Mutons. It was enough that eventually the plague went extinct because of lack of available hosts. Now the discriminators, forming a secret community, hoped that this mutation craze is temporary now that the airborne disease is extinct, but thanks to a newly-elected pro-mutation corporatocratic governor named Doctor Mutagen who transformed his company of Genexski Mutagenics into a ruling megacorporation which protected and served well in a new way of life, that is not happening at all. As such, the Titan Project was rendered obsolete because releasing the machines now would basically mean destroying themselves as mutation became the 'new norm', cancelling production of the Titans completely and burying any completed ones and prototypes in places to never be found ever again. This left the remaining discriminators angry, bitter, and confused on why they were never infected by the airborne disease other than assuming cause of staying clear of formerly infected areas. To add insult to injury, the disease was revealed to have been created by normal scientists from normal companies, meant to actually destroy the mutant communities, but a reckless doctor released a flawed batch on a normal community instead where it only attacked normals and not the one or two Muton outcasts. The discriminator doctors were labeled as bioterrorists and arrested, followed by a death sentence for nearly destroying their own people, which was a fitting commupence for a jealious Teensy. It was the end of Gia, and the birth, of the planet Muton, and the start of tables being turned.

125201 AK: Fyrrhenoid Expansion

The Fyrrhenoids were finished scavinging the scraps of destroyed warships and astro lazer parts of the Bullarn-Vikorean war and long transformed the scrap into entirely their own tec, assending to their level now. Now the Fyrrhenoids had proceeded to expand and grow into the system, taking over their native system with ease, becoming a stronger force. Now the Fyrrhenoids intent to prove that they will not be the universes' bitches anymore. The Fyrrhenoids used to have an unglamerious history of being turned into slaves in BK times, which tragicly went unspoken cause slavery was still in a hayday and wasn't yet deemed immoral, and the Bullarns' mistreatment did not helped old scars. Now the Fyrrhenoids want to prove that they are a strong race, and to do this, they seek to go to war with the dominating races of the system, The Rocan-Racon Birds for their greater enfluence, The Mutons because of their newly-buildt signifigence, the Vikoreans cause of being the defacto threat to their would-be expansion, and that they're the closest, and then spread into all of Beta Universe after all is said and done, then pretty much do the same to the other Universes.

125209 AK: Fyrrhenoid-Vikorean War

The Fyrrhenoids got bold in their ambitions to prove they are not weak anymore and had aimed to declare war against the Vikoreans, to the Vikoreans bemused surprise. The Vikoreans were able to survive the worse of the Bullarns and destroyed their greatest weapons, they were not very impressed with the Fyrrhenoids' collection of recycled relics of the old war. But a wiser Vikorean elder warned that the system of Fyrry was larger then Vikor system, and that 8 years prior that the Fyrrhenoids took quick control of their native system, having process greater reshorces and chances to refine recycled weaponry, espeically when the planets of Vikor are scarred from the war and are limited in reshorces, making the Vikorean clan leaders basicly have an "Oh Shit" kind of realisation that it was not a laughing matter. Thus, the situation, was taken seriously, damn seriously. To the Vikoreans, their best chance for surviveal is to take over planets with new reshorces to at least have the war have a leveled playing field. But with the Neighbering systems behind Vikor being largely unfamiler, therefore unusable for the Vikors, their next best opition was the near-by planet of Archil, a barren mountainous planet tidally-locked to it's blue star that has grueling storms and is famous for it's global Mecca Henge, a complex of machines with no visible or detectable purpose, indicating it was meant for architecture. The Vikoreans believed that if they claimed that planet, they could use the mysterious structures for their own means and make new weapons for a new war. Issue is, the Fyrrhenoids had deminstraighted interest with the intermediate planet as well, thus the first sight of the war would be a planet litterally caught in the middle of it. Both sides fought in space AND in the planet fighting gruelingly against eachother, and the harsh elements of the planet itself. Thankfully, both sides took care to not have battles in the area of the structures, albeit because they want to be able to use them for their purposes and didn't wanted them damaged. The War had started and would continue to plague Groid for awhile.

125223 AK: Fyrrhenoid Invasion of the Taruni System

The Fyrrhenoids, having wealth and reshorces to spare, even in the midst of an ongoing war, desided to send excess forces not being used in the current war to go right ahead into the system of Taruni, and had rampaged and congured the systems, damaging them and changing their fates forever. The Fyrrhenoids quickly began to gather reshorces of the neightbering planets like no tomorrow.

125237 AK: The Meximus Campaign

The Fyrrhenoids only continued to march on after they got what they wanted from the other planets and moved on to Mexicus System, of which the Fyrrhenoids congured the three-planet system with the same mercyless force as they did to Taruni. However, in doing so, for Viceus espeically, it is only the starting point of a darker road from here.

125241 AK: The Invasion of Muton

The Fyrrhenoids skipped Innerus for not having anything worth a visit to them, and already began to invade and congure the first two planets of Plypso System, Viyphus and Plypso Major. Thus, the Fyrrhenoids arrived to their second biggest end-goal to prove their superiority, the Muton planet. But the Mutons were not of conventional beings like the Vikoreans. They were mutantions beyond basic understanding. So the Fyrrhenoids needed allies, and gotten it, with the secret norm socity ruled by secret socity president of the time, President Fuku, a particularly angry anti-Muton that has made the promise of turning Muton back into being Gia. Fuku made a deal with the Fyrrhenoids, take back the planet from the Mutons for them, and a resurged Gia will become allies in the Fyrrhenoids' aims to dominate Beta Universe, something that has made Fuku controverseal to even norms that REALLY hate the Mutons, of which they had deemed the Fyrrhenoids no better, fearing that getting rid of Mutons would be a small victory in compairison to being hated by all of Beta for asiding with it's would-be congurors. However, the immortal mutant, Dr. Mutagen, had forseen this invadtion and had prepared for it. Mutagen had recruited the Mutons of the planet to prepare for invaders that allied with the secret norm reminants and had threatened to return the world to Gia. Thus, the Mutons struck quick and struk hard first, attacking the Fyrrhenoid/Norm Allience at it's core and desistated it's soldiers, with Fyrrhenoids taking heavy losses while Norms were forced to cowerdly retreat, with the Mutons too well protected and durable to sustain any casualties. The Fyrrhenoids were getting too demoralised by the losing fight and began to retreat back into space, leaving Muton, and leaving the Norm Socititers with a tainted reputation to Mutons as traitors, never to be trusted again, and not subugated to the same discrimination the norms had brought to them.

125249 AK: Vikorean Push to Victory

The news of the Fyrrhenoids' defeat to the Mutons was very good news for the Vikors, though the oppisite for the Fyrrhenoids. Fyrrhenoid armies were demoralised by the loss of their comrades and a major serious defeat after doing so well. The Vikors used this to their advantaged, as they started to savatosh Fyrrhenoid bases, cutting off supplies and reinforcements, leaving current forces doomed to be overwealmed and taken down, Fyrrhenoid ships were being destroyed left and right, as Fyrrhenoids began to retreat from Archil, allowing the Vikors to score victory. They were so proude of their god fortune of a victory that they left Archil too, desiding that the planet deserves it's freedom after being dragged into their war. The Fyrrhenoids swore revenge and would regroup and rebuildt their forces to be better then before, promising to curb their ambitions next time and focus on one war at a time.

125769 AK: Blup Civil War

The planet of Bluppus Prime, home of aliens simular to the Battle Los Angeles Aliens, after decades of planetary peace, broke into civil war after a controverseal figure rose into power and tried to create a totalarian goverment in the planet. The figure, refered to outsiders as The Blup Dictator due to limited understanding of Blups since they haven't been able to speak Usabothian yet, lead a powerful and distructive regime that came to be feared and reckitnesed by even both the Vikors and the Fyrrhenoids, who were quietly preparing for the day the Blup Dictator would rise into power and win the civil war. The Civil War was long, violent and dark, and drasticly effected the planet in it's span. By the year of 125899 AK, A bold and aggressive assult by a Blup resistence force attacked the capital palace of the Blup Dictator. This bold assult was lead by a cosmicly enhanced Blup refered to as The Cosmic Blup by outsiders, again, cause of lack of understanding for Blup languise, which had been implied to know the truth of the mysterious structures in Archil that, based on a common but debated throey that the structures are actselly a home of cosmic entities that granted the Cosmic Blup an Infinity Gauntlet like weapon that erased the Blup Dictator out of exist, along side loyalists, apawn the Blup Dictator being cornered in the main hall of the capital in the midst of being evacuated when it was starting to look back. However, the Cosmic Blup was said to have left the planet immediately after that, reportedly cause the price of the power that the Cosmic Blup now must be one with the cosmic enities in the same structures, having been ensured that the Blups will be in good care of what the Universes desides then after. Alas though, the Blups would end up being in abit of a sticky situation before things would get better for them, and it would only be the start of rough times for the neightbering system of Isiis sometime down the line.

125900 AK: Isiis Prime Harvest

Only a year in since the infamous civil war, and the Blups are off to a rough start as their civilisation is still in ruins and the Cosmic Blup unable to provide for them due to having to honor a cosmic commitment. Thus, the Blups came under marshal law of the millsa and rebels that fought for freedom and reformed a new millaterry force that aims to repair their planet. With cosmicly dumb luck, the Blup Dictator's many warships that were for future invadtion plans were still in pristine condiction and are useable, along with plenty of Blup weaponry to use. Because it was deemed that the System of Isiis offered vastly more planets, that the Blups had deemed the many planets of it worthy of sacrivice and harvest for the sake of saving the Blups. The first planet to go, was the name-sake Isiis Prime, A planet that is the first in the system of a neutron star that provides little light, allowing mostly non-autotrophic organisms to dominate the planet. It's limited reshorces did not save the planet from being harvested by the troubled Blups that harvested what viable reshorces the planet has, redusing it to nothing in matter of days. All that remains of the planet is black barren wastelands and no water or life whatsoever. It was the first planet to fall in the Blups aims to stablised their native planet. At the cost of Isiis Prime's viability, the reshorces claimed gave Bluppus Prime brief relief, at least until the next harvest.

125910 AK: Iser Harvest

Iser was deemed next to be sacriviced to save Bluppus for harvest. It was once a moon-eqsed planet with a forest as beautiful and great as Endor, but the Blups desperate actions sucked the planet of it's reshorces dry to stablise Bluppus Prime. Though Iser was no longer a place worth bragging about, Bluppus' newfound forestry brought stablisation for the planet and allowed it to be more breathable, though the plants being able to handle Bluppus soil was a brief issue until sciencetists conbined plant genectics between Iser trees and whatever is left of native Bluppus plants. Obtained wildlife during the harvest lead to Iser's original creatures to face radical evolutionary changes into their adopted new home. At the time, this was deemed enough, though the Blup leaders choose to keep tabs on the other planets in an event of Bluppus relapsing as it has been theorised that the planet could still face risks of stablisation relapses.

125938 AK: Vikorean-Blup War

A Vikor scout warned the head leaders of what the Blups did to two of the Isiis planets in having harvested their reshorces and left them in ruined. Fearing that the Blups could be mindless planet harvesters, the Vikors declared war on the blups, as Vikor raid parties attacked Bluppus Prime and risked the planet's destablisation. Thankfully, before things got worsed, a Vikor sage saw that the Blups were only doing what they are doing to stablised the planet, who was able to cancel out future attacks and got the Vikors to swore off future raids, though a rogue clan tried to carry one, but was subsiquintly slain by the more prepared and quickly retaliating Blups. The Vikors desided to stay clear of the Blups ever since. Though the war was thankfully not as intense as it should've been, it still risked the planet nearly being back to square one, ergo, another Harvest was planned in advanced.

125990 AK: The Second Muton Civil War

Going back to the Mutons, ever since the Fyrrhenoid invadtion, seniments between Mutons and Normals had only soured from this point on. In prior events, a Muton Assassin assassinated Fuku sometime after the Fyrrhenoids had ran off. This lead to the election of the Norm President, President A. Ssmuncher, an even more anti-Muton extremest and a reknown warhawk. Ssmuncher had been secretly housing a collection of left behind Fyrrhenoid soldiers and had kept them around for many years, breeding stronger Fyrrhenoids from them, exspearimenting with super-soldier seriums, and exspearimenting with Anti-Mutantion guns that normalises Mutons. Thus, Ssmuncher became the secret founder of the extremeist group Gia's Rebirthers, Ssmuncher's secrert Fyrrhenoid Super-Soldier army meant to be misdirected as vengeful left-behinds having managed to make themselves stronger, and to aggro the Mutons to accuse Norms of trying another shot of helping the invaders take over Muton, trying to aggrovate already bad cases of Muton discriminating Norms to encourage absolute loyalty in a time where people appresiating being normal was waning. However, though Muton spies discovered the truth and exposed Ssmuncher's bullshit, Ssmuncher, apawn facing impeachment, only went berserk and usurped the Norms own goverment and formed a dictatorship with the Rebirthers as his army, ruling the demoralised Norms with an iron fist, and cruelly tortured desenters and criticisers. Either way, this invoked another civil war, but this time, it was to save the norms from their own corrupted system. Doctor Mutagen was already ahead of the game and created a protective serium that'll protect Muton armies from being normalised. Thus, though the battle was still fierce, the Muton forces were able to fight back against the Fyrrhenoid super-soldiers, even swaying moral defectors into the case, even teaming up with Norm Resistence that began to adopt limited versons of conventional Muton powers to now rebel against the growingly tainted Giaian ideals ruined by idiot after idiot. The battle eventually lead to a final assult on the capital of the stragnent Norm terratory, where Ssmuncher, no longer so confident, resided and hid cowerdly fearing his fate. Just as the Mutons broke inside the capital, Ssmuncher took the cowerd's way out and killed himself with poison, being found dead in the office by the Muton soldiers. The capital building was burned down to destroy Ssmuncher's secret lab and all recipes related to what he had done. The defected Fyrrhenoid and ex-norm rebelers were accepted as new mutons and had long sense evolved into Muton legacy in due time, while the norms were decreased in population and faith in the old ways of Gia got even more crumbly.

126001 BBCE: Slimebag's Scamming Revenge

Returning to Slimebag ever since the arrest of his parents, Slimebag had long since grew up to be a reknown con artist and has held up residence in the planet of Viceus, having came there after he was old enough to enter the Grutt tradition of crime, and gained quick reckitnition as a con artist of a Grutt. However, the desendent of the female Pharcum that saved him all the years back, Boaria, served both as the closest to any real friend Slimebag had, a protector, and even had abit of a quiet crush on him, though because Grutts are refered more as a race to respect by the Pharcums because of their rescue by a sagely Grutt, the prospect of a romance was deemed, awkword. However, Slimebag was approuched by an old Grutt named Olddkan the REALLY Fucking Old, who reveiled himself as his grandfather, and father of the now late Gretta, who she and Conso died at prison to Gruttibeties, who explained that Slimebag had the legacy of being the netourious scammers of the Racon-Rocan twin systems, reveiling Slimebag's past. Driven by revenge of knowing the truth of his late parents, Slimebag accepted his inheritence of being the new leader of his Grutt Clan in discovery that Olddkan is expected to die of old age soon after many eras of being alive. And Slimebag entered the family business in a big-way: By offering the mother of all scams between new grutt friends and lost relitives. The first step was hiring Vikorean, Fyrrhenoid, and outsider Pharcum mercenaries for one thing: Chasing out the Racon-Rocan Birds. The combined forces chased the Rocan-Racon natives and retreated into Rocan, while Racon was completely taken over by Slimebag, who assended to the title, The Boss of Racon. Racon became a center of crime ever since, to the sadness of the Racon-Rocan Birds, made worse by the invention of an illegit treaty created by Slimebag to discourage outsider intervention, using the twin-systems' obscurity to make it look as if Racon always belonged to the Grutts, with Slimebag also ensuring to hide away prior traces of Racon-Rocan Bird civilisation to prevent conflicting evidence. Slimebag was sure to see a stable rule.... But it was not without challnages.

126011 BBCE: Racon Gang Wars

Not all of Slimebag's family were receptive to his greatest scam. His "Dear" Uncle, Scumbaggus the Scumbag, was angry that he lost "His Rightful Place" as clan leader to "some hotshot" who's playing a dangerious game usurping an entire system for petty revenge and had aimed to take away Slimebag's power. Thus, Scumbaggus cohersed outsider mercenaries to represent his interests and began attacking Slimebag's forces, even having murdered Boaria, just when the two became fiances. This ignited into a gang war as Slimebag's and Scumbaggus' thugs and crooks went out to full-fledge crime war, which distrupted Slimebags' and other family members and friend grutts' various operations, even leading to some of them to pick sides, either being Slimebag loyalists or were swayed to join Scumbaggus. The Gang War ended up getting Freelance Law Enforcer attention and lead to alot of arrests of Grutts on both sides of the war, and many Pharcums and mercs alike to be either arrested or killed. The Gang War finally ended with Slimebag was able to use this new problem to his advantage and anonamously exposed Scumbaggus' location, which lead to his arrest and that of suriving members of his merc gang. Slimebag was then able to rally up Grutts that stayed behind him and welcomed back those that defected to Scumbaggus and avoided arrest to rebuild what the Gang War ruined. However, the Gang War, ended up aggrovating the neightbering Racon-Rocan Birds of the outrage of a gang war in what was once one of their systems. Tidings between the twin systems turned sour ever since.

126209 BBCE: Muton Landing of Drade

This was the period where Mutons entered the space age after many years of exspearimenting with reminant Fyrrenoid ship tec and established space travel and would spread into the rest of the Plypso system, though of any of the other worlds, Drade was the one of interest. This world used to be a colony of the extinct Teadr 1 Uridians until a volcanic cataclysm caused them to abandon the planet, leaving all their civilizations behind to be recovered by the Mutons, as they were able to make the planet a viable world and scientific capital for Genexski Mutagenics, Muton being it's birth capital as they studied mutative genetics and made a living researching in this field.

126299 BBCE: Recognus Harvest

After decades of planning, and not a moment too soon when reported signs of relapse on Bluppus' stablity are noticed, the Blups targeted the next planet in Isiis: Recognus. However, this is where serious problems would occure: The Planet is a Cesect colony with communites, from Cesectus Prime, which prior before the race went through a quiet and uneventful evolution and only in this period had they entered Teadr 2. The Blups, desiding that they also need to resolve a recent decreasing population problem, and with a recent advent of race-conversion tec that'll turn Non-Blups into Blups, the Cesects were accepted as reshorces as well, though only a particular selection. Others are either chased off or killed, which either way lead to a forceful usurp of the planet which lead to Recognus to be harvested then afterwords of naterol reshorces, then drained of it. This had shaken up the Cesects of the main planet and opened up fear-sentiment of Blups, which only continued to get worse.

126300 BBCE: Ocua Harvest

In immediate respondse to the planet entering a drought based on it's still iffy stablity, the Blups quickly targeted Ocua. It was once an ocean planet until the Blups came and used speicalised ships to collect the oceans enmass to stablise Bluppus Prime. The process redused Ocua into a dry and salty dust ball, but it's oceans halted the drought and gave the Blups water, along with introdused sea life that faced radical changes as well. This event only intensifived Cesect fears of Blup invadtions, espeically since the Blups can't be understood for their reasoning. Though the Cesects were lucky that Ocua would be the last harvested planet in awhile, but it was only a brief relief as it's only a matter of time before the next problem happens to the Blups that invokes another harvest.

126356 BBCE: Time of the Grime Mafia

Slimebag would end up facing another situation, this time with a rival Grutt Clan. This being..... The Grime Mafia, who were old enemies of Slimebag's clan. The leader of the Grimes, Grimeus the Grimey, had desired long awaited revenge onto Slimebag's family for cheating him out of the hand of Gretta. Thus, a Grutt Gang War was ignited being done out by Pharcum enforcers and hired outsider assassins and hitmen. Grutt Family members of each side died in the skirmish, mansions were blown up, crossfire casalties were staggering. What crossed the line and forced a near Racon-Rocan Bird Invadtion was when Grimeus blew up a valued Racon-Rocan Monument dedicated to the twin system's founder because a key Grutt member of Slimebag's clan, Cashgrab the Greedmonger, Slimebag's wealthy 8-times removed distent cousin, happened to be in it in a bid to weaken Slimebag's wealth and cause Pharcums on his side to start defecting. However, this would prove to be a mistake when following this incident, just as when Grimeus was looking forword to hear about defecting Pharcums cause of faultering pay, Racon-Rocan Bird Cops invaded the place Grimeus was hiding out in, killed alot of Pharcum enforcers and that of present outsider assassins, and captured Grimeus and what was left of the Grime Mafia. Grimeus and his remaining clan members were fed to Apex Predators in the Miarena Rocan-Racon Grand Collosium as punsihment. Though Slimebag's group still suffered from being crippled from Cashgrab's death, but it was something Slimebag was prepared to recover from with help from some enfluencing figures at the time. Slimebag did became more cautious of messing with Racon-Rocan relics and monuments however, knowing too well of what happened to the Grime Mafia.

126789 BBCE: Attack of the Normies

Muton had long great peace ever since the second the Second Muton Civil War, and Mutons had continued to thrive while normals barrely still have the small populations they had. Even for all the time that allowed the normals to rebuild the stagnent numbers they had currently maintained, the norms are ruled by bitterness that the ways of Gia is long dead at this point, or at the least unviaitable as Mutons are pretty much the dominant majority that surpassed any challnage presented to them. One such of this stagnated minority, Clark Equilson, after being bullied by sore-winner Muton Bullies that have no humility about the Mutons successions over the old Giaians, basicly snapped inside and turned dark. He managed to find the slightly destroyed labs of Ssmuncher's, managed to recover a secretly stored backup cases of Super Soldier Serium stored in a hidden fridge, and injected the serium onto himself, and gained super-soldier abilities, becoming "The Equillibiator". With his newfound abilities, he began to cohersing other norms to form a new extremeist group known as The Normies. The normies recovered surviving weapons of the second civil war and began to attack and demutify Mutons! Dr. Mutagen was surprised by this, but was prepared to respond against Equilson by unveiling the ultamate Muton Protector: Mutageneration, a titanic giant mutantion that restores Mutons of their glory, while turning threat-maker norms into Mutons themselves. As such, the Mutageneration over-wealmed the Normies, turning members into Mutons, with reminants ditching Equilson out of fear, as Equilson was doomed to be Mutonised, of which the Muton Chemicals conflicted with the Super-Soldier serium and turned him into an unsentient mutanted mess of his former glory. The creature died shortly after and is locked up in Dr. Mutagen's labatory to this day. Ssmuncher's lab was destroyed absolutely this time around as Muton soldiers raided the place again and destroyed it so hard, the building ruins are now nothing but a large pile of dust. However, even with the Normies gone, Norm and Muton relations are once again at soured levels, this time, Mutons will soon start to see their fellow Mutons no longer in harmony with Muton's peaceful ways.

130000 TPE: The New Fyrrhenoid Campaign

The Fyrrhenoids once again attempt another aim at proving that they are not weak and re-declared war against the Vikoreans. This time, the Fyrrhenoids are more curbed in ambition and will pay all undevided attention to the Vikoreans, which is bad news to the Vikoreans, not helping that this time they live in the era where they are ruled by a lazy incompident egoist of a chief who doesn't take the Fyrrhenoids new campaign seriously and was confident they will triumpth once more. Alas, fate was crueler to the Vikoreans this time as the more focused Fyrrhenoids proved more harsher then ever as the Vikoreans are over-realmed, losing their planets and personhood to the Fyrrhenoids, a horrorable failure reminisent to when the Bullarns had done it. Now, the Fyrrhenoids are free to resume their intended plan of spreading to the entirity of Groid with the Vikoreans no longer a serious issue.

130100 TPE: Fyrrhenoid-Blup War

The Fyrrhenoids invaded the Blup homeworld and began attacking the planet, which compromised it's stability and freaked out the Blups. The Fyrrhenoids choose to go after the Blups next because their planet harvesting made them the second biggest concern behind the Mutons and Racon-Rocans, the first being the already congured Vikoreans. However, this would prove to be a costly mistake, as this invoked the Cosmic Blup's attention, who under permission of the Cosmic Powerians in reckitnesing his blight, the Cosmic Blup basicly desimated the Fyrrhenoid armies, and wiped away prime generals out of existence, even having destroyed a Super-Astro Laser being geared against him with only a gentle poke of his pinky finger. Encouraged Blup forces began fighting the reminance away as a full-skale retreat occured. The Cosmic Blup left once again before any Blup had a chance to talk to him, thus leaving the Blups still without his guidence, and to the feared dismay of the Cesects, even more plans of Harvest. Luckly, the attack wasn't bad enough to invoke anything yet, but Cesects were not any more eased of the concern.

130101 TPE: Vikorean Insurrection

The Oppertunistic Vikoreans heard about how badly the Fyrrhenoids lost to the Blups, though are skeptical about certain details of a cosmic super-being's involvement, and saw the Fyrrhenoids losing confidence once again as a perfect chance to retake their planets back! This time, they went as far to recruit Muton aide and gained Racon-Rocan support in a coup to make sure it'll be the end of the Fyrrhenoids pulling these kind of stunts ever again. Thus having formed The Groid Coup D'etat, this movement would see the crumble of the Fyrrhenoids hold on Vikor System and in the time, curb their ambitions for good. Their target is the surviving Prime General of the new campaign, General Eyeayayay Stalks, a now growing paranoid madman obcessed with the Cosmic Blup after he narrowly avoided being wiped from existence, though he still lost an arm that crumbled to dust that had to be replaced with a prostectic. The growing mad general didn't helped the moral of the faultering and less compident soldiers as it is, but his fall would break the camels back for Fyrrhenoids' latest campaign. In thanks to well-placed stragity, Eyeayayay eventually fell to the Vikor war hero Mighthorn, who's ansistery fought the Fyrrhenoids before and even had a place in the Bullarn war. Surviving Fyrrhenoids retreated from the planets, and Vikorean rule was restored. The Groid Coup De Gra dissolved following this victory.

132020 TPE: Taruni System Collapse

In a long time coming ever since the Fyrrhenoids first invaded, the Taruni system had begun to collapse from the damage first brought by their invadtion many years prior. Dispite the goverments best efferts to maintain stability, the system finally broke into anarchy and it's planets began breaking into crime. Though while the majority of the planets simply became criminal centrals and it was the worse that came from them, Yinelex ended up being the world that took it a step beyond just becoming lawless as Patriarchal Fanactics used the chaos to get quick control of Yinelex to found "Devine Purity", a frightenly rape apologist religen that pardons the act as part of the devines grand plan, but really it's an excuse to justify devoling Yinelex back into a male-dominated planet, where the group engaged in other rogue relijustus hijinks like abusing atheists and threatening ensured devine damnation for so much as criticising them. Thus, Yinelex was isolated, not just from the other lawless planets of the same system, but even beyond Groid as a whole for this madness.

132020 TPE/2: Viceus Reborn Into Crime

Within the same year of the Taruni Collapse, Viceus, the planet that was the worse victim of the Fyrrhenoids' Meximus campaign, was already beginning to fall down into the path of Lawlessness even before this point. But law enforcement was still strong enough that the planet entered marshal law trying to crack down on crime, deviding the planet between lawfulness and lawlessness. But then, came the arrival of the rogue aging Vikorean warlord that was exiled from his clan for having threaten a usurp on the leading clans. This warlord, Lord Anarchius, came to the criminal side of Viceus and enticed them with the promise of being rid of the lawside in return for loyalty. Thus, Anarchius lead the invadtion and take over of Viceus and transformed it completely into an absolutely lawless world. Though Anarchius was assassinated by Law Absolutists in revenge, Viceus still came to be the crime capital of Groid ever since, which earned Slimebag's endorsement, even having opened up crime casinos in it.

134090 TPE: Rise of Genervada

Even with the extremeist attack of the Normies being considered retro history, Muton had still saw the rise of Mutons growing more and more discriminatory to normals because of how often Normals were the shorce of all woes ever since the beginning, from teaming up with the Fyrrhenoid invaders, causing a second civil war, to forming a de-mutantion faction via messing with the very war weapons that were involved. A muton espeically annoyed by the Normals' continued dark actions is one who was capable to malitulate magnetic polarity, named Master Magnetus, who as a toddler was a victim of an attack by the Gia Rebirthers that turned his parents into overtly mutanted conjointed freaks that had to be kept contained in Dr. Mutagen's lab ever since. Magnetus, being one of the long-living Mutons, grew up hating normals for what they had done, and cause of this hatred, he rose into popularity with Mutons that were victims of the Normies and began to become loyal to his ideals. After having lost an election with Dr. Mutagen because thankfully Magnetus was pretty much a minority, he and his followers left the contentent to form a new country in the distent island of Vada. But Magnetus had re-named it Genervada, where it grew into becoming a normal hating area where normals are treated like vermin and are subugated to practices simular to Alberta's rat exterminating exploits. It didn't helped that the island was initionally the home of natives that for many years had stayed normal and never felt the effect of what occured in the continent. They were helplessly massicured by the Mutons under Magnetus. Dr. Mutagen was horrorfived of this occuring when recon agents had reveiled this. Dr. Mutagen had declaired Genervada an enemy of Muton's peace and something that'll only encourage more hardships, of which Mutagen was proven right when Mutons were devided to groups, Mutons loyal to the peaceful ways, and those that came to hate Normals for what they had done. And it's not even saying about the Normals being up at arms at what Magnetus had done and began to have sour feelings about Mutons again.

135001 TPE: The Genervada War

In all of it's long span of existence, Genervada had went off to become a dark place. Attacks on fragmented normal communites, useage of consintraction camps on normals, the destruction of anichent Giaian culture or anything the normals still held dear, even the exicution of valued sages and figures of the Normals because Genervada had feared they would repeat the same things Clark and Ssmuncher had did before. But what ultamately broke the camel's back was Genervada's greatest threat to revive Enis' virus to release onto the planet to kill off the normals once more, deeming them to be "Evolution's Deadends", finally forcing Dr. Mutogen to declare war on Genervada and have Mutons fight eachother for the first time, leading to the Genervada war, as a harsh and tragic battle was held in the isolated island, forever becoming the Mutons' ugliest hsitoric scars since their inception. Occupantion bases were planted throughout the island's coasts, surrounding the kingdom to better close in on Magnetus. In the process of the battles, the once beautiful island gotten scarred by the battles of the war, effecting the once beautiful island with mutantion chaos, forever effecting the spieces of the island many years down the line.

135902 TPE: The Raid of Fort Magnetus

In a period where war fatque was setting in, Genervada became an island a far-cry from itself. It's cities laid in ruins, lives forever lost or ruined, as the final battle would be expected to take place at Fort Magnetus, Magnetus' stronghold and the site of his last stand. The Fortress was well protected by Genervada's strongest Mutons, ready to fight for Magnetus even at a great cost, as the mainland forces would make a final strike against Genervada's defience. The Raid of Fort Magnetus would occure, and it was the bloodiest battle of an already violent conflict. Soldiers of each side had died or were seriously wounded from the battle. And it not got easier when Magnetus joined the frey and did not hold back his powers on the Mainland forces in the slightist. Master Magnetus fought for awhile, but was finally overwealmed and taken down by the mainland forces, disbaning Genervada's kingdom for good. Dr. Mutogen sentenced Magnetus to be encased in silver, and the statue to be buried in a spot unknown in Genervada to avoid his return. But the Mutons are still long ways to go to heal what has been done.

135999 TPE: Era of Fear

The end of the 135000's was the era of fear for the Cesects, who fear that one day the Blups will have another dishastor happen into Bluppus Prime, which will encouraged the feared "Cesectus Prime Harvest", thus the Cesects had a phenominon simular to the Red Scare of earth, refered to as "The Blup-Fear Fest", where the Cesects live in paranodia that after what had happened to the planet, they fear that their native planet will be next on the menu for Harvest, fearing for extinction or at the least the miserable life of space vagabonds. As a result, this would become the year were great and giant evacuation ships would see defeluptment in thanks to that fear. Politicions of these times often used the Blups as political weapons, often stating crazy political scares by saying their oppendents are a traitor to their people and are secret allies to the Blups, or even are Blups in disguise for a cockamainy claim that the Blups are planning another harvest without their planet being compromised first as a preventive measure of another crisis. It was also the era of VERY dirty political mud-slinging, as often canidates with contuditory views to their rivals are often forever tainted by being branded as a Blup ally or even a Blup in disguise cause of this fear. Thus, politicions favored by monopolious corperations and millatery/enforcement groups are favored over those that side with unions or rights/anti-war groups because the favored politcions are immuned to unrelated slander and scandels while their oppendents are automaticly damned to shit reputations because of lacking powerful friends. The Era of Fear would continue well beyond this period up until the time of the AB eras.

140000 TPE: The Racon-Rocan War on Crime Begins

The Rocan-Racon Birds had grew tired of Slimebag's abuse of one of their twin systems, along with all the lawlessness that infest the entirity of groid, so not only did they declared war on Slimebag's illegal occupation of one of their systems, but onto systems like Zelila-Fiviben, Meximus and Taruni as the nearest shorces of rampent crime. Thus, the Rocan-Racon Birds formed an allience with distent neightbers like the lawyer race of the Crinkuts, the Mutons because of shared interests to reduse potaintional risks to Muton, The Bamboons due to their own interests to prevent the risk of pouching criminals always find themselves into doing, The Cesects because during their Era of Fear of the Blups, they fear that criminal activity could somehow damage the Blups serious enough to risk a harvest, and even the Vikoreans because the Rocan-Rocans deemed the Viks a much needed ally after how well they handled the Fyrrhenoids and the Bullarns in previous conflicts. Though the Cesects are hesitant to work with the Vikors due to how their attack on the Blups triggered a harvest, and the Crinkuts are weary of them because Anarchius was a Vokor that kept Viceus in anarchy, but the Vikors insisted that Anarchius was an exiled rogue and not representive of the races' desires, while the Blup Insodent was when the Vikors were of a different mindset and had insisted they kept away from them since. Otherwise, keeping the peace and reducing crime proved more impourent then old wounds, thus the group, The Groid Orderists, had began.

140012 TPE: The Order Crusade of Taruni

The Orderists' first move was onto the system of Taruni. The System that was deemed the worse victim of the actions of the Fyrrhenoids. The Orderists arrived to Eritir, and found a still lawful city in a planet rampent with criminal corruption. The Orderists began supplying the one lawful city with better weapons and gear to better fightout lawlessness, of which this tec began to cirulate to other lawless cities, kicking off the Lawful fight against crime in Eritir. In such, Eritir's people joined the Orderists for their next task in Giber, a planet that suffered from criminals using it as a hideaway planet, which often lead to bad first impressions from the native populus, thus the Orderists and Eriter forces established patrol bases to hunt for these outlaws in what is named "Operation: Outing Outlaws", an effort to clean Giber of it's criminal residence, resulting in common arrests and raids onto the hideaway of various criminal gangs across Groid and even from beyond Groid. It even lead to a fanactical group of rogue Bullarn colonists that been there since the Vikor's war with them as they were plotting to ignite a new war, leading to the crumble of their operation. Then the process repeats for Siregu and Oepratix. Yinelex would be deemed too "Currently Unfixable as of now" in cause of it's rape apologist religen being the heavist issue of the planet, being labeled as a world to be fixed "For Last" when the Orderists would become strong enough to tackle it and other heavily lawless worlds in Groid.

140019 TPE: The Orderist Campaign of Meximus

With Taruni placed on the Orderists' desired path of recovery, Meximus was next. At this point, the Orderists' rise did not go un-noticed by Slimebag, who made sure the crime lords of Meximus, espeically those of Viceus, were warned of the Orderists' "Genoside of Crime" and attempts to return law in the lawless. Thus, the Crime Synicates of Viceus joined with those that run Aegis and Ougber, forming The Anarchists of Meximus Allience, AMA in abridgement. With Slimebag personally benufacting AMA, the Anarchists were supplied with a private Pharcum and rogue Vikorean exile army to be of even match with the Orderists army of Enforcers from Eritir and lawful Vikorean warriors. AMA proved to be a more dangerious adversary for the Orderists and feared invadions of organised crime onto Taruni and beyond! However, then came Human Colony Ships that were arriving in Groid. The Orderists heard of the Humans from the Naurodan insodent of 125000 AK. They heard about how they won the right of accsidently-granted Naurodan tec dispite how powerful Magistraight Rules was and thus remained at their current level. Before AB times, Humans were a wildly exspearimental race, the Universes had devided opinions on them, some positive, negitive, mixed, or yet to be desided. Still, the Orderists do see that the Humans could become powerful allies if they were able to push the Naurodans into letting them have their current status, where otherwise the Naurodans were tecnologically formable in having been able to curb the Vezzericks' imperial power many times before. The Orderists sent Rocan-Racon Bird representive Racco-Kocaco to get to the human colonists and invite them to meet the other Orderists. The Humans kept cautious in light of previous rough encounters with the Naurodans, which as of this time they are still bitter torwords and was not yet the time of Mone Ortinuss. Fortunally, Racco was a very charasmatic person and won the Humans over when he learned that it just so happens the Humans had yet to find a suitable planet and had prior rough encounters with local space bandits and highwaymen, winning them over by saying he represents a group that is out to ease these problems in that they stem from Lawless Worlds, further winning them over that in return for helping cleaning up Aegis and Ougbar of corruption, they would be allowed to colonise those two planets. The Human Commodores and Colonists leaders agreed to help, happy to meet friendly faces and a chance to get new homes, alongside being offered a chance to make Groid a safer place for a new generation. Thus, Humans were invited to join the Orderists.

140019 TPE/2: The Battle of Aegis.

The strongest arm the AMA had was Aegis, controlled by the toughest criminal syndicates that operate in Gladiator Hunting, the strongest of these was the syndicate owned by Fyrrhenoid crimelord Baron Eye-Huntzx, called the Aegisian Hunters Conglomerate, the largest and strongest of these syndicates that dabble in gladiator hunts. On top of the Baron holding his share of Slimebag's donated Pharcum and rogue Vikorean army, Huntzx also possessed a large menagerie of gladiator hunters that have alot to lose if the Orderists take Aegis, and thus were prepared to fight for their hunting grounds. The Baron even had the twisted idea of using caged Gladiozonts meant for hunting sport to be turned into war animals to be used against the Orderists. While the Vikorean Warriors and Eritir enforcers would be the basic bulk of the army, the Human Colonists, for their smaller numbers, were utilized like commandos and worked best of espionage and savatosh. The Human Commanders savatoshed the training of the Gladiozonts and caused them to break free and attack their trainers and escape into the wilds of Aegis, while the main Orderist forces fought the main forces! His plans failing, Huntzx tried to escape to a ship that would've taken him to the safety of Viceus, but the Human Commandos intersected and cornered the baron, leading to his arrest and a first major strike against AMA, crippling their millaterry prowess. Surviving and/or unarrested fighters fled the planet, as did some of the less strong gladiator hunt groups, save for a brave view that opened up holdout operations that fought off Orderist and Human operations, which thus, Aegis became a human millaterry colony. The Orderists would be seen as a shining beacon of hope for Groid against the rampage of crime.

140019 TPE/3: The Ougbar Skirmish

The Orderist confrontation of Ougbar was a slightly more difficult task. The planet was under the rule of Slimebag's Grutt colledge and friend, Yuckyuck the King of Mafias, who was AMA's impourent financial shorce, AND the bearer of the largest space defense fleet made of recycled and stolen warships from past wars that protect both it and Viceus from easy direct invasion even with the capture of Aegis. Along with this, Ougbar was a training ground site for Yuckyuck's own Pharcum army, which when joined with Slimebag's donated forces and remnants from the Aegis forces, Yuckyuck was aiming to build an army of criminals that potinationally, ontop of taking back Aegis, could be a rampant unstoppable army of crime. The Orderists desired to halt that. Thus began the big space battle over Ougbar against the space fleet run by Yuckyuck's best Pharcum, Snort-Axezer, a very proud Pharcum space naval master of his time. Once more, while the main forces contend with Snort's space forces, Human Commandos were once again utilized, a squad managing to born Snort's capital ship, fighting through ship crew members and other staff whilst savatoshing the prime ship, damaging it and disabling it's shielding, leaving the command bridge open to attack, in which a fighter bomber shot a missile and destroyed the command, with Snort on it, throwing the forces to disarray, causing some ships to retreat while others got destroyed in the battle. Then the Ground invasion of Ougbar commenced, meeting a rough and aggressive battle with Yuckyuck's army head-on. In the Meantime, Yuckyuck decided that it would help AMA more to retreat to Viceus where it's safe so he can be able to rebuild forces from there under Slimebag's suggestion. Once more, Human commandos were utilized as they broke into Yuckyuck's palace and destroyed his personal escape ship and other vessels, leaving Yuckyuck stranded here and doomed to capture apawn Orderist forces arriving and capturing his palace, with Yuckyuck helpless to capture, leading to arrest. The Orderist forces have greatly crushed Yuckyuck's army and that of other forces, leaving only a stagnant few retreating to Viceus. With Viceus itself too heavily strong to be so easily fixed and treated with the same treatment as Vinelex to be attended to later, Ougbar was turned into a human colony as promised by the Orderists. The Humans had proved their grit with the Orderists and would continue to be valued allies for the Orderists. Meanwhile, AMA has been crippled and Viceus is trapped to a pincher lock by Orderist forces, keeping criminals stuck there.

140020 TPE: The Erubes Fights

During the fights in Aegis and Ougbar, the human colonists also got to planets not related to the conflict like Erubes. A stormy desert planet that is so close to its red dwarf, the moisture of these intense storms which comes from the cycle of hot mornings and cold nights doesn't last too long. The planet has no biota, but it was one of the humans' best moisture farm colonies. Despite no oxygen, the planet has a stable environment to live on. However, after the battles with Ougbar and Aegis, Slimebag and a collection of Viceus representatives were not happy about AMA being a brief-lived defense group for Meximus and had aspired for revenge against the Human Meddlers that aided the Orderists. Thus, Slimebag decided to hire the infamous Bullarn Mercenary, A'moomu the Monsterious, to lead his Pharcum and Rogue Vikorean forces to attack Erubes, which is deemed a vulnerable planet. Though A'moomu does not have the greatest relations with the Pharcum and Rogue Vikorean forces due his race's prior bad blood with them both, A'moomu proved himself too dangerious for smack-talk and forced co-operation. A'moomu's forces invaded the colony and did damage to the moisture farms. However, this forced Orderist intervention and for Orderist to worked with riled up Human Milias of angered moisture farmers to fight back against A'moomu's forces, of which due to A'moomu pushing them too hard, resulted in the forces to retreat and abandon the attack because A'moomu could not resist living up to his namesake. A'moomu was eventually slain after he made an aggressive final stand after the forces retreated. It was another painful loss for Crime in Groid, which made Slimebag realize that he needs to fight the Orderists at their own game.

140028 TPE: Slimebag's Meeting.

Slimebag called and invited various impourent figures interested to fight back the Orderists: Yinelex's Leader at the time and biggest figure of the deplorable "Devine Purity", Pope D'eplorius, the then Viceus President, President Cor R, Uptos, the Fyrrhenoid representative, Embassy Representative Nastos, Zelila Prime prime leader, Governor U. Surpist, Nastrade leader Prime Minister Dumas I. Diot, Bountra leader Bountus Nimmus, or under the title of The Bounty Boss, Hesmoiphus "Leader" in a way, Representer Anarchoson, key Thibbyx and Imirena leaders, Bossman Kuluza Reed and Mr. Standson Gamble, A non-Muton normal and representative of yet another anti-Muton movement, The Norm Revolution, named Vermont Normson, the Vokorean separatist Horno Basturdson, and finally, a Blup who had an ancestry with The Blup Dictator, referred to as The Blup Ruiner, a Blup with a translator device that allowed him to speak English via semi-perfect translations who desires to seek out the cosmic blup to get revenge. Together, the group founded The Disorders of Groid. A Criminal Enterprise Alliance that would fight off the Orderists. In that time, the Orderists were finally faced with a serious threat.

140039 TPE: The Bluppus Prime Threat.

The Disorders' first move was for the Blup Ruiner to hold an ultimatum: Using a recycled Astro Laser from Bullarn/Vikoran War times to threaten Bluppus Prime and use it to damage the planet once more, threatening another harvest, unless the Cesects leave the Orderists. To prove he wasn't bluffing, he used the weapon against a wayword Asteroid, destroying it, proving his intent and capability. Thus, the Cesect representative in the Orderlists had no choice to be resigned, wanting to prevent the threat of the Blup Ruiner causing a Blup Harvest of the Cesect homeworld. The Cesects were a key part of the Orderists in terms of propaganda and presentation, and now they were crippled. Fortunately, the Blup Ruiner got his wish of getting the Cosmic Blup's attention alright, but it resulted in him and the Astro Laser being erased from existence, forever leaving a mystery to everyone of what happened to the Blup Ruiner. Still, the Cesects would not take chances and still kept out of the Orderists as a result. The Rocan-Racons would take over Propaganda and Presentation Operations as a result, though the Orderists are still crippled from the Cesects leave.

140048 TPE: Horno's Rampage.

Next, was Horno Basturdson, with a legion of rogue Vikoreans, would begin to attack his people's own planets, causing an invasion of exiles, resulting it to require the Vikoreans' full attention. Alas, The Vikorean chief decided that in order to face down Bastudson, the Vikoreans have to leave the Orderists in order to dedicate all resources to fight the exile invaders, resulting in the Orderists to be without their great muscle after how much they had helped the Orderists win fights. While the Orderists can still rely on Eriter enforcers and humans, the Vikors were the strongest forces, and losing their membership was devastating. Fortunately, throughout the period, the Vikors would do well in dealing with their dirty laundry, even in a final battle in the Greyfields where Horno Basturdson was slain in a final climactic duel. Alas, even then, the Vikors would still stay clear of the Orderists, as a new chief that arose in the time decided that the Vikors are only for themselves now.

140051 TPE: The 3rd Muton Civil War

Vermont wasted no time in causing the 3rd Muton Civil War by causing a powerful uprising utilizing the isle of Genervada and using the weapons of the Mutons of Genervada, giving the norms an actual fighting chance against the Mutons. Vermont even went so far as to revive an old Titans factory and began to produce a Titan Army. This forced the Muton representative to have to leave the Orderists as well because Dr. Mutogen declared a hands-on-deck emergency and forced all Mutons to fight the new civil war. Thus, the Orderists' science arm was lost, of which the humans had eased discovering the Yateron colony of Scion XIV, which thankfully the Yateron Colonists agreed to help because it was occurring during the truce between their own conflict troubles with the Vyrans and that of their Yurun neighbors who volunteered to help when they heard there was trouble for the Orderists, though because this was between distant colonies it did not count as official and formal meetings of the would-be USRA races, thus Yaterons and Yuruns were included as replacement members, as the Mutons would fight out their 3rd civil war, with Mutogen unveiling a new elite fighting group that would-be successors to modern heroes, The First Z-Men. The First Z-Men would eventually succeed to beat the Norm Revolution and bring Vermont to justice, and destroyed the revived Titan Factory along with the Titan Army. Still, the Mutons would still refrain from rejoining the orderists out of fear of another Norm rebellion happening again during such.

140055 TPE: Larginion System Joins the Orderist cause

The War of the Orderists and Disorders caught the attention of Larginion System, and that of the Torthans and Acrillisapes and the colony worlds of Ucthorix, Verus, and Tauyoebos. Representatives of each planet came and ask to join the Orderists to quell the criminal uprising, of which the Orderists were MORE then happy to accept in these trying times. However, Humans and the Acrillisapes, ended up having abit of a stark rivalry due to the Humans being reminded of the Naurodans in the Acrillsapes, not helping that the Acrillsapes are confessed fans of the Naurodans and are proven VERY critical to the Humans' speeded up ascension. Fortunately, both sides kept cool heads in that they shared a common foe in the Disorders. Still, this rivalry presented a dangerious risk for the Orderists, something the Disorders loved too much.

140100 TPE: Humans and Acrillsapes get confrontational.

Though at this point the Disorderists lost Ruiner, Vermont and Horno, the Disorders remained a serious issue. The capture of Vermont, the death of Horno and the disappearance of Ruiner were deemed acceptable sacrifices in that the original members of the Orderists still left and haven't came back. A generation of the current Disorders would be met with another generation and so forth, cept for the long-living Slimebag. Though true that new faces came to the Orderists' aide, they see a chance to disrupt the key allies in humans by using their old Naurodan wounds against the Acrillsapes, with help of Acrillsape separatist and Orderist Traitor, Dyam Dir-Ty Apest, who was happy to obliged since he hated the Orderists for having Humans with them. Dyam began to enfluence and coherse the minds of fellow Acrills about how Humans had humiliated the Naurodans those years ago, getting into the Arcillsapes' heads about that, hating the idea and hating the Humans. Thus, infighting between Humans and Arcills became common, lunchroom and locker room fights broke out, meetings were disrupted, battle strategies couldn't be finalized, conflicts with the Disorders were almost lost had it not been for last-minute saves, then the final nail in the coffin, ironically, came in the form of Dyam being exposed as a traitor by his own brother, being captured and arrested. Though the Rocans want to insist that Dyam was was not representative of all Acrills, human relations with them are still tainted, the Arcills too upset with human stubbornness and bitterness towards the Naurodans that the Arcills resigned in anger, Dyam still getting what he wanted even at the face of pariah status. It was another blow to the Orderists that the Disorders benefited, but the Orderists are still in fighting shape, thus leading to the fights to continue as normal.

140209 TPE: The Invasion of Imirena

After many minor space battles and defense of Orderist owned planets and halting attempts to take back and/or expansion, the Orderists made a very serious move at going after Imirena, a gambling planet. Of the Grutt grip of Racon, Imirena and it's neighbor Thibbyx are considered the weakest planets under Slimebag's influence, and their capture and return to order will leave Racon Prime and Slimebag more vulnerable to future advancements, thus getting Slimebag captured and crumbling his grip on the system, breaking the Disorderists down for good, taking Racon back for the Rocan-Racon Birds, and leaving Zelila-Fiviben System next to be orderised after the fall of Slimebag's leadership. This was something the ambitious admiral of the Rocan-Racon Birds, Roku-Wackadoo, aimed to be responsible for. Alchourse, he was prepared that it wasn't gonna be an easy fight. Fyrrhenoid fleets were stationed in the space of Imirena prepared for such of an event ahead of time apawn Slimebag's request to Nastos back in the early years, thus the best armadas of the Fyrrhenoids were ready to defend Slimebag's keep at personal request. Though the absence of the two best forces for the Fyrrhenoids, the Vikors and Mutons, is made even more painful since both were good at fighting these guys, however, Roku kept confident that the Fyrrhenoids haven't won in the end period, and that if it was possible for them to be defeated at all, then they can be defeated. Thus, the Orderists' ambitious fleets with Yateron, Yurun and Human ships, with Roku onboard the Rocan-Racan vessel named "Mother Liberty", the most powerful Rocan ship in their service. It would easily wipe Fyrrhenoid fleets out like nobodies' business with its unbeatable weaponry. Thus, when the space battle began, everything was in the Orderists' favor, as the ship Mother Liberty smitten down every Fyrrhenoid fleet and armada like nothing with its weapons, and fighters took down scrabbling Fyrrhenoid fighter ships. It was a painful blow to the Disorders and it looked to be in the Orderists' favor.... Except Slimebag was a smart cookie. He asked the Bounty Boss of this time period, Bountus Roundtus, to send the toughest bounty hunters to get abord the Mother Liberty, and savatosh the ship in its vulnerable insides, which they did. They left the ship vulnerable to capture by the time Fyrrhenoid reinforcements arrived, which lead to the ship being captured, forcing the Orderists to retreat, and leaving the broken Roku captured by the bounty hunter savatours. Roku was thrown into a prison in Nastrade, and the Mother Liberty ship, thrown into a scrapyard in Soratle. This was the greatest setback the Orderists' suffered. But the Humans aimed to make sure not to let their first loss destroyed morale forever. The human, Commodore Halex Delorian, offered that if the Disorders would adapt and surprise them like they did, then the Orderists will return the favor tenfold. It was time for the Orderists to stop being predictable and be surprising.

140210 TPE: The Nastrade Rescue

Roku ended up being sentenced to being a "Smarty" slave to Prime Minister Diot's great-grandson who ascended to new Minister, Prime Minister Totus I. Diot, as of Nastrade's most personal indignity to the once-proud admiral. Roku was treated with extreme indignity by the intellectually challenged residence of Nastrade, corrupted by Zelila Prime, threw garbage and other unpleasant things at Roku for being "A Smarty Meanie" for threatening Zelila Prime over what the Orderists aimed to do. To add insult to injury, Diot decided to sentence Roku out of the random blue "Because nobody likes you", to "Community Service".... By that, it's basically that Roku is sentenced to arena combat against the monster-truck riding champion, The Parole Officer, who proceeded to chase Roku around, trying to squish him. But just in the nick of time, Halex and a group of Human and Yateron commandos appeared onto the arena and defeated the Parole Officer, prompting the Nastrade audience to retreat like scared idiots as Pharcums, Rogue Vikoreans and Fyrrhenoids charged into the arena and began to fight with the rescuers, which despite their numbers the rescuers proved too much! Then a Rocan rescue shuttle arrived and evacuated the rescue group and the recovered Roku and escape from Nastrade! This scared the Zelila Prime planet leaders to back away from being with the Disorders, making a HUGE blow to Slimebag's pride and the remaining Disorders!

140211 TPE: The Soratle Revolt

Slimebag called for an emergency meeting into the planet Soratle, with the new Reed president President Mazlo Reed,  the new Mr. Gamble, Mr. Manison Gamble, Nastos' great-grandson Embassy Representer Ny'nastos, D'elporius' pope successor Pope Deios Filus, and new Viceus President, Tyler Rant, inside the palace of Slimebag's cousin, Vomitoz the Grossout, a disgusting mannerless tyrant of Soratles under Slimebag's grutt grip and an extremely impourent figure in the Disorders in that Vomitoz controls Racon's shorce of trade with other lawless worlds from across the AUU, to have an impourent meeting about the Disorders' new problem. With the loss of the entire system of Zelila-Fiviben in thanks to them being scared by that the Orderists have started to be less predictable, the Disorders have to consider that about asking for help with the other lawless worlds, aiming to convince them that if the Orderists are not stopped, their law absolution will reach them one way or the other, risking a feared rise of law absolutists that aim to bring order back to lawless worlds. However, they ended up having this conversation in the midst of Vomitoz about to lose everything. A growing insurrection of those disgruntled by Slimebag's mistreatment of the planet, and aided by Halex's commandos, the group, The People of Soratle Movement, PSM, backed by the Orderists, are fully prepared and well-armed to take back Scoratle from the abuse of Slimebag's grutt family. Thus, Vomitoz's Pharcum Elites were surprised and ambushed by the well-armed movement and Halex's commandos! Slimebag and the other leaders were alarmed by one of Vomitoz's advisers that a revolt broke out just as the group was about to agree on something! Thus, while the Pharcum palace guards with aide of Fyrrhenoid reinforcements slowed down the movement enough to allow five of the leaders but Vomitoz and the unlucky Deios because he needed to take a bathroom break on the wrong time, ambushed by the movement just as he was done, cutting off Yinelex's place in the Disorders, while Vomitoz was too manicly depressed to be moved, deeming himself that he would only slow the others down, thus willingly stayed behind to face the movement's wrath, to Slimebag's utter brokenness. Slimebag and the remainers were lucky to escape just in time as Orderist ships would arrive to round up left-behinds of Vomitoz' loyalists. Scoratle had returned to order, Vomitoz sentenced to life imprisonment in Rocan prison, and Deios fed to an apex predator in Miarena due to his disgusting nature and beliefs. On top of that, the Mother Liberty was recovered in the junkyard and back in Orderist hands, being restored to its glory. Slimebag, was enraged now. He wanted, the ultimate revenge. So he decided he was gonna take a page from Ruiner's book, and have Bluppus Prime harmed as the ultimate punishment to the Orderists, talking Ny'nastos into it!

140212 TPE: The New Fyrrhenoid Attack on Bluppus Prime.

Not since the Fyrrhenoid-Blup War have the Fyrrhenoids dared threaten Bluppus again. This time, the Fyrrs haven't forgotten about the Cosmic Blup, espeically not under true believer General Mythosey, who coated his leading ship with Lovecarftium metal coating, the one thing that would protect against the Cosmic Blup's powers. However, news of the Fyrrhenoids making another attack onto all of Groid, which alarmed the Cesects espeically! Thus, this invoked them to go right back into the Orderists ranks, reminding them why they joined to begin with, on top of that, Cesect fleets had covered up Blup space, prepared to fight off the Fyrrhenoid armada. With Ny'nastos with Mythosey on his ship, this was considered the biggest and most impourent battle between the Orderists and the Disorders, for Ny'nastos was the impourent life-line for the Disorders' access to the Fyrrhenoid army. Without that, the Disorders will have no army anymore and would lose to the Orderists. It is expected to be a gaming changing, brutal battle that'll change everything. The Cesect Armada & the Orderists and the Disorders' Fyrrhenoid army were evenly matched. However, the one thing that doomed the Disorders, was the Cosmic Blup. As expected, this figure rose from a portal, floating above the planet itself, announced that today, it is fighting with those that seek to protect his people, I.E. the Orderist forces, and instantly busted up alot of Fyrrhenoid fleet ships like nothing. Though the leading ship would be untouchable to the Cosmic Blup, the general's otherwise perfect strategy had a flaw: The Windows are NOT cosmic force proof, of which the Cosmic Blup was quick to proof, phasing through the windows and freaking the retreating ship crew's out! Thus, the Cosmic Blup Thanos-snaped Mythosey and Ny'nastos out of existence, cutting off the Disorders from the Fyrrhenoid forces for good, allowing the Orderists to win the war, and scrap the cosmic force-proof ship for Rocan usage. Thus, the Disorders were forced to capitulate and surrender, the Orderists become the supreme power of Groid, and would enjoy a promising legacy of bringing order to the universes, and eventually the inevitable take back of Racon from Grutt occupation.... At least, that was the official consensus.

141300 TPE: The Seolsha Prime Dispute

At this point, the Orderists became Law of the Land, their power became reckitsed, even by the ever begrudgent Acrillisapes who still have bitter feelings about their brief time with the Orderists being ruined by Dyam. The Orderists became more than an anti-lawlessness movement. They also became peacekeepers and the protectors of Groid. Because Slimebag's occupation of Racon is still very strong even after the collapse of the Disorders, the Orderists still need to become strong enough to finally remove Slimebag once and for all. In the meantime, it's impourent to halt other forms of problems when they arise. One such is the Seolsha Prime Dispute. In a time now Immemorial, Seolsha Prime has housed many AUUians from across the AUU, all wanting the planet for their own needs, entering an ever enturnal debate via the Debate Space Station built above it until something official is decided. The exact years are unknown, but it's implied to have been going at it since after the AK eras started, and more and more would-be colonists got into the mess, it became a pile-up of yet colonists. Meaning that Seolsha Prime had been untouched for many years and never saw colonization by anyone. The Human representative picked by the Orderists, Alexa Saloo, did not like what she saw, and firmly demanded every present representative's attention! She gave a thought-provoking speech on how this entire debate ended up being a waste of a planet ripe for colonization, politely berating the colony leaders for leaving Seolsha Prime alone for so long that it may as well have a growing and developing race at this point for how long it was left to its own devices. (A scientist would eventually disprove that claim after some research). She argued that it doesn't matter who came first or who's the strongest or who deemed the planet a manifest destiny, all that matters is that there's a planet ripe for colonization and that they were lucky neither the Bullarns, Fyrrhenoids or even the Disorders got to do any damage to the planet while they were distracted. Thus, the would-be colonists finally decided to settle their differences and just share the planet together. Thus, Seolsha Prime finally saw colonization thanks to Alexa, which paint humans in a good light, ergo it made the Orderists look good, which will promise better support for the Orderist Dream of de-criminalizing Racon.

141328 TPE: The Yinelex Insurrection

The "Devine Purity" Fanatics of Yinelex are still salty and sour about the execution of Pope Deios. Thus, the planet's Recently Ascended Archbishop, Archbishop Shietpantz, decided that he wanted to build an insurrection group that would rebel against the Orderists and protect their beliefs, being no secret that the Orderists denounced their religion as rightfully abhorrent and foul. Thus, the Archbishop established The Insurrection of Deios' Avengement, IDA for short, or as referred to by the Orderists, The Yinelex Insurrection. The Orderists became wise and careful to a group based on avenging a figure from the conflict with the Disorders, and that caution paid off when the Insurrectionists made a beeline attempt at attacking the neighboring Ougber human colony, holding citizens hostage. This forced a dramatic but smart response from the Orderists, a negotiator gets the insurrection group's attention, while Human commandos surprise them from behind and captured the group, the Archbishop slain during the skirmish, ending the Yinelex Insurrection before it was allowed to really start. Granted, the Orderists had to routinely takedown copycat attempts by likewise groups just to make sure the mess avoids repeats, but it was never promised that keeping order was easy.

141349 TPE: Muton Golden Age

It is now the Golden Age of Muton, where it became a planet of technological advancement and experimentation, Muton's economy is the greatest as it ever been before, and the era of heroic super-hero level mutons fighting for justice against super-villain level mutons and dangerious Giains trying to cause another uprising. Among these heroes, were the Golden Age Z-Men, who fight off threats like a super-villain inspired by Magnetus, who litterally named himself The Magnetus Successor, who also happened to have the same powers and intelligence as the original Magnetus, who he and his guild of corrupted Mutons aim to reignite a new Genervada War, but is routinely halted by the Golden Age Z-Men. Up in this point, the Successor had always felt many defeats, and desired a new means to finally get an advantage. Then, he learned of Viyphus, a planet whose previous civilization is long since forgotten, about the ancient surveillance station, who's creators became unknown, that would offer the Successor the ultimate one up over all of Muton, much less the Z-Men. Thus, Magnetus and follows stole a rocket ship from Dr. Mutogen and leave the planet for Vlyphus. Having no choice, the Mutons call for their old Orderist friends for help, in fearing that they know exactly what the Successor is leaving Muton for. The Mutons agreed to rejoin the Orderists unconditionally if the Orderists help them capture the Successor and followers. Thus, the Orderists picked up the Z-Men and flew to Vlyphus. Arriving in said planet, scouts discovered that the Successor had already established a base for his group and had vowed to seek out the surveillance station soon. Then the Z-Men and the Orderists surprised the occupation base and over-whelmed the Successor and followers, leading to their capture and justice before the Muton courts. As promised, the Mutons rejoined the Orderists, remembering that the Orderists are a force for good that would help them protect Muton from any threat.

142012 TPE: Vikorean Civil War.

The once united and firm Vikoreans are now divided into two groups: The Tribes that support staying out of Orderist Affairs, and those that want the return of fighting alongside the Orderists. The Corrupt Traditionalist Clans, foreheaded by The Darkhorn Clan, the most aggressive traditionalist Vikorean clan in the planet. The Vikoreans that desire to fight alongside the Orderists decided to rebel against Darkhorn rule, and declared war against the Darkhorn Clan and other traditionalist tribes, resulting in great conflict between them. Thus, the Orderists picked up on the conflict, and intervened for the rebellion's cause. This is so that, in one hand, it will get the Vikoreans back on the Orderists, but also that the Darkhorn Clan could pose a serious threat to the AUU if they had wanted to, thus the Orderists helped the Rebel Vikors defeat and dismantle the rule of the traditionalist clans, executing high leaders and dangerious warriors and bringing down sites of weapon depots and weapon factories, up to the final flash in Castle Darkhorn, where the clan king gave a ferocious final stand. Eventually, the Vikorean civil war was settled, and under a new ruling clan, the Vikoreans returned to Orderist membership. It was a return to the glory days before the Disorders tainted that with Horno. The old members of the Orderists had returned, and combined with new members, the Orderists feel stronger then ever before, if though still shy from being a true threat to Slimebag yet.

149999 TPE: Bluppus Disaster.

The Orderists were in the greatest period of their lives. Their old members had long returned, and with the ones that replaced them, the Orderists were well on their way one day take down Slimebag's rule. But a dark day in this year will finally ruin things for the Orderists. A Black-Rock Asteroid came careening into Bluppus Prime, crashed into it and damaged it so hard that the Blups would NEED to do SO many planet harvests to fix it now! To the Cesects, it was their feared day. First the Blups will have to recover from the damage, then build their armies, then begin harvesting. And Cesectus Prime was dangerously next, with the evacuation ships still yet completed. Once more, the Cesects leave the Orderists to prepare for the long-feared day of the Blup Harvest of Cesectus Prime. The Orderists had debated about helping, but fear of being an enemy to the Cosmic Blup, scares them off, and even then, the Cesects insist on it being their problem alone, and that they alone must handle it, and are prepared to brace for the worse.

0 AB: The Mass Harvest of Isiis System
Cesect Species


After many years of advanced preparations and the evac ships finally ready, the feared day had finally arrived. The Blups have become strong enough to invade not just the home planet, but the vast entirety of planets worthy of Blup attention, and thus, the Blup ships and harvest stations arrived enmassed, before the poor Cesectus Prime, the first of many victims for the inevitable big harvest. Thus, the evacuations had begun, Cesects were in panic, Blup Ships and harvest machines were everywhere. Thankfully, many years of careful planning prevented casualties, but it was still a tragic event that the Blup harvest had begun. The Ships escape the drying up planet of Cesectus Prime, being turned into a shell of its former glory by the Blups. Then the planets and even moons of the rest of the systems followed the same sad fate. Tragic as it was, the Cesects were at least able to prepare for it, and, in being enlightened and having matured from their Age of Fear after being with the Orderists and defeating the Disorders, they acknowledged that the Blups only do this to survive, only trying to save their planet in a constant state of pain. It was decided that allowing the Blups a chance to survive is better than their own personal benefit, thus, the Cesects embraced their contemporary face as space fairers, for at least until it can be figured out how to reason with the Blups since English is not a first language for them. However, a minority of Cesects would not share this enlighten sentiment, and would crave revenge, hence having retreated to the moon Eyvwa, having become a revenge group ever since, denounced by the Cesects at large.
111 AB: USRA-UIS Times in Groid

It is the early Era of the birth of the USRA and UIS, and things are radically changing for Groid, but perhaps not nessersarly in a good way. For Groid, it just means the start of new excuses for same old problems. In time, the existence of the USRA and UIS would have major ramifications, like causing the Fyrrhenoids to be divided into factions that prefer one over the over and do extreme acts to get their attention, often in uncondonable ways, while the Orderists began to look like a tired old relic compared to this new era alliances, as now the Orderists' are suffering from corruption and incompetence that caused the Yuruns to leave some years prior as did the Yaterons just when the war with the Vyrans was picking up again. The Humans mostly stuck around in wanting to see if the Orderists could be saved, as the last bastion of earnest good lies in the aging and weak Rocan-Racon elder, Oldu-Maakow, the current leader of the Orderists, who is still upbeat about the Orderist dream, and even believes that even if the Orderists don't survive, the dream will, cause life always finds a way. He was the flame that kept the Orderists alive, the still-beating hearting of a crumbling legacy, and the other leaders know that it is only a matter of time.

119 AB: The Human-Acrillisapes Conflict

The Acrillisapes were excited for the fact the Naurodans have founded an alliance and wanted to join. However, to a bitter upset, the Humans were among the founding races, and years of built-up bitterness and bad blood has not healed even a slight since the time of the Orderist's early years. The Acrillisapes would challenge the Humans to a fight for worthiness of being the USRA's leader, of which the Humans had deemed ridiculous after how much the USRA won out against some compairingly stronger races, unfortunately, the Acrillisapes took that as being j'accused of being a weak race, thus the Acrillisapes did a massive invasion of Erudes and took it over! This would prove to be a big mistake as the Humans effortlessly took it back thanks to shared tec of USRA members, beating off the Acrillisapes effortlessly, giving them another great indignity then Dyam shaming their name to the orderists. And now, their name is tainted to the USRA as well, the Acrillisapes having now entered an era of soul searching and reflection, wanting to understand what the Naurodans have seen in Humans that they wanted to form an alliance with. It was a chance for the Acrillisapes to reevaluate themselves as a race.

120 AB: Death of the Orderists.

The Orderists was on its deathbed, symbolically. The rampant corruption cases against certain members, the recent failures in keeping order, save for the Humans and their USRA connections, the damage of Mother Liberty and her decommissioning in 118 AB after another conflict in Racon System after so many years, the haunting reminders of the Blup situation, Eritir leaving the Orderists to keep the dream alive on their own terms, the failed campaigns to reform Yinelex, Viceus, and the entire Zelila system, and now, finally, Oldu has fallen ill and weaker. The Representatives arrived to the dying Oldu, espeically the one for Humans. Oldu's final request for the Humans specifically, is to see if the USRA, can succeed in where the Orderists did not, and keep the Orderist Dream alive in where the Orderists cannot. The Representative said he'll see what he can do, with Oldu giving a weakened smile, and thanking him for what humanity has done for Groid and the trouble they went through together. And said that the Orderists wouldn't've even gotten so far had it not been for them. Then, the old bird rested his head, and departed from life. He was given a hero's funeral and buried with other legends of the times of the Orderist in a private space graveyard, and the last to be buried, as the Orderists disbanded since Oldu never gotten a successor, the Orderist races going their separate ways, the Humans espeically. Little did they realize, that the demise of the Orderists, was a red flag of what is to become the USRA, another doomed failure to corruption and incompetence born from well-intentioned ideals. Still, the humans aimed to keep the promise.

121 AB: The Failed USRA Negotiations of Racon.

Because Humans and the USRA acknowledged that Slimebag was a formidable adversary in the times of the Orderists, and still is, if Slimebag would not be beaten by the sword, then it shall be the pen that'll loosen Slimebag's grip. The USRA races decided that Groid suffered enough conflict as it is, so they decided that they'll bring Slimebag into the negotiation table, to the surprise of everyone in Groid, even Slimebag. Even the Grutt figured that the humans would've been more adamant about ever opening negotiations like they are doing. Though Slimebag suspects it's because the USRA seems even more orderly then the ironically named Orderists who were founded based on getting rid of him, whereas the USRA seemed to have more, starry-eyed beliefs, of which to Slimebag, was the perfect ticket to prevent the possibility of another Orderist group from founding! Thus, Slimebag began to tab into his old "Artist of Cons" ways and made sure he controlled the negotiations to that the USRA saw his forged treaty that Racon belongs to Grutt occupation, tampering with the USRA's desires to respect something that looks official and aims to avoid further trouble in Groid. Thus, the negotiations ended before they began, with nothing changing. Slimebag has made the USRA fail the Orderist dream, and for that, the betrayed Rocan-Racons and the Crinkuts would be bound to UIS not too soon after, albeit in separate time periods, the Rocans joining first and the Crinkuts sometime much after.

1169 AB: Globex arrival

The arrival of Globex in Groid would be off to a controverseal start when Soratle became a Globex planet, which became a further insult to the legacy of the Orderists cause it looked at if the USRA is now benefiting from the Slimebag Occupation, tainting the Humans' legacy with the Orderist members and declaring it a shame and insult to the Human heroes of the Orderists that died to fight Slimebag's hold, and that of Yuruns and Yaterons, only further encouraging the Rocan and Crinkut ties to UIS, while non-USRA Orderist members would be devided on the issue, the Cesects being considerate and figuring that cause Soratle wasn't tecnecally under Slimebag's control anymore and likely allowed Globex exspansion under their own freewill, while the insodent had encouraged Vikor Traditionalist Resurgents to use the event to get the Vikors back into being about themselves, cleansing them of Orderist friendly clans in "The Great Vikor Return to Form", often resulting in either the deaths of those clans or lucky ones in a sense only suffer exile on the Resurgents being in "A Good Mood", thus resulting in those now minoritsed Vikors to go onto being freetraders, bounty hunters or cosmonaut nomads that now roam the Universes, while the Vikors as a race have fully returned to their old ways, something that will haunt Groid come certain events.

1177 AB: Brewing of New Fyrrhenoid Trouble.

Meanwhile, the Pro USRA and Pro UIS Fyrrhenoid Factions have begun to upset Fyrrhenoid figures about how divided their people had begun, deeming the existence of both the USRA and UIS to be a dividing plague to their people. Thus, those Fyrrhenoids went out of their way to found The Fyrrhenoid Reunion, or often referred to by critics as Reunionists, that would begin a campaign to hunt down Fyrrhenoids that began to like the USRA and UIS and toss them in concentration camps in Qombolisk and Unwuter to be tortured out of their fanatism for the two alliances. The Reunionists became controversial figures in Groid, even the USRA and UIS could actselly agree with eachother that the Reunionists are not the greatest folks ever! The Rising of the Reunionist made those that were nostalgic for the Orderists wish the group lasted longer and that Maakow had an heir, but now that the Orderists are gone and two key members had been UISifived, and with crime being a quiet comeback in Orderist worlds with leftover corruption that killed the group being an issue as well, Groid was seeing the return of its blights.

1289 AB: The Banning of Travel to Viyphus

Because of Groid returning and relapsing to a less stable state, and in a time where Slimebag maintained his grip, the Vikors back to violent roots, the Fyrrs reunionist problem, and that Mutons have heard rumors of a potaintional new Giaian uprising group in the works, alongside the issues of Cesect Anti-Blup Extremists while UIS has been placing Blups under their protection, the USRA and the Grand Council of Old were made weary of the debatable existence of an ancient surveillance station of a lost civilization. Helped little that Vlyphus became host to criminals that began hiding in the planet late into the Orderist era and still do so as of this time because of how perfect the planet is for hiding spots cause of it rarely being visited by the Orderists save for the campaign against the Successor, and since the Orderists' crumbled, it became an even bigger favorite to crooks that actselly believe in the legend. But what got the USRA and Grand Council on edge was the visit of a mysterious Fyrrhenoid Sage, who came to them litterally out of the blue and revealed: "The Secret War of Rilon", an unreckitnsed event before the Bullarns war with the Vikors, between the Fyrrhenoids and the Vlyphusians, the quoted "Unknown Civilisation" they fought. But the biggest thing is that the Sage revealed that his people were not always called "Fyrrhenoids". In fact, he considered that nothing more than a current new-age name for the true name of Rilonoids. But he explained that when the Rilonoids tried to invade the Vlyphusians, they countered the attack using a de-evolving ray that hit the invasion force AND Rilon and devolved them back into primitives, then the devolved Rilonnoids were taken to Fyrrhenosis, that would be the Rilonoids' rebirth planet as the Fyrrhenoids ever since. Though the Vlyphusians are otherwise peaceful, their tec can be powerful and overwhelming, and that was back when they were still transitioning to Teadr 1. The sage warned that Vlyphus is an ender of current legacies, and vanished into nothing. The USRA and Grand Council feared the Vlyphusians would either fall into UIS hands or even something more dangerious if they were ever rediscovered, so they issued a ban on traveling to Vlyphus. It had since been declared one of the most baffling things all of Groid has ever seen. Even the criminals, the ones that don't believe in the myths surrounding it, are confused by this and deemed the USRA being paranoid twats.

1805 AB: Exo-War Aftermath in Groid

For the most part, Groid was unaffected by the Exo-Wars, ironically given its history, save for an attempted invasion by Infernus followers onto Soratle, which fortunately it's Globex operation was spared from the rampant corruption that infected other Globex Branches that caused the Exo-Wars to happen, a contrasting irony of the dark future that awaited it. All the same, the aftermath was hardly a fun experience. It was the time where the Reunionists Fyrrhenoids began the dispicable practice of exicuting political oppendents that dare call out their actions, the Reunionists becoming a feared name in Groid, while this would be the year the Mutons would see the birth of a more persistent Giaian foe: The Faction of the True Norm, and the group's plan to recover lost Titan Mechs and Factories, which will be the ushering of the Mutons' toughest era, the Vikors began to smell that the USRA has entered bad times, and ahead of what they deemed "An Inedability", they planned on how they would take over Beta Universe from a crumbling goverment, of which the Reunionists had the same feeling this would occure and had made their own plans in advanced, Defect Rocans had attempted to established a New Age Orderist group in advance in fear of would-be rising chaos, but were quelled and arrested by UIS in deeming the Orderist era to be "An Example of a Failed Dream of a Bygone Era", along with it being too tainted by assusiation with pre-USRA races to be allowed a comeback, even when the Defects warned that Groid would collapse into an even worse state, of which the Rocan goverment, which came to be filled with UIS-backers, had deemed UIS "The True New Orderists", thus resulting in the defects to be taken to be jailed into Delta Station ever since. Slimebag too has taken a whiff of the USRA's injury in the water, and was actselly anticipating the "feeding frenzy" to follow, looking forward to fiance whoever is going to be the biggest trouble-maker.

1884 AB: The Third Cartoonian War In Groid/Storms of Evenis Major

It is the time of the 3rd Cartoonian War, the Byzans caused the death of the USRA during a time of inner-conflict and turmoil, and as expected, conflict bursted like a water balloon. The 6 Clans of War of the Vikoreans began their plan of conquest, with the Sheild Clan as the ones to stay and protect their system and/or to congure all of Groid while competing with the finally moblising Reunionist invadsion, who did things like having another Meximus campaign and another take over of Taruni, with the promise to become strong enough to handle the Blups and the Vikors absolutely better in a later date, the Mutons get into their most intense conflict with the True Norm Faction as the heaviest cache of Titans was uncovered and utilised, ushering "The Titan Battles" onto Muton, which lasted throughout the 3rd Cartoonian War and ended when 3CW ended, and the Torthans, Acrillisapes and the colony planets of Larginion System realised that the Orderists are not coming back with the Rocans and Crinkuts held back by the UIS vow to not intervine into the aftermath of the USRA's collapse to avoid accsidently reviving it with the mere prospect of a UIS take over until they're sure the USRA can't recover, so the Larginion System planets formed into The Larginion System Orderists, an allience of the Larginion System revitalising their Orderist roots, and recruited planets like Eritir to be prime allies against the new choas of the 3rd Cartoonian War, all the while Slimebag just sat back, brought out some food and drinks and watched the Groid Sector burned, satisfived that the old orderists' actions were for nought, while plotting to ease himself of the new-age wanna-bes of Larginion. Meanwhile, a Xuron escape attempt from the Byzans was taking place. The Xuruns had attempted to seek out the barely touched by history Evenis Major in it being deemed a perfect sanctuary planet from the Byzan rampage. However, the secret remnant Magji colony feared that the Xurons would end up discovering them, risking Tattatoous's attention. Thus, the Magji used their powers to simulate dangerious large-scale disaster in the form of a plasma space storm ruined the planet. The planet was forced to be abandoned as a result, and all that was left were their abandoned colonies and technology. The Magji hated scaring off the Xurons like that, but they had to ensure they avoid getting Tattatoous' attention, deeming preservation more impourent at the moment.

1887 AB: Slimebag's War Games Proposal

Slimebag got into the idea that since both the Reunionists and the Sheild Clan are active adversaries in the Groid conflict of the 3rd Cartoonian War, he decided to invite both leaders of the groups: Leader Sloozeball of the Reunionists, and the Sheild Clan Leader, Lord Shelidon. Either of the two leaders were thrilled to see eachother, but Slimebag kept the both of them down with the promise of a nice dinner, some good drinks and a proposition that would be of benefit to them. Slimebag had sat them down at his dinner table to explain that Slimebag is interested to personally benufact both Sheildon's and Slooze's causes. Thing is, he wants to make sure he picks the right group, He wants to see if one of the groups can survive past the 3rd Cartoonian War. So, he proposes a challenge: Any group that manages to disband or at least severely damage the Larginion Orderists enough that they couldn't fix Groid on their own, will have Slimebag's benefaction. Both the two agreed to this.

1888 AB: The Reunionist Attack on Larginion

Sloozeball made the first move by having the Reunionist army attack and take over Tauyoebos. This would prove to be a stupid mistake as Tauyoebos was the heaviest shorce of war vehicles and machines, so the people of the planet had plenty of toys to fight back the Reunionists and massacred the Reunionist forces. This mortally injured Sloozeball in the process, prompting a retreat! The Larginion Orderists then prepared a counter-assault by the year's end, attacking the Reunionists in the Fyrrhenoid homeworld and destroyed the Reunionist bases, with the final death nail being Sloozeball succumbing to his injuries before the millaterry hospital was raided next by Larginion Orderist forces. As a result, this caused the remaining Reunionist Forces to turned the retaken Meximus and Taruni planets into holdout bases and convert the operations into The Fyrrheniod Occupation Movement, or FOM for short, that would aim to be a greater threat into the future.

1889 AB: The Sheild Clan Defeats the Larginion Orderists

Unfortunately for the Larginion Orderists, Lord Sheildon played it smarter than his Fyrrhenoid rival. He analyzed how the Larginion Orderists work by simply seeing how much Sloozeball faired against them, and learned all their strategies simply by how they were utilized against the Reunionists. Sheildon desided that they needed to adapt to this, so they managed to smuggle Blup Weaponry, combined it with their own, and then used this hybrid tec to overwhelm the entire Larginion System, conguring it under Vikorean occupation, disbanding the Larginion Orderists and enslaving the planet members of the group. Thus, the Vikors and the Sheild Clan earned Slimebag's favor.

1902 AB: Death of Lord Sheildon.

However, earning Slimebag's favor would turn into a bittersweet victory when the leader of FOM, General Angereye, decided that he wasn't gonna tolerate being cheated out of Slimebag's favor so easily, and hired an assassin that managed to assassinate Lord Sheildon in his sleep, vaporizing his head off. Though the assassin was hunted down and slain, and the Sheild Clan would usher in Lord Sheildon's son, Prince Sheildon, who will be a predominant figure come the interuniversal war, and with Slimebag's backing, the Sheild Clan would become the most intense of the 6 Clans of War, because they would hold the most aggressive revenge campaign against FOM and the most aggressive conflict in Groid's History, cause though the 3rd Cartoonian War ended, the real meat of the conflict just started, espeically for poor Groid.

1906 AB: The Interuniverseal War (Groid)

The brief peace was finally over, and the Vikoreans under Sheild Clan Leadership with the Sheild Prince at the helm, began their revenge campaign against FOM. Meximus was taken over stupidly quick due to its small size, while Taruni turned into a warzone between defending FOM forces and the vengeful Sheild Clan. FOM bases were destroyed, high rankers executed savagely, even the use of neutered Astro Lasers were involved in blasted the bases, which nearly risked the Larginion planets being disableist even at the Astro Lasers' weaken state to only be strong enough to blow up FOM bases. FOM was destroyed apawn the death of Angereye by such tactics. Thus, the Larginion System was now under the control of the Sheild Clan and the Vikors, and neither the Torthans, Acrillisapes, or the colony planets will stand for the Sheild Clan's terrible actions. No longer being under FOM is a negated benefit to how much worse the Sheild Clan is. Thus, the system formed a rebellion against the Sheild Clan, and with USRA race backing, Groid's time of the Interuniverseal War was a time of rebellion against the Sheild Clan! Meanwhile, Muton faces another conflict with the True Norm Faction uncovering an even BIGGER hiding spot of Titans and started another, longer titan battle that lasted in the same length of the Interuniverseal War. In the meantime, for as powerful as the Sheild Clan was, the rebellion wasn't backing down abit, as it pushed the Vikors back, taking back Larginion, then taking back Taruni and Meximus, doing some defending of planets from conquest attempts by Vikors along the way, intervening for Muton when a Vikor group tried to benufact the True Norm Faction, prevented the takeover of Vlyphus in a rough space battle, prevented the movement to try and summon the Cosmic Blup in Vikor favor with the slaying of the prince's Brother, Johan Sheildon, and near the end of the Interuniversal war before the start of 1976, the dramatic final battle in Vikor System, with an over-whelming final clash up to Vikoreas that forced Prince Sheildon to surrender himself in return to Vikor System to not be congured by the movement. Thus, Sheildon was arrested and jailed into Oranos, the War Clans crumbled without their leaders, and the Vikors enter a new clan leadership of a more balanced clan that would make the Vikors more cautious of this sort'of activities ever since. As for the Fyrrhenoids, they would be subjugated to a probationary status as a warning about causing any more problems ever again ever since.

1997/Present AB: Groid Nowadays.
Villains Act Symbol
The Groid Sector, even after the interuniversal war, still had seen better days. It had been reduced to being the least orderly sector of the Beta Universe, and it stems more than just Racon (Though a major factor). Ever since it's founding by the Ohrugan Orfetus Groid, the only part of the sector being organized is in the Ohrugan colonized system, give or take some very lucky neighbors in the next system over who were lucky to have their protection from the less then graceful systems, Racon most especially, and if that makes Groid sound uninviting enough, there is also a planet of mutants in conflict with normalcy supremacists, this AUU's own muggshotra, who in thanks to the VA would get their own private broadcasting rights, the final insult to the legacy of the Orderists, a planet with an infamous religion that okays and pardons rape, which managed to lasted this long until it ended up creating Alux Rapture who single-handly caused the religion's death in a no better way, a world said to house a powerful device of legend which luckily managed to avoid being found for so long despite how chaotic Groid is, and finally what are considered the "Bullarns of The Beta Universe", the viking-eqsed Vikereans. Groid had been forever deemed as "The Trash Heap Sector" because of the rampant crimes and conflict the sector suffered, the VA's arrival to it, did not helped matters. However, when certain misfits end up showing up the AUU, they would end up being the best thing to happen to Groid in what the sector needs to redeem its ugly status, and potaintionally, the true threat to Slimebag's reign, and potaintionally what finally resolves the Vlyphus mystery?


Unknown Year Pre-AF: Dawn of Portus

During the immemorial creational period of the AUU, the Outers that were constructing the AUU discovered a series of uncloseable portals that lead to other realms that even Fabricants were not able to close up. Thus, the Outers were careful to only put one planet strong enough to resist the pull of the portals while an entirely separate system was made for the rest of the planets that would've gone into the current system had it not been for the unfixable anomalies. In modern times, this portal covered system would be named "Portus", and it would become Bacabin's most iconic system for the anomalies alone.

5 Billion AF: Birth of Planet Darkside

While the Ceallans and Scyrians were in their evolutionary periods, a dark entity would take shape here. A once normal and yet-to-be-named planet, that was once of Wondo System, was infected by remnant Void energy, which was mixed with energy from early era Exhaeons. This twisted and corrupted the planet into a cosmic force of evil, resulting in it becoming the birth of what would become the Exhaeons of what they will become. The planet became the host of hellish monstrosities and dark entities that will come to appear in other places of Beta and Beyond. Even the Planet itself had become self-aware and evil thanks to its corruptive infection, giving itself the name of "Planet Darkside". Planet Darkside became a rogue planet and began to move across systems, bringing its corruptive taintedness with it.

4 Billion AF: Birthing of the Exhaeons.

Though the direct origins of the Exhaeons as a whole remains a mystery, it can be agreed that the common thing to blame for the Exhaeon-rising is Planet Darkside. While Exhaeons existed before Planet Darkside, the corrupted planet did contribute to evolving the Exhaeons from just another form of demons to become equivocal to the Darkspawn of the OUU. And certainly, the planet played a big role in changing them from being no different or inconsequential to conventional AUU demons into what they are now. This made the Gods of the AUU concerned that Planet Darkside would become a shorce of evil into the Beta Universe if potaintionally spread and taint the other universes, thus it was desired to have Planet Darkside Quelled, but without destroying it and risking its void influence spilling out, but at the same time avoid the same mistakes the High Council of the PTE Multiverse did and just neglect its presence and allow it to cause trouble, cause allowing an evil producing planet on the loose, is the EMPIFIMY OF INCOMPETENCE!

3-1 Billion AF: Preparations

The AUUian gods began to ready their weapons ahead of time in preparation to halt the further spreading of Planet Darkside and the Exhaeons. Though the Gods of the AUU were more than capable to handle the Exhaeons themselves, still being demons in nature, if just made alot worse cause of the planet, Planet Darkside itself was an omnipotent issue. Even if a massive Universe-Wide cleansing would occur, Planet Darkside would litterally make and produce another fresh batch ready for evil, along with the risk that Planet Darkside would start to corrupt mortal kind should the evolutionary periods' end and the first races came forth. Hence why the AUU gods had a big alliance in the form of the elder race of Bacabin, the Mondoshawan-like Wondosherons, the natives of the very system Planet Darkside came from. Though only Teadr 1.5, the Wondos have undeniably impressive technology. They are typically a peaceful race, lacking conventional weapons on ship and clunky suits, though their greatest creations are a series of elemental stones that possess the power of the elements, with an especially powerful 5th element that would be the best ally against Planet Darkside. In being long aware of the situation, the Wondos intent to prevent the tainted planet from "Tainting a young universe so soon in its infancy", knowing that this corruption will risk interdimensional empires, much less the Exhaeons being a problem of their own right, thus they aimed to quell the threat of Planet Darkside.

1 Billion BCW: Planet Darkside's Exile

It was the time of the 1st Cartoonian War, and the AUU Gods got to work to already having started to cream the Exhaeon forces. Planet Darkside itself had sensed this and intent to make sure that this would not be an easy war for the AUUian Gods, trying to spread Exhaeons into many systems of the AUU as much as possible, but the AUUian gods kept prepared. The Wondos bare the responsibility of seeking out the planet itself with their elements ready. Throughout the conflict, the Wondos would chase after Planet Darkside throughout many of the universes of the AUU, uptil the Wondos had to request help from the Gate Sintari in Theta and cornered Planet Darkside in Exsodius. Entangled by powerful Gate Sintari tec, the Wondos became the beings that became the death of the 1st Cartoonian War by using the elements to exile Planet Darkside into the Boundary Cluster, the place Planet Darkside can't escape from, forever cut-off from all of the AUU. The Wondos would have a respected relijustus presence for all cultures of the AUU in general, even more so for Bacabin. Even hostile races respected the Wondos as a result. Kraan even had the pleasure to meet the Wondos in person in his youth. Granted, some Exhaeon strains managed to survive post-Planet Darkside's Exile, but often capable and strong beings would have the pleasure of wiping out or completing the exile of the remaining Exhaeon hold outs from there on out.

99 Million BK: Birthing Age of Ceallans
Ceallan Species
Cealla Mux

Cealla Mux

It is at this time period is where the Ceallans began to grow as a race and evolved from primitive beings into a history not entirely dis-similar to human history. They went through their own periods of the bronze ages, the dark ages, technological advancement periods, among other things. The key differences come in that the Ceals bare great acknowledgment to the perfect center ring of the planet and that they worship the Wondos like deities because primitive Ceals witnessed a Wondo ship land on their planet, of which it was a peaceful research ship that came to study flora and fauna, giving the Ceals the status of being the earliest pre-race species to be introduced to the larger community, even having scavenged Wondo tec from scrap yards of outmoded ships the Wondos place on their planet's native wastelands, in which the ceals convert and recycle to crude but effective early Teadr 5 tec, which would lead to the tec being radically altered throughout the years to the point that they would no longer be recognizable as previously Wondoian tec, but entirely something of the Ceals own creation.
88 Million BK: Scyrian Birthing Ages


Scyrian Species


The Ceals were not the only ones accidentally influenced by Wondo-presence. Similar cases happened to the Scyrians as well. The difference is that the Wondos used Angthrom System as more of a site of tourism in having been fascinated by the beauty of the system's planets, having built safari parks around the areas. However, the Wondos would eventually discontinue safaris in the system, thanks to a movement in the Wondo Homeworld that wanted the creatures of the system to be given their space when discarded garbage was affecting the environment. Thus, the Wondo businessers left the planet after the garbage got all cleaned up, and left the safari buildings, of which is what would become unrekitneseable ruins. However, the pre-ancestors of the Scyrians would discover left-behind Wondo tec, and like the Ceals, the Scys would also get into the habit of taking the left behind tec, converting it to more usable tecknowagey, and grant them early teadr 5 ascensions, which also turned the Wondo tec here into something no longer classifiable as Wondoian tec.
77 Million BK: The Enhancelement Ages

The Scyrians have already managed to ascend to Teadr 1 at this point and became the greatest at genetics. The Scyrians had always been fascinated by the features of other prehistoric creatures, being a raptorian race. Thus, with help of a special primordial ooze, no less different from what Outine of the Gene Mages had discovered but cranked up to 11, the Scyrians harvested all of this special goop and genetically transformed it into Enhancelement, a red metallic substance that can be used to create programmable materials like genetic engineering, creating metals with DNA that can be made lighter than paper or stronger than steel, and even be refined into serums to accelerate a being to the most logical evolution conclusion unaltered, but if modified it can give you any form of features you would want, provided the genetic ingredients. Thus, the Scyrians altered themselves from raptorians into the most genetically diverse Dinosaurian in the AUU. Standing 10ft tall, these beings had long muscular tails, T-Rex legs and jaws, muscular arms, leathery skin like a sauropod, armor-like an ankylosaur, frills nearly similar to a ceratopsian, male frills bigger than female frills, retractable omnivorous teeth, foldable gliding arm structures like a pterosaur strong enough to carry their heavy bodies, two brains in their pelvis and heads, two hearts, lava-hot blood which is a huge evolutionary advantage for being cold-blooded allowing them to live in frozen climates for long periods of time, two stomachs, enlarged lungs, and can live for millions of years. It was an ambitious time for them, and the enhanclement allowed them to do good things, among them, saving the planet Frogetera from dying out by filling the planet with the stuff. But they didn't realize that ambition and this substance, does NOT mix well.

66 Million BK: The Scyrian Madness Starts

The Scyrians were enjoying a prosperous age in thanks to their creation of Enhancelement.... However, it was about to come crashing down in this era. It started off as nothing serious. Some Scyrians going mental for no reason, seemingly having regressed back to primitives. There were incidents where the crazed Scys ended up attacking normal folks, but it was contained relatively quickly. But then the same problem repeated over and over again. It ended up getting to the point that it was unable to be contained by conventional means anymore. The Scyrians eventually discovered too late that Enhancelement doesn't mix well with Ambition and all this is the work of genetic madness. Eventually, it was forced that the remaining Sane Scyrians imprison themselves and the entire population into suspended animation and cut the Scyrians from the universe ever since. This occurred when a war started between two factions to fight the genetic madness or to preserve themselves. The leader of the race was for fighting the madness as a proud leader while the leader of the resistance was intent on putting the race in suspended animation. The war lasted for centuries and because they used enhancelement, the substance started to affect the environment since it couldn't accumulate under normal circumstances. In the end, both leaders had to download their minds into two invisible towers with archives and seeds for healing the Scyrians and their planet.

55 Million BK: Dishastor at Edgtus System

In the far isolated system of Edgtus, there lived the un-noticed and silently evolving and quickly Tec Ascended Meteorites, bodiless shapeshifting mass of living nerves and cased brains that're silicon-based superorganism beings who have evolved their nervous matrices into an eusocial communism where each caste specifies a brain function, each caste having a 'pecking order', and the queen is the higher intelligence, and developed fifth-dimensional and quantum abilities, making the entire race a singular hive-mind. It can see infinite probabilities and create temporal loops that allow it to adapt to strategies when one fails, allowing them to become literally unstoppable. This proved helpful in having them skip dodge at the face of a cataclysmic event in the form of a comet shower of uranium-rich comets, of which forced the Meteorites into retreating underground. Even after the meteors did their damage to the planet and had left, the Meteorites were aware that the planet would take years to recover, so they went into hibernation to wait out the planet's recovery period. The Meteorites would be obscure in a great long time throughout Bacabin's history as they are already.

123696 BK: Wraemontir Aexen Visit.
Aexen Race Chart

The Aexens

in the times of yore, the Aexen of the system of Aexen-Hoss, before the extreme actions of the Yrees, used to routinely monitor this planet for potaintional use to pursue their own interests. Wraemontir at the time didn't actually had an official name, so the Aexens of the planet Occulla had named it after an Aexen god of fear. The Aexens of Occilla were very fascinated with the art of witchcraft, thus they would be responsible for planting the early seeds of what would lead, to the existence of Grim Sister culture.
123800 BK: Beginning of the Grims

The Expanding Yree Empire began prosecuting and destroying Aexen Culture. Among the first worlds was Occulla, via the usage of Yree owned Astro Lasers. Some Aexen Survivers had managed to retreat to hide in secret colony bases back in Wraemontir itself. Among them, was a leading female figure that would come to only be reckitnsed since as The Grim Mother, wanting to ensure that the legacy of the Aexen is revived via the introduction of the Grim Sisters. The Grim Mother would seek out troubled and prosecuted young females of the planet in a time where woman's rights were yet even a conception, and took them to Espiotis to encourage private training of the magic. The Grim Mother began encouraging the girls in the ways of Grim Magic, an Aexen tampered strain of magic that allows for power based on their anger and negative emotions, resulting in the creation of things like Grimaces, spirits infused with grim magic to become monsters that symbolize a certain grim's personal gripe with life. A famous example would be found in none-other in Remena in the Alpha Universe way off into the future. The Grim Mother would become a celebrated figure of Grim Sister, and eventually grim brother, culture, and Grim Magic would become a powerful force. That isn't to say that Grim Sisters don't have a challenging road ahead of them. The Grim Sisters would come to expand their influence on all of the newly named Grimrume System.

123900 BK: The Litterally Rich Growth of Economicon System
Economator Species


The Econamtors, Teadr 3 raptor-eqse geese, had went through a relatively peaceful and undisturbed evolutionary period and technological advancement. If there was something that always mattered to the Econamtors even in primitive times, it was wealth and money. The Econamtors were the earliest races to have a form of primitive wealth and banking in Econam currently recorded in All of AUU history, much less Bacabin. In fact, the first invention the Econamtors of their Teadr 7 era, was a primitive dollar, utilized by a leaf from the native "Pretty-Pretty" Tree. It was certainly ahead of where other primitives used pelts or shiny rocks as currency. Thus often Econamtors with the most leaves were considered the wealthiest Econams of their time period. They were even the first primitive race to introduce the concept of jobs and working in any of the AUU, granted, it's often for atypical primitive things, like hunting for food, gathering, warding off prehistoric predators, the usual. Apart from occasional Leaf Feuds of which certain rich Econam Tribes would have, things were relatively peaceful here. This as such had always earned Wondo attention and lead to their system always being researched and admired by them.
123929 BK: Growth of the Littids and Beeteans.

In the Pre-Isolated Systems, the most favorite systems of the Wondos was always the systems litterally named after sizes, some of abnormally big, while others were so small they require a microscope. The Outers were being VERY weird when they made those systems and planets as they did. Though the systems after that were pretty normal, the Wondos were always the most fascinated with the first several systems. Though of the beings and creatures of the systems, it was the Littids and Beeteans that gained their greatest attention. Both early Littids and Beeteans admired the Wondos as god-like beings and the unsung heroes of the First Cartoonian War. Thus, the two insect races were offered two special gifts, a tec monolith for the Littids that would allow them enlightenment to become what would they become today, and the Beeteans were offered a substance unlike any natural shorce before, a luminous liquid useful as an energy resource like oil. The Wondos told the Beeteans to treat it as a sacred gift with respect and that it is only for them alone, deeming the Beeteans' protective nature perfect for protecting such a gift. The Wondos meant for these gifts to allow these insect races to ascending to greatness and become the shared owners of the system. Alas, the Wondos did not realize that they inadvertently planted the seeds of a spanning conflict in the distant future, as the two groups would, not nessersarly get along well at the starting gate.

123978 BK: The Ascension of Mangmer

The Medevil Planet of Mangmer, also reckitnsed the Wondos, albeit mostly with their tec as the Wondos has sometimes buried older tec pieces onto specific spots meant to prevent it's misuse in event of the AUU becoming unenlightened, had seen ascension. Thing is, the Wondos never figured that the medieval residence would eventually discover the hiding spots, mostly by dumb accident, and lead to the retro recreations of the Wondos' tec to be uncovered and used to speed up Mangmer's ascension into a higher-tech level, but while they were still in medieval mindsets. As a result, all kingdoms under this planet's sun became tec-crazed to seek out more Wondo hiding spots, though they yet to even realize of the Wondos existence and assumed the buried tec to be "The Blessing of the Planet", often leading kingdoms to fight eachother any unearthed tec, espeically if it's tec buried between kingdom borders.

124000 BK: Bacabin Founded.

Of any sector, Bacabin is amongst the few sectors founded by any other race not of immediate connections to mass-colonizer races. It was founded by the ceallan, Corpius Bacabin, who in cause of his fame as a fighter earned the right to have the sector named after him. Thus following this, the Ceals began to mass-colonize the other planets in their EXTREMELY large and planet plentiful system, rich of resources and life back in the time. In the early part of the 124000s, the Ceals spent their time completely spreading their influence on the entire system of the now-named Ceallta System.

124100 BK: Gullards Ascension.

Within this period, the teadr 3 Gullards finally already got started to spread beyond their planet and colonized a select number of worlds. Though the Gullards have to face the extra colonizing challenge of requiring humidity to survive and thus they primarily live in tropical or seaside areas, or worlds with global humidity, as such a requirement made them adapt to humidity's consequence of accelerating bad weather. Thus often you would rarely see a Gullard from too far off this side of Bacabin.

124500 BK: Rise of the Krakonites.

The Krakonites, a Cthulu-faced race of tentacled beings had just recently ascended to Teadr 1, even though they were an elder race, they were stuck on Teadr 2 for a very long time due to years of debilitating civil wars slowing them down. The Krakonites would earn a quick reputation as being considered beings close to being "Gods of War", and had earned a great deal of respect from even the Wondos. Even though the Krakonites are of a one planet system, they were not to be trifled with. 

124890 BK: Ceal Ambition.

It was at this point where the Ceals began to acknowledge that they bare a rare anominality that can enhance their fighting capability and general skills. Outsider communities called it "Cerwin's Mutation", but the Ceals had a different name for it, "The Inner Ceallan". Thus, Teadr Enterprizes were entrusted to research this potaintional. The Ceals were getting ambitious in that they possessed something that would make them a greater force, even more than the Wondos. However, entrusting Teadr Enterprizes would prove to be a mistake, because at the time, Professor Higgonspox was encharged of the company, and he is netourious of being recklessly ambitious. He would prove to be the worse ever guy to entrust about researching a special unique genetic ability of litterally the entire race, it just wasn't acknowledged yet.

124999 BK: The-Genetic Corruption.

Higgonspox was doing very well with the experimentations of the Cerwin's Mutation of Ceals. However, it was making him go absolutely mad. Higgonspox was becoming a mad scientist because of this research, and because of Imperident Dezedron, the leader of the Ceals, proved too trusting even with the professor's clear insanity, nothing would've halted the mad professor's ambition before it was already too late. Higgonspox had offered to utilize a machine he said will trigger the mutation to activate and bring the Ceals to greatness. However, the machine was actselly Higgonspox's way to basically corrupt the Ceals with his same madness as he had deemed the Ceals worthy of great conquest of the universes. The presentation had the entire system's attention, something Higgonspox wanted. Apawn the simple flick of a switch, the machine emitted a beam-wave that triggered the Cerwin's mutation within all Ceals, corrupting all, even the leader, into Higgonspox's shared madness. The Ceals were turned into mad conquerors.

125000 AK: The Ceallan Conquest.

In an ironic twist of fate that Bacabin missed out on the Second Cartoonian War, save for some minor space battles, Bacabin's real introduction to such conflict was the beginning conquest of the Ceallans. The Ceallans were dominating systems left to right, as thanks to their mutation they were basically unstoppable. Even the worse of weapons didn't even do minor damage to them. It was nothing but one-sided fights, and the Ceallans were the one-side winners. Athomioco System fell quickly, as did Gardas, though the Gullards fought valiantly. The Krakonites became the earnest real challenge the Ceallans encountered when the Krakonites were quick to challenge them.... For litterally only about a few days until the Ceals invented a machine with access to other dimensions and exiled the entire Krakonite homeworld into it. Terbulcon System followed shortly after. The Grim Mother sensed the power of the Ceallans and had the Grim Sisters immediately make themselves absent to avoid being taken into slavery by the Ceals and to avoid grim magic being dragged into the conflict, but non-grims would not have the luxury of going unnoticed by the Ceals apawn the conquest of Grimrune system, although some more heroic grims did go out of their way to help evacuate places attacked by Ceals. Iwiha and Angthrom fell quickly. Negrinnia fell as well even despite the Masosors' best efforts. With Overg Minor a prior Ceallan colony, Overg System was taken more much quicker before even the main army arrived. Fortunately, the Wondos forced an intervention and were able to cut off Portus and the systems after it to prevent the Ceallans from becoming a Multiverseal danger via a grand forcefield. However, at best this would just spare the rest of Bacabin of the Ceals, as they would then turn their sights onto the rest of Beta Universes, and in thanks to the Bullarns' stupidity in 125319 AK, which allowed them further foothold in the Alpha Universe then already after the Ceallans defeated the Exemplyds, the Ceallans became an even more feared power to all of the AUU.

125401 AK: The Ceallan "Defeat"

The Ceallans had already earned alot of powerful enemies with their mindless ambition. Among them was the Gullard Doctor, Dr. Zolost, who came to view the Cellans as monsters because, during the conflict, he lost his family in a typical Gullard rebellion battle in Toiph. Ever since Zolost began to conduct a serum he believed would defeat the Ceallans permanently, in what would be referred to as the Zolost Serum, a serum that in theory is designed to harm Cerwin's Mutation. By this year, the serum was finished in production, and the forces that were fighting back against the Ceallan rampage were quick to utilize the serum against the forces, which actually had started to hurt them and made them retreat back into the system and the homeworld planet, of which a cloud of the Zolost serum was used against the Ceallans, seemingly having finished them off to extinction. For as much as the Wondos were not ignorant to the Ceallans' actions, they deemed Zolost no better and no less cruel by his act of genocide, and had ensured that the universes were not arrogant of this, thus Zolost was arrested and was prevented from being deemed a hero in a time of crisis. Zolost would be trialed and jailed in a prison of the main Gullethos planet for the rest of his life. However, little was it realized that while the serum does hurt the Ceals, it didn't actually "Killed them", as more like the Ceals were forced into a hibernation death-like state that would at the least keep them conked for a long period of time. But otherwise, either way, the Ceallan threat was at least quelled.

Rest of AK: Bacabin Recovery

The Remainder of Bacabin's time of AK was dedicated to healing and recovery. The Wondos were big leaders in healing Bacabin, but they were joined with the Gullards, the Econamtors during their period of economic growth, and even occasional Littid and Beetean volunteers from time to time, which the two managed to mostly put their differences aside to heal Bacabin. Though the disappearance of the Krakonites was a serious loss, the Wondos were confident they would eventually get themselves out given how great their tec was, though their greatest mourn was for the Ceallans, being fully aware that they were only victims of ambition and couldn't have been able to stop them from going too far. Still, at the least, they were able to prevent the rest of Bacabin from suffering, much less let Portus be of risk to allow other dimensions to suffer from the Ceallan chaos as well. Speaking of Portus, it among other systems and/or planets not already belonging to established races would come to be colonized by a large collection of other beings and sentient animals, this being that inspite of Bacabin being forever infamously known for the Ceallan chaos, the amount of untouched planets Bacabin had proved worthwhile to contend with the haunting memory of the Ceals.

126777 BBCE: Feskulia Colonisation.

Of any planet that was deemed a hard sell for colonists to have a place outside of most of any planet in the Ceals' home system, was Feskulia. Feskulia had earned extra infamy at the time for being the site of where the Zolost serum was first used on Ceallans and the forever infamous crumble of their stranglehold on the planet, resulting in the destruction of the cities. Not helping that as a semiarid terrestrial planet which has slimy purple toxic tar pits, large deserts, rock formations, geothermal valleys, decent amounts of fauna and flora such as land reefs and plants, a purple sky due to its small amounts of nitrogen, rich amounts of valuable resources and gemstones, and it's foggy afternoons, it was also a planet that would seem to have rubbed most people the wrong way, little was eased to note that it was also a prison colony planet by the Ceallans at one point and ergo was subjugated to feel the effects of crime. Many wondered what the Ceals saw in the planet other than just saying they have it. Though according to the Wondos it was said that the planet has a valuable fuel shorce, so with some eased begrudgence, the folks turned Feskulia into a fuel colony, just the matter of figuring out WHAT that fuel was, though it was also a great mining colony for its gemstones and did offer decent resources. To the people at the time, maybe at most Feskulia was just an ugly planet but with personality.

130156 TPE: Portus System Trouble

Many years prior to this point, the Wondos were not the only researchers of the anomalies of Portus System's various uncloseable portals. It included various other Teadr 1 races or specific individuals that came to study these portals, chief among them, the Ollotheans. Eventually, around the time of the Second Cartoonian War, these researches would be done, the beings satisfied with what they had learned about the portals and left. However, because Portus Prime was never officially colonized at that time, the knowledge of the system is reserved for the Teadr 1 races and the Wondos, thus, apawn colonization in the mid 125500s, the colonists of the newly colonized Portus Prime were in for quite the experience. Come this period, the colonists had incidents with the portals, A trade ship ended up flung across the dimensions and ended up lost in "An entire Dimension of Space Antropods", and had to be saved by a Wondo rescue crew and just managed to escape "Giant Weird looking Space Zees", another incident involved pirate raids from dimensions from where Pirates had reign supreme, coupled with incidents involving inter-dimensional/pan-dimensional monsters running amock and causing a ruckus! The Colonist Leaders decided that the uncloseable portals, if they can't be closed, must be heavily monitored and contained! Thus, under a Wondo founder, the colonist leaders allowed for the existence of The Dimension Jumpers, a group trained in the ways of being capable of contending with dimension-related problems. Thus the Jumpers immediately got to work to categorized every portal and what dimension it leads to, so people would know which one is safe and which is not. Safe Portals are allowed public access while dangerious or uncertain ones are restricted for safety reasons, such aforementioned portals often being given Wondo "Portal Bubbles" to cut off access to them, from both outside and in the portal. Neverums would come to be key and impourent members of the Dimension Jumpers and good advisers of what dimensions to look out for, especially ones they told in a secret meeting about "Copy United Universes", and warned that half the time, they may either be dangerious or just too much for the public to handle, thus these kinds of portals, if ever found, are espeically restricted for those reasons.

111 AB: USRA and UIS times.
Beta Universe Terratory Chart

Beta Universe Terratory Chart.

The introduction of the USRA and then UIS became an interesting subject for Bacabin. Though it does have systems that lean to the USRA, it doesn't actually have any present full USRA-owned colonies, save for Tiikon presence in Scyria, but that can be argued that it's more of a shared colony with those with interested with Scyrian legacy then something nessersarly truly a USRA system. Thus byenlarge, with the econamtors in mind in future hindsight, it's by enlarge a UIS-country sector, if though largely contested thanks to the economic conflicts of the Troupe and the Guild later down the line. And the Wondos are caught in the middle of it. Litterally. The Wondos stayed and prefer to be neutral to both parties because the Wondos see potaintional in both groups, but are discouraged by their flaws, and most of all, their continuous bickering that they see no productive reason to be with neither. Still, Wondo endorsement for either side would be a big boost for the two alliances, the USRA for finally getting an official foot in the sector, and for UIS to simply get an even stronger grip then already. As a result, the Wondo system had been contested ever since.
200 AB: Rumors of Feskulia

Even in spite that the folks here had been thriving well in Feskulia, people just couldn't stop thinking about the planet's apparent iffiness. Planet-distrust was in the air. This was affecting productivity and had an impact on the economy. This forced the government to investigate the safety-levels of the planet itself. And the best way to do this was to test the planet's core. Core tests are often a way for colonists to test planet stability and safety as it has been done for many years, but it was used by very retro and old tec that is prone to error the older they get, espeically at this point, the core-testing tec the Feskulian Colonists had was BBCE-Era Core Test devices that at this point may as well be considered antiques. It was considered ill-suited for the job, but the officials deemed it too risky to wait for an up-to-date model to be taken to the planet if in an event Feskulia truly wasn't safe. So the Feskulia Core Test commenced.

200 AB/2: The Feskulia Core Test.

Times of Core Testing do typically become anxious events, but it was espeically so with Feskulia. It has been a common nightmare of colonists to end up in a dangerious, unstable or doomed planet, fearing only being remembered in history as a doomed colony or an example used by anti-colonists of the dangers of going to stranger planets and systems, hence why back in the old days, planet colonizing was seen as a radical and risky proposal, no less different to how old-world Europe felt about the idea of leaving for west. Even at this time, the colonizing of planets is still a risky process because unlike native or homeworld planets, they're not always so familiar with the planet they colonized. Basically they would get the same feeling you would get if you moved into a new house. Colonists are often given the common warnings about colonization, extra-terrestrial threats, cosmic disasters, unfamiliar deceases, alien weather, or more commonly, problems with the planet itself. This too has many ranges, the planet in actuality already having sentient presence and it ends up being deemed an act of usurping, parasites, or often the colony ends up suffering from bad politics and fails. But of any worse case scenarios folks were REALLY afraid of, is if the planet itself is dying, unstable or potaintionally dangerious. The one thing colonists fear espeically out of anything else, it was dangerious and/or unstable cores. And given that Feskulia wasn't exactly a pretty colonized planet, it doesn't exactly ease Residental nerves. Thus, the core test of Feskulia would be deemed the most contentious point in any of the AUU's history. Thus whenever a delay occurs, which was to be expected with older era tec, espeically anything from BBCE, then backlashes would occur.

366 AB: The Frightful "Results".

if trusting out of date tec wasn't enough of some really bad hindsight, it is made worse with that the guy that was hired to take the core test, was an incompetent rookie core tester named Jimbo Pantswetzon, a notoriously cowardly dope that isn't any better about the worries of what Feskulia really is. He wasn't the most comforting figure for the job because he wasn't able to resist rumor-bias and had, a wee bit, fell for the fear-hype of that Feskulia could be dangerious. This was a cocktail of disaster, as the Core Tester glitched. In Jimbo's perspective, the tester said the core was made of Nitrolysigen, a highly-volatile poison and the most dangerous reactive substance in the AUU, capable of destroying an entire planet. This was quite a dangerous and traumatizing thing to discover. The discovery of the planet's "explosive core" caused mass hysteria and panic, causing all civilizations to be abandoned. However, little did anyone realized, that Feskilia's core is, highly exaggerated and misinterpreted. The claimed "Nitrolysigen" is actually a result of a typo, it was actually meant to spell "Netrolysigin", a harmless and powerful alternative fuel that can make ships run forever and is environmentally friendly. As a result, thanks to a computer error and an incompetent dolt being in charged to thoroughly check the paper, Feskulia has been mistaken as a dead planet and left to be taken advantage of by undesirables who managed to know better. The Wondos, embarrassed for the colonists, had all face-palmed at this event, cause they had been to the planet before and know the truth thanks to better Core Tester Systems and competent Testers. But the Wondos would rather let the outsiders learn for themselves, though they would keep an eye out for someone they would best listen to correct the misunderstanding.

400 AB: The Littid-Beetean War

The Littids and Beeteans were still having rough relations at this point, but it was about to reach critical mass. Senator Gree D. Monaaybagg was a Littid who had dark ambitions to take over the Littid people for his own gain and establish a dictatorship to take over all of Bacabin, all the while making him filthy stinking rich. Thus the senator had intentionally gone to Beetean to secretly harvest the sacred fuel for profit so he can afford the perfect army for a coup. The Beeteans got a whiff of the illegal operation and ambushed it, chasing off the Senator's loyalists, his son included, as the Beeteans proceeded to brutally punish and torture Gree to death. The Senator's son, Monaaybagg Jr., returned to the Littid Homeworld and lied about what happened, made up the story that he and the fallen senator crashed landed into the planet from a made-up space pirate attack and that he was gathering the Beetteans' beloved fuel to enable the ship to leave after repairs, but then the Beeteans attacked the Senator and tortured him, the one thing true from Jr's lies. Thus, with Jr. elected senator apawn the funeral of Gree D, the Littids angerly declared war onto the shocked Beeteans, of which in their anger and pride being insulted, were not able to explain themselves because of such things being challenged and being given the impression that the previous senator was representative of Littid true desires. Thus, the Littids and Beeteans had been at war ever since.

1300 AB: The Dark Rebirth of Grims

The 1300s was a time of rebirth for Grim Culture in Wraemontir, albeit darker then what Grims had called "The Time of True Birth", as this period would end up being how Grims are introduced to grand universal community knowledge, but not in an ideal way. The Grims ended up emerging in a time of the planet coming to be the domain of vastly different societies than the time of Ceallan existence. And it is a time where the legacies of heroic grims from the time of the Ceallan invasion had been forgotten, for the new-agers were worse than just being ungrateful to the legacies: they even began to prosecute Grim Sisters Salem-Witch Trials style. These actions aggravated the Grim Mother, thus began an age where Grimsisters began to do hostile actions against impudent colonies. Which in term lead to the creation of the Penance Realm where those espeically guilty of unscrupulous actions against Grimsisters are sent to. This would be the rise and start of complications to come into this planet.

1310 AB: The time of Wraemon the Desecrator

In all technically, up until this point, Wraemontir wasn't always called as such. Once apawn a time, as before, it was named after the Aexen God of Fear, but because the Aexens are obscured to history, and that the Grims went into hiding during Ceallan times, this name was forgotten and never acknowledged. Thus, under the capital city of Saluumus, Wraemontir was once called "Plomouth", as the colonists had very pilgrim like standards and clearly had no knowledge of Grim occupation prior to their arrival and assume them a recent occurrence. Helped little that their government was hyper relijustus to near-fanatical levels, under the group, The Burning Purity Cathedral, a Kabul of extreme zealots that dispises anything that is deemed impure, and Grim Magic was made a high target, helping little that Grim Magic is inherently dark in nature. Grims were prosecuted almost rigorously, even in spite of the context behind them. The group even goes as far as to spill innocent blood based on a preemptive accusation of them ascending to grimsisterhood, even out of blunt misunderstandings. Trials were always rigged, corrupt and fatal. Then came the day a beloved Grimsister Acolyte under the Grim Mother's direct tutilage was going to be set to burn at the steps of the capital, of which the Grim Mother and all other grims braced for the worse. However, just as the fire was about to be set, Ice Zombies bum-rushed the crowd and their presence was too cold for the fire to work. It was then and there, that Wraemon, in his younger prime, came forth, freed the protege grim, and left with her to allow the Ice Zombies to do some serious damage to the capitol building. Thus, Wraemon was brought before the Grim Mother herself. Though Wraemon was not a grim, being an average necromancer, ergo had no reason to intervened as he did, Wraemon justified that he knew what it was like to be discriminated in such a display, Necromancers having it worse from his old homeplanet of Vaarcovania, of which to Wraemon is made worse in that he's among surviving Pteraveus tribes, his family fleeing to Wraemontir/Plomouth to avoid that suffering. Having earned the Grim Mother's rarely granted sympathy and respect, Wraemon was welcomed into the Grims as "The Grim Father", and becoming a highly valued icon of the Grims, leading to the entire planet facing a historic conflict ever since.

1313 AB: The Grim War

Under Wraemon's leadership, the Grims had declared war onto the capital and all colonies that were impudent to Grims. This lead to the production of specialized grimaces built to fight down the group's hold, attacking convoys that held captured grims, halting Grim-Burnings, and damaging trading colonies that were the capital city's shorce of income. The Burning Purity Group was starting to look incompetent as folks began to submit to fear, if not even resulting in some to become inspired to become grims themselves as a chance for vengeance against the group for the death of a loved one or because of the group's other crimes against minorities or those excommunicated for certain crimes. Weaker Colonies even began to surrender to the Grim forces for peace, while stronger colonies only suffered destruction or were damaged badly enough that they surrendered too. In some cases, the fiasco even began to turn colonies oppressed by the BPC into sympathizers and willing non-Grim-based fighters that began to insurrect against the BPC's control. Wraemon was sure to utilize such developments well, going out of his way to earning friendships with such defecting colonies, by throwing them banquets, parties, even doing fake-out scares once in the while. (Though the last thing did nearly risked a colony to defect back into the BPC's side if were not for immediate reminders for why they defected to begin with, thus Wraemon was more careful with the 3rd thing until he was sure trust was strong enough for that). Wraemon didn't realize this, but he was unknowingly planting the seeds of what would become a new holiday, even more so that Wraemon would have loyalist colony soldiers dress in costumes and masks similar to the Grimaces.

1323 AB: Fall of Plomouth

At this point, the capital was in disarray, apawn the assassination of the group's leader, Archbishop Fyrebiad, the BPC group was becoming a disorganized mess. Members began to become even more abusive to even proven loyalists after a good chunk of colonies had turned to the grim side, enforcers began to force holy taxes onto people, unjust warrantless searches began to be conducted onto innocents' homes, families and friends divided, ruined and scarred, the atmosphere is perfect for Wraemon to make a historic final strike against the capital and the BPC. Forces of Grim, Grimaces, Non-Grims and Wraemon's own private undead forces all advanced towards the crumbling capital, the last bastion of the false legacy of Plomouth. The attack was decisive and forceful, the capital city being destroyed and members falling to the attack. It lead to the fall of the BPC's holy palace, the final destruction of a usurper legacy, as Plomouth as it was, has fallen..... From there forth, it would rise and be reborned as Wrarmontir, in honor of Wraemon's name for liberating Grim kind. Thus, it was the birth of the Wraemon Era.

1333 AB: Grimrume Civil War

The Fall of Plomouth and that of its conversion into being named after it's usurper, infuriating the leaders of the other planets of Grimrume system. The Colonist Occupations in Zanzania, Iealund, and Olmer, spearheaded by pre-curse Nethergon, original name Holidus. The planet leaders would form the alliance, The Wraemontir Cleasners, lead by the Yateron Preist Killerjoyus. This alliance would vow to cleanse away Grim Influence.... This would prove to be a big, stupid, and costly mistake.

1333 AB/2: The Cursed Declaration of War.

An ambassador of Holidus, named Ambassitor Hounhor, was sent by Killerjoyus to be a messenger, to basically tell it to Wraemon's face, that war has been declared on Wraemontir and that Grim Presence will be cleansed from the planet. Wraemon took the news so badly, that it's taboo to even EXPLAIN what happened to Hounhor about what occurred. But trust me, it was intense. As Wraemon's first act of starting the war strong, he and the grims arrived in Holidus, placed a terrible curse on it of interdimensional origin as they tapped the planet into a dangerous dimension called the Nether, where dangerous spirits of unfathomable astral power roam and have claimed this world as their own home planet in the AUU. Killerjoyus died in the process as even to this day, the nether spirits roam the now renamed Nethergon. The Cleansers were already in shambles before the war started, as Olmer was quickly made the new leader planet. This did not help their situation at all.

Late 1333 AB: Olmer Capulates

After the Grim Forces defeated Iealund and Zanzania, Zanzania having the worse of it with Wraemon triggering an extinction event on it, the Cleansers ended up being defeated in litterally the same year as their own founding, espeically in thanks to the Grims earning allies in Ghorsts. Olmer's leader, King Pissinpoopants, immediately issued a surrender and had Olmer capitulate to the superior grim forces. Still, Wraemon wanted to offer one final indignity to the last planet of a troupe of planets that threaten the genocide of grims, as Wraemon and grim forces arrived there personally. Wraemon had declared, that Olmer is to become a banishment site for any that had dared threaten grim society, which included Olmer's current residence as the first banishees. Thus, the declaration was made and the grim forces left quickly. Olmer's kingdoms fell apart ever since.

1366 AB: The Death of Wraemon/Founding of Grim Night

Things were truly peaceful after the stupidly brief civil war and the prior war to reclaim Wraemontir. The Grims were at the greatest peace they can ever receive after all the struggles. However, this would be the year of a great tragedy. During a celebration, Wraemon found himself confronted by an armed migrant from Olmer. This stranger, self-dubbed as The Hollowed Exterminator, arrived for one purpose: To become the First Grim Hunter and to slay Wraemon. Wraemon made the fatal error of not taking the stranger seriously, which to be fair, he was super-drunk on his winning streak after winning TWO wars in the system, he was overconfident in grim magic's power. There was no way he could lose. However, 5 minutes of fighting, the Hollowed Exterminator got a stab into the heart into Wraemon, killing him immediately, to the shock and horror of all present Grims, espeically the Grim Mother, who was getting infatuated with him. The Hollowed Exterminator ran as quickly as he came, disappearing into the night to the sound of mourning Grimsisters. Wraemon was giving a Grim Magic cremation in Nethergon, his great spirit one with the spirits of Nether. After that, the Hollowed Exterminator was declared a wanted criminal to the Grims who must be hunted down at any costs. In the meantime, The Grim Mother decided that Wraemon's legacy is to be honored additionally through the creation of a holiday, based on what Wraemon was known to do to earn Non-Grims into ally-hood. With this, the Grim Mother declared for Wraemon's birthday, which coincides amazingly at the end of the AUU month of Wroctber, the 31st day in that month, to be the bearer of a holiday in tribute to him: Grim Night.

1370 AB: Rise of the Grim Hunters

The Hollowed Exterminator wasn't done being a woe to Grims yet. He returned to Olmer and opened up a Grim Hunter Accadamy to began the training of grim hunters, earning quick fame for the fact he brought down Wraemon and left Grims without one of their serious leaders. He was declared a hero for Olmer and the legacy the Cleansers COULD'VE had. Thus, the Hollowed Exterminator began to train future Grim Hunters his skills and knowledge to turn them into actual threats to Grims and even Grimaces. All the while, The Hollowed Exterminator would create a revisionist history about Grims being the usurpers of the entire system and had denied things like "The True Beginning of Grims" and other crazy lies. He would make Grimsisters and Grimbrothers look like maniacal monsters and unholy avatars of darkness. This would have a lasting effect onto the legacy of Grims as a result.

1372 AB: The Olmer Conflict

The Grim Mother took quick notice of the rise of the Hollowed Exterminator's Grim Hunter Academy, and, in still grieving for Wraemon, declared for an immediate assault alongside a special Grimace she made for the occasion: A giant skulled bat monster named "The Beast of Wraemon", the strongest Grimace of its time (Pre-Remena) and the Grims' ultimate weapon of revenge against the Grim Hunters and their teacher. The assault was violent for both sides, but mostly for the Grim Hunters since a vast majority were still learners. The Beast of Wraemon tore apart Grim Hunters like they were nothing. The Hollowed Exterminator made a mad dash to slay the creature in a dramatic fashion, but only ended up slain by the snapping jaws of the creature instantly, killing the first Grim Hunter. Afterwords, satisfied with her victory, The Grim Mother and other grims had placed a curse on Olmer, which would prevent them from ever leaving the planet again. I.E.: space-age technology is unable to work in Olmer, condemning inhabitance to Olmer for life. However, even the Grim Mother failed to notice that a surviving band of future Grim Hunters had already escaped Olmer ahead of time, and would insite revenge by keeping the Grim Hunter Legacy arrive, something that would plague grims for a long time.

1374 AB: Zanzania Tribe Wars

In the past, the indigenous tribes worshipped both Wraemon and the Grimsisters since they had high activity here, not knowing of their true nature of going evil as the result of oppression and torment, yet had a few clues of it that made them think of them as tragic beings of mixed morality. They were, and are, widely worshipped in tombs around the world's tallest mountain, Mount Killijiro, where Wraemon was said to have triggered a superplume-based extinction event that reshaped the world into a new one. They considered Wraemon a wise Faustian figure that made deals that were both beneficial and harmful, as he had been neither good nor evil, yet when they learned of the true nature of those of whom they worshipped, they had a brief age of darkness where two sides came in as they believed that, with this revelation, they didn't know what to think, and thus created a holy war as to what to think of this revelation, and either follow him with the purpose of evil, hence the Wraemontics, or have faith in a new religion of which Wraemon split into two entities, a good and evil side, hence the Wraellics, and thus the war lasted for a century until the Wraemontics were nearly extinct, and the new religion was decided to be the logical one. Regardless, they came to believe that Wraemon's two sides are worshipped by each other, the Wraellics worshipping the good side, and the surviving Wraemontics, that became a new terrorist group, worship the evil side. Regardless, the two sides fight and maintain peace and believe in not killing each other because they feel they exist as polar opposites, and thus if one dies, so will the other. This holy war is obscured as much as it can as it is something considered as a private matter.

1377 AB: The Crazo Grim Epidemic.

Since the 1372 attack on Olmer, Grims had to cope with rising and falling factions of attempted Grim Hunter groups that continue to plague and threaten them. Most Grims kept a rational mind about the situation and braved through the persistent threat. But there was an influx of Grims that were losing their cool for all the sisters, brothers and other loved ones they were losing to the Grim Hunters' calculated and brutal actions. They had been losing faith in the Grim Mother ever since the death of Wraemon, and deemed the slaying of the Hollowed Exterminator a hollowed victory cause there is still Grim Hunters loose. These Grim Sisters and brothers began to fall into madness and hatred for non-grims without a reasonable cause for it. They would become the Crazo Grims, where they would commence violent acts against non-grims. This prompted a Grim Civil War.

1379 AB: Grim Civil War

It was a time when Grim Sister Covenants fought other such groups that had turned Crazo Grim. Of any Crazo Grim Group that was a concern to the still sane Grims, the group Flaming Mad Wickeds, were the most dangerious grims to have gone crazo, cause of their unrivaled mastery in pyro-magic. The Flaming Mad Wickeds were known to burn down villages and cities in having a newfound hatred for non-grims, and their Grimaces were based on firy destruction, so it doubled the turmoil. On top of distracting Grims from the Grim Hunter problem, it also serves to risk the same Grim Hunters to leash in new potaintional members, using the Crazos as ammunition to earn their favor. Though eventually the Flaming Mads would be captured and sent to the penance realm, being among the first Grim Sisters to be subjugated to their own creation, it only gets more undesirable from here.

1388 AB: The Further Crumble of Grim Legacy

Because Crazo Grims continued to be a burden onto Grims, they ended up being so distracted to the point that they missed a rising group of Grim Hunters, referred to as The De-Grimming Brigade, which immediately began the mass hunting of Grims, sane and crazo alike, forcing capable grims to escape back into the safety of the shadows as Grim Support was at an all-time low. On top of losing the Wraemon Era, Grims also just flat-out lose their legacy and planet. Surprisingly, the name was still kept, if likely because Plomouth had become obscure at this point. That, and it had been legally established by the USRA that this planet is called Wraemontir. But the name staying is too weak to qualify the fallen Grim Legacy to have survived. At a time, Grim Night even suffered being a banned holiday thanks to the Brigade. The Brigade's cruel reign had just begun.

1399: Grim Redemption
Elder Amaryllis

Elder Amaryliis

Prior to this event, around the early 1370s, Fayme Plerea Amaryllis was born to a family of Wiccans, basically sub-witches, or in the AUU's case, sudo-Grimsisters, and was introduced to Grim Magic back in a time it was widely available. She came to adore it. Alas, as a child, she would also witness the downfall of Grim Magic to things like the Grim Hunters' birth, Crazo Grims tainting the grim sister legacy, and finally the rise of the Brigade. Her time as an adult became a time ruled by the Brigade, and the return of the Salem-like attitudes returning to Wraemontir, if primarily against witchcraft in due to actions of wicked Grimsisters, along with the common complaints of demon association and curses. Fayme wanted to discourage those common complaints by using the craft in good ways, but her family warned against it. It's not the family didn't approve, as they were worried about her safety and credibility. But Fayme persisted, but as expected, the Populus were quick to renounce and denounce her as a person, universeingly deeming her to be a Grimesister waiting to happen. Fayme deemed this behavior hypocritical since they have a trusted town wizard, named Verlin, who isn't any more encouraging. Fayme was at a breaking point where she was gonna give up because of how idiotic everyone is behaving, and went to a forest to cry alone. But she was approached by an elderly Skepticen exile named Ghoulian, and offered to grant her a wish to make the townspeople come to appreciate her magic abit better. In not knowing any better, she accepted the deal with Ghoulian. Only to later come to regret it when Fayme returned home and discover the atrocity Ghoulian committed. She banished the town's people into the Penance Realm, an ancient Grimsister exiler dimension. When Ghoulian confronted Fayme, she pretty much exposed what Fayme agreed to because of the town's people stupidity, and that their newfound suffering is now her fault. As a result, the town's people further denounce Fayme, resulting in the angered wizard mayor to banish her to the moon. But it ultimately proved to be a stupid action because Ghoulain revealed that Fayme was the only one who can reverse what was ask of her, leaving the wizard to look like a complete dumbass. But Ghoulian's expectations on being done here and there with Fayme proved over-hyped as she managed to get back as easily thanks to her Wiccan powers. She demanded answers why Ghoulian would do this, resulting in a big shock, in that her father was a grim hunter, or at least came to be during the Grim Hunter uprising, that was responsible of taking the life of Ghoulian's sister, so as revenge, she sent her father in the penance realm first with an ugliness curse that reflects the pain brought apawn her sister, explaining that his murder should not be overlooked and be treated as heroism for any reason. Fayme, feeling conflicted to still maintain her rage to the grimsister and to feel sorry for her, did something that dumbfounded everyone: She lunged right into the penance realm! She found her father exactly as Ghoulian advertised, and then proceeded to free him and all of the imprisoned residence back to the town to the great dismay of Ghoulian! In a fit of rage, Ghoulian engaged in a magical duel with Fayme for going against a grimsister pact! The duel was intense, as Fayme was in danger of losing to the superior Ghoulian, but her parents and the repenting town wizard join in and overwhelmed Ghoulian! Ghoulian suffered a blast that took away her powers, leaving her vulnerable to an exile to the moon by the very wizard she humiliated. The Town Wizard expressed his apologies, as did the townspeople, and welcomed Fayme as the good magic-user she is and came to at least have a softer stance of magic. Opinions on Grimsisters however, remained unchanged for this time. Eventually, Fayme would come to believe she can do greater things then already and went to seek out the Magilo world. Though the council was cautious in wanting to accept her, in hearing on how she redeemed a mistake quickly and defeated a still-evil Grimsister, she was accepted and placed onto the path that would lead her into being one with the Council. Fayme would come to pity Ghoulian, remembering well that she was but another victim to the real villains in the brigade. Thus, with Magilo Council-backing and newfound support, she got Wraemontir to understand the true history of Grim Culture and realize that the Brigade were the villains all this time and that the existence of Crazo Grims were technically their fault, because the first grim hunter, killed Wraemon and drove certain grims to madness. Thus, Grim-Hunting became a dying procession, Grims gain cautious respect, and the Brigade became a disbanded shambled mess, but above all, Grim Night was no longer a banned holiday, but more than that, it came to be adopted by the grander universe community as the AUU equivalent to Halloween. To the Grim Mother, it was more than an unexpected surprise. It was Wraemon's spirit finally being put to rest, and the Grim Name, redeemed. Though she would come to be abit grouchy about the holiday getting commercialized in later years.
1700 AB: Athomioco's Founding.

The 1700s have rarely spoken and mostly unnoticed events because they would come to be overshadowed by the Exo-Wars that at this time is still going strong thanks to Dr. Infernus and his Cyberpunk Armies. At the time, Athomioco system was actually left relatively alone and had not seen sentient claiming since the Ceallan times. The Planets came to be adopted by fleeing Globex employees and a gaggle of other USRA-leaning companies in a backlash effect that Globex being harmed also effected their businesses by proxy, cause some of their practices are dependent on Globex presence, so by some extension, Infernus was a threat to other companies as well, if not always directly. So in a way, Athomioco became the first official USRA-fully leaning system in like, forever since USRA founding. A pity though it was founded under bad times. Helped even little that Infernus did get an idea about this newly founded system in the following few years and wanted to ensure it was prevented from giving Globex and coincided companies from having a leg-up in the Exo-Wars, so he sent his best Cyberpunk Armada to charge and attack the system. But this time, the system was well protected by USRA forces and Athomia-raised militia fighters that resulted in the famous "Athomioco System Battle", where even inspite of the attacks by the Cyberpunks, the system kept strong. Around the Time the Exo-Wars entered it's dog day years, an infamous general of the Cyberpunks, Prime General Scrapperton, was leading a decisive penultimate attack that would've seen the fall of USRA business presence in that system. However, the groups were ready with a big counter-attack of their own. Representatives were sent out to ask for help from the Gullards, the USRA/Globex held Noay for manufactor support, which managed to survive it's own Exo-War Problems well enough, Grimsister Mercenaries, the Masosors, economic support from the Econamtors, and even defense device trading from the Wondos, albeit for the time of the war cause the Wondos had shared equal concern about Infernus that time. There was almost a chance to include Littids and the Beeteans into this, but it was already the time of the attack and all representatives had to be sent to safety, and just before the assigned representative could've reached those systems. It was a painful and difficult conflict, but penultimately, Scrapperton fell in battle and the Cyberpunk forces were forced to retreat when the situation got unwinnable. By the Exo-Wars end, Athomioco would peacefully resume business, but once again, on a bittersweet note, cause the USRA's legacy was already on it's way out.

1805 AB: Exo-War Aftermath (In Bacabin)

Bacabin was once again recovering from another conflict, thankfully at least it was more small-scale compared to the Grimerume System having its Grim-Related hooscows going on. However, as atypically, the 1800s would be the dark twilight hours of the USRA, and it was espeically true with Bacabin, even with the idea of the defeat and capture of Infernus was gonna look like a promising prospect of recovery. On top of that, this would also be the time where UIS began eyeing at the USRA's last-legs day, anticipating the idea the USRA would crumble and independence would return to heal the universes. It's simply the matter of ensuring they're kept from recovering. Of which lead to UIS, and the Swactyls and their own banking group in BEIG, to have an interest in the Econamtors, of which they had done prior business with the Swactyls, but now there's worry that cause the Econams aided a USRA system during the result of an expected blunder, that the Econams are at risk of being USRA-ifived, and then following that, it would lead to expansion right into the Littids and Beeteans, risking them being USRAaifived as well, and CLEARLY UIS isn't having that! Thus, BEIG was instructed to have BEIG established operations there as soon as possible.

1810 AB: The Economicon Economic War
The AUU Currency Troupe Symbol

The AUU Currency Troupe Symbol

By the time the USRA's Currency Troupe would arrive to make claim to the system, they already discover that BEIG had already in a few years prior made claims to the system and were working with the Econams first. he end result was a war of economics between the Troupe and Guild where it was a tactical battle to claim the most territory. Economa is thus divided between the Troupe and the Guild, as each gets involved in strong-arming each other and using legal battles to claim each other's territory, from planets to surrounding asteroid belts. Though professional about it, both sides have feudulent attitudes towards each other and both try to one-up each other. A needless banking feud was the last thing the USRA needed, cause it barely got much of an investment from Economicon then it would've expected, thus the system was at least 99.9% prevented from being the USRA's lifeline.
1884 AB: The Third Cartoonian War (Bacabin)

When the USRA crumbled and the 3rd Cartoonian War broke out, the Wondos immediately went to make sure Portus system was closed off to prevent it from being misused by whatever side of the war, whether good or bad so to prevent it from being the Multiverses' problem, in so to prevent innocent dimensions being dragged into something that shouldn't concern them, which was backed by the Dimension Jumpers that they too wanted to keep Portus out of the conflict. In the meantime, the banking conflict in Economicon intensified, Troupe facilities being bought-out by BEIG because some banking leaders got too distraught with the USRA's downfall and the rise of great conflict. It was a heavy blow to Troupe's influence into the system and greatly prevented that system from being a needed help in Bacabin in a time of need. Grimrume would end up having a major place in the conflict, even when the Grims had wished to stay out of it, simply thanks to the return of the Brigade wanting to use the war to ignite a takeover campaign, spearheaded by an infamous fledgling Grim Hunter, a Gullard named The Burner, netourious for his pyrotechnic weaponry and having been known to burn things sacred to Grims. The Burner, with other fledgling Grim Hunters and an army of hired mercenaries, began a mass attack in Wraemontir. This prompted Fayme in having to return home to defend it, sanctioned and approved by the Magilo Council in understanding her need to do so. Thus, Fayme joined a Grim Defence force to fight back Burner's forces. But the Conflict was just beginning.

1884 AB/2: Vikorean Invasion.

The Wondos had been proven wise to put Portus in a defensive position, because the Vikors of Groid would invade Bacabin, lead by one of the 6 clans of war, The Armor Clan, a clan best known for their armor as armorsmiths, the Vikor forces under their leadership quickly established themselves in taking over the entire Ceallta system, and opened an armor trade with Burner's Brigade, which complicated the Wraemontir conflict. But this would also help Grims get universal sympathy, in that cause of the Vikors gained infamy in the 3rd cartoonian war, Burner's Brigade and Grim Hunters in general, would have a nasty name and be viewed in a bad light as traitors to the peace of the universes, resulting it to be easy for Fayme to convince USRA forces to help the Grims out against the Brigade. Burner was chastised as an idiot by the Brigade members that hoped to garner USRA support in this as USRA intervention was leading to the quick downfall of the revised Brigade, leading to Grim Hunters being captured and punished. Burner would fall late into the year, and the grim hunter legacy dead once again. Then came the difficult battle of ousting Vikorean presence, espeically since the Armor Clan was very good with defenses, espeically so with their leader, Clan Leader Armourius. It didn't prove any more beneficial at all that he was quick to utilize lost Ceallan tec to further upgrade defenses of the Vikor occupation in Ceallta. This forced Athomioco System into becoming a big operation base for USRA forces to establish themselves, poised to force the Occupation out. But it would be a difficult process because Ceallta's a big system, and the vikors had already spread throughout like a major infestation, and the Armor Clan are completely nestled in Yemti Crax, protected by fleets and fleets of Vikor forces. This lead to a correlation between Gullards and Grim Militias to help USRA forces to commence the great campaign to oust the Armor Clan hold.

1889 AB: The Great Bacabin Push

In several years of planning, the Bacabin forces proceeded to began their great push to oust Vikor presence. It was a long and difficult conflict, as the Vikors under the Armor Clan fought aggressively and weren't easy to take down thanks solely to the Armor Clans' clever use of metals, but primarily thanks to Grim savatosh and use of Grimaces specialized in wrecking ships, the move to push Vikor presence out is still made possible, though it moved rather slowly. After many struggles by the year before the official end of the 3rd Cartoonian War, The Defeat of the Armor Clan in Yemti Crax was made possible with the death of Armourius, forcing the other Armor Clan Members and Vikorean forces to retreat from Ceallta, freeing Bacabin from the Vikor threat..... For now at least.

1902 AB: Portus on Defensive.

Though the 3rd Cartoonian War was over, the Wondos kept cautious, knowing that the war ended too soon for certain warmongers' liking that it won't be the end of things YET. The Wondos had chosen to continue safeguarding Portus, closing down its famous dimensional tourism due to "Times of Uncertainty". Though the Jumpers support the decision, the Portus government under Governor Capit Tallist, proved to be an ungrateful lout, which would end up inspiring him to go down a dark road, becoming a conspirator in the days before the next time of conflict: The Interuniverseal War. He would meet with the Armor Clan under the nephew of Armourius, Herald Armouris, and remnant Grim Hunters under a new leader that replaced burner, The Crucifixer, to make a secret agreement, that come the next war, that as soon as the Armor Clan and the Brigade established themselves, that both forces would invade Portus to remove it from Wondo presence, just so he can have a business with dimensional tourism again. It doesn't ease him on being the penultimate traitor to all of Bacabin nor the Jumpers though.

1906 AB: The Interuniverseal War of Bacabin.

As expected, The Interuniverseal War began, and in Bacabin, it looked to be no different than the 3rd Cartoonian War, the Brigade once again did business with the returning Armor Clan, and both Ceallta and Grimrume get dragged into war. However, this time, there was an additional threat that really got Wondo attention: An Anomamous figure threatened to open a portal to the AUU's Hell to free Planet Darkside back into the AUU, risking a far more high-stakes situation than in most other parts of the Universes in the Interuniversal War. And Grims were framed as possibly having a connection in this. Though the USRA races had reasonable doubts and suspect that at best it could be a crazo grim non-representative to all Grims, controversy would keep them from directly aiding the Grims cause of the controversy they gained at the time, although the Federations would conduct secret operations to supply Grim Sympathiers with weaponry so Grims in secret were not truly abandoned, though the cleverly crafted official story is that they did do so and would maintain it until innocence was proven. Either way, cause of it, the Brigade crumbled again with Crucifixer immediately sent to the penance realm as punishment litterally as early as a few months into the war. Tallest was shocked, along with Armouris. Tallest's plan had failed and very early. Armouris was quick to have felt like he was scammed into another losing battle, and in a fit of rage, had his forces made a mad dash towards Portus to "End the Trickster's Life"!". The Masosors meanwhile got involved in a correlation to stop a terrorist regime in Vandora, something that might prove to be a costly decision in years' time.

1909 AB: The Dimensional Choas of Portus

Armouris' forces arrived to the well-defended Portus, and at the sacrifice of several Vikors, have managed to break through Wondo block off tecknowagey and beelined for the planet itself, and Armouris angerly exposes Tallest's conspiracy?! But fortunately, the Wondos and the Jumpers had a last-minute surprise for Armouris. The Jumpers were armed with portal guns, made with granted Wondo tec, that allowed them to fire ammunition that becomes temporary portals to dangerious dimensions targeted at Vikor forces! Each round fired opened up portals that had Vikors dragged off by tentacles or giant snake-heads, attacked by trans/pan-dimensional creatures, or even get sucked into a portal that leads to one of the Mad Rim Dimensions. Armouris lost his cool and accused Tallest of betraying him, swearing revenge up until he got hit with a portal that lead him to wind up into The Gullintine Dimension, likely where his fate would be sealed since. The Armor Clan retreated back into their occupation in the new main base of Baskone Ibum. Thus, the hunt for the escaped missing traitor governor of Portus would begin, as the Vikors would be under the new leader of Armoruis' brother, Arbitor Stampus Pedian.

1910 AB: The Hunt for Capit Tallest.

Bacabin's presence in the Interuniverseal War became more about hunting down a traitor governor on top of fighting back against the Vikors AND the Grim Hunters' new group apawn another Brigade failure, dubbed as The Grimrume Eradicators, and with Grims cleared of wrongdoing when Tallest's holojournel had revealed that it was him to made the threat, the USRA was allowed to publicly defend the Grims again under Wondo blessings, and because the Grim Hunters were apart of Tallest's conspiracy, they were further damnnated by all of Grimrume, being designated as traitors to Bacabin. This as a result, lead to defects becoming common, leading to the defecting Grim Hunters to be converted to either grims or allies of grims, and with Fayme's leadership, the Eradicators were in for a miserable time in the war. Meanwhile, Stampus, after gaining new control over Ceallta once more, began to send out his strongest Vikors to seek out where Tallest had-hid. This time, the Armor Clan had broken off ties to the Grim Hunters due to sour impressions of their association in the conspiracy. It had been assumed that the Grim Hunters had severed ties to Tallest as well, but this was far from true. In fact, the leader of the Grimrume Eradicators, Eradicus, is sheltering Tallest and a select number of his loyalists from Portus in Terbulcon Prime, a toxic lava wasteland planet part of a two-sun system, having an extremely scorched landscape due to it's close proximity to the suns, in a protective base once belonging to a bygone era mob boss that had been busted back in the USRA days. It is here where Tallest would aim to wait out the war and start all over under a new name, hoping they would give up the search by the end of the war.

1920 AB: The Assult on Terbulcon Prime

But Tallest was not destined to have the greatest luck ever a few years into the conflict. Eradicus was captured in a battle in Iealund by grim forces, and was made to expose his location in Terbulcon prime apawn harsh torture by grims. Then afterwords he was tossed into the Penance realm. Thus, USRA forces have learned of Tallest's location, but so did Stampus. Both the USRA forces and that of the Vikoreans both arrived, thus a fight broke out. A devastating space battle occurred over planetary space of Terbulcon Prime while forces were already beamed down into the planet, fighting eachother and Grim Hunter holdouts come Eradicus' capture. Alot of Tallest's loyalists died in the conflict, a minority of them fled the planet and would seemingly disappear from nothing then afterwords. Stampus was a raging brute in this conflict, he tore apart Grim Hunter defenses like nothing, even if it costs him alot of his troops, for all he can think about, is avenging his brother. Thus, he finally reached the cowardly Tallest just as he was about to reach an evacuation ship. He grabbed Tallest and tossed him into the lava of the planet, killing the attempted conspirator in a fit of rage, but he got shot by a dying Grim Hunter in the process, fatally wounding Stampus, forcing the Vikors to make a hasty retreat in a bittersweet victory. They may had lost out getting a potaintional foothold in a system beyond Ceallta, but getting Vikorean justice onto Tallest was a victory in its own right, but not without a cost, as apawn rest in a medical base in Lom, despite the Vikoreans best attempts, Stampus would die to his wounds. He was succeeded by his daughter, Valkyrie Quieenos, the first female Vikorean ever allowed a major millaterry role in their history, this being that Stampus didn't have any sons and Armouris never had kids, while Armourius' sons had died in prior conflicts before even the 3rd Cartoonian War, in a minor skirmish with Vikorean Pirate Clans. Female leaders in this time period are not unheard off, even in a time where everything was still relatively deemed "A Man's Universe", but it was a first for the Vikoreans, not to say they never had female fighters, but it was a first any of them got to be leaders in any conflict. And Quieenos would prove to be an extremely intelligent adversary, meaning that Bacabin is not yet out of the woods with its troubles yet just because Tallest and other conspirators had fallen.

1925 AB: The Vikorean Invasion of Athomioco

In-due to the economic shenanigans in Economicon system, the Athomioco system had to be the biggest economic shorce in both the prior 3rd Cartoonian War and even now in the Interuniverseal War. It is also a vastly more vulnerable systemary "War Chest", in-cause, with Economicon, it is protected by distance, Wondo block-off defenses, and the implication that attacking it would alarm the Swactyls, which in term would cause UIS to get involved in the war inspite of Grandmind's insistence of staying clear of it. But Athomioco is litterally bleeding next door to Ceallta, the most unideal strategical situation for USRA federation forces, and Quieenos has already proven herself a capable leader at this point where she successfully had the Armor Clan recapture all of Ceallta's planets. And as luck would have it, Quieenos is not ignorant of this extreme weakness of her opponents. Thus, she sends out the first wave of Vikorean soldiers to capture Iaven, a very impourent food shorce for the system and for Bacabin forces, which in strategic purposes would weaken morale for the fight, reducing soldiers to starve and wait for deliveries from star-crossed universes, with starvation being weaponized against the federation forces. But this would prove to be a costly move. The takeover of Iaven has enraged the people of Athomia, which in terms, served to encourage the election of a pro-war candidate for planetary president, named President Glorios Glorison, who used the takeover as a winning electoral strategy to trounce and drown out more passive opponents, espeically those that called for negotiations with the Vikors, which, in a time where the Vikors are largely in a bad name, only further ensured Glorios' election.

1926 AB: The Battle Over Wolo

Though the colonists of Athomia were ready to fight, it was not gonna be an easy affair. While the Vikors had up-to-date ships at the time of the conflict, the Athomian movement had to rely on older model ships that date as far back as the time of the Exo-Wars, Early 3rd Cartoonian War at the youngest, sometimes even ugly ship hybrids made crudely from scrap yards made from spare parts of old warships left by Infernus' forces. A daring group of fighters even went as far as to salvaged and bring back an old Ceallan Warship and crudely brought it back to space-worthiness and fighting condition. It was going to be a rough space battle and one of the roughest in the Interuniversal War. Initially, the Vikors had the upper hand, but thanks to a brilliant Globex Scientist's Genius and strategic mind, what the Athomian forces lack in better tec, they made up for it in aggressive maneuvers, calculated and organized strikes, and generally surprises up the wazoo. This lead to command ships that housed impourent Vikor generals and commanders on them to either be destroyed or left too weak to flee, which drastically damaged morale and forced surviving ships to retreat. The Vikor generals that avoided death were captured, arrested and placed in Athomian jail, alongside Vikor ship personal, surviving pilots and soldiers that wisely raised their hands in surrender, those that didn't were dealt with quickly. This had weakened respect for Quieenos with the generals she had left, espeically one general, General Monstronaz. This guy is going to be quite the big bad in this side of the Bacabin conflict.

1928 AB: Quieenos Betrayed.

By then, the battle to take back Iaven had begun, and Quieenos had tried her best to keep Iaven Occupation stable, but the Athomian forces were joined with federation forces allied with Gullard forces, Grim Militias, and volunteered Jumpers from Portus for the great push to get the Vikors out of Iaven. Quieenos had realized that tactically, her big plan to invade Athomioco was never going to work, so she decided to surrender the planet peacefully and to enter peace negotiations with the bacabin forces, having the hindsight to realize that fate wasn't going to favor the Vikors. However, Monstronaz had already corrupted other generals to his side, and lead a violent coup that fatally wounded Quieenos, though not without her killing half of the general traitors. Monstronaz was the one to fatally wound her, but was stopped by her husband, LT. Binvinhaz, who took the general's eye, got the weaken Quieenos out of there along with his baby daughter. As a result, Monstronaz continued the losing conflict until too many soldiers were lost that NOW Monstronaz had to retreat anyway, but now there's a heavier bodycount. Binvinhaz arrived to USRA forces and begged for their attention, and explained that the generals had betrayed the wounded and dying Quieenos before him. Luckily, the USRA forces were capable of courtesy and mercy, and allowed the two with the baby into their care, held in a medical station. Quieenos would die of her wounds, and Montronaz would frame Binvinaz as a traitor who costed the Vikor forces their hold on Iaven, allowing the lying cow-beast to ascend as new-leader.

1950 AB: The Take-Back Invasion

At this point, the daughter of Quieenos, Saljreen Quieenos, had grown up and has sworn vengeance onto General Monstronaz, and has ascended to being a commander of the USRA forces. Inspite of being under heavy skepticism, Saljreen has indeed offered a capable strategy to once again remove Vikor presence in the sector. Monstronaz' forces was suffering from mass disorganization at this point, as select forces had discovered the truth but were not of high enough ranks to expose Monstronaz as the traitor, so instead, small forces had rebelled against the main forces. To Saljreen, this was what the USRA forces need and they don't have to actively attack, espeically during a period of limited budget and increasingly difficult fights. Saljreen would subtility win these defectors over and lead them away from Monstronaz, and organize them to fight with the main forces to cause undesirable infighting within forces, which divided new-age generals between loyalist or defectors! This lead to the defectors being backed by USRA forces, which lead to the push-back of Vikor-presence once more.

1960 AB: The Final Push in Baskone Ibum

Saljireen's pushback against the main forces had proved so great, that the entire Armor Clan had abandoned the stubborn Monstronaz having discovered the truth of his actions and had left him and doomed loyalists behind to suffer their inevitable defeat as the Main Forces dwindled to an albeit still unscoffable smaller army still armed with Vikorean weaponry. Added to the universe's own sense of karma onto Monstronaz, he was slowly dying of a Vikorean exclusive cancer that made him delirious to reality and ill-suited for battle, thus his under-trained protege Captain Pantzdown had to manage the trinkling forces that were left. Though Pantzdown is abit of an under-trained twat in a leader position, nonetheless surviving loyalist generals more than pick up the slack of Monstronaz's absence and a currently unreliable stand-in commander. But they were still no less any threat to what Saljireen had for the final touch of avenging her mother and honor. Thus, Monstronaz's fledgling forces were hiding in the planet of Baskone Ibum, A barren rocky planet similar to Mercury that has rocky and hard soil-less surface, hot lava oceans and formations, large rocky terrain, no life in sight, yet has ancient Teadr 1 monuments and ruins designed to mine the resources on the planet, no atmosphere, and war-torn graveyards from prior conflicts. And on this period, those graveyards are about to see new additions. The USRA and Bacabin-Native Force made a brave assault onto Monstronaz' fledgling forces. Even inspite the smaller numbers and not exactly a stable leadership, they were still worthy adversaries, but strategy and the better leadership of Sajireen saw the forces through as they invaded the Vikor base where the sicken Monstronaz and his wimp contemporary stand-in were hiding. The Loyalist Generals died in honor, even if having acknowledging the mistake o siding with a true traitor, but they stayed with him not nessersarly out of true loyalist fashion, but to seek redemption in death in viewing that life no longer forgives them. Saljireen had to respect these Vikors for taking death with honor. With them gone, it was just the matter of finally confronting her mother's murderer and the useless replacement he picked. Saljireen had decided to let the sickness Monstronaz had to finish Monstronaz off, deeming the sickness onto him as a gift from the Vikor gods themselves, whereas she deemed Pantzdown too cowardly to fight and allowed USRA forces to arrest and capture. This event was perhaps the earliest victory against Beta Universe' Vikor incursion, of which gave the rest of the sectors hope that an end to the conflict was coming. Come Monstronaz' death to his sickness, Saljireen and the defect forces were welcomed by the pacified Armor Clan, as Saljireen was made new leader, who promised that the Armor Clan will have no further aims against Bacabin "In return of the kindness the outsiders gave to me during Monstronaz' reign of betrayal", in which the Armor Clan's immediate pacification had served to compromise the other clans' morale, which naturally aided in reigning in the war in both Beta and the rest of the universes.

1976 AB: End of the Interuniverseal War (Bacabin)

While the conflict had been reigned-in early for Bacabin, Bacabin was a big supporter for the other sectors and other universes still working to reign in conflict in their areas. That's not to say the end of the war itself wasn't eventful for Bacabin. With all the clans reigned-in in Beta's time of the war, the clans under humbled and/or new leaders decide to pay proper tribute to the worthy victors of the war. And this was espeically true with the Armor Clan. Saljireen, now queen and haply married with a defect new age general from Monstronaz' forces, was certainly a prime leader of this peace-making. She lead both the Armor Clan and all others who had a big part in the conflict to make do amends and accept the peace treaties made with the sectors they once meant to congure. As such, with an ensurence that the Vikors are no longer an issue to Bacabin, the Wondos eased their war-created restrictions on Portus, and Bacabin eventually goes back to life Pre-Interuniverseal War. Things were finally settling down.... Well, at least for the majority of this current year. Scyria was about to become centerstage of a drama about to unfold.

1977-1980s AB: The Returning Hope For The Scyrians
Heili Runner

Heili Eol Ve Runner

Around the days after the Interuniversal War, Scyria had recovered enough to be inhabited by the Tiikons. Colonies were established in domed cities, to hide from the climate that was still somewhat poisoned by the enhancelement (Or at least that's what Tiikens assumed). Wildlife's mindlessly hostile to sentient beings, geology was torn into geothermal wastelands, ruins of advanced civilizations laid everywhere, but one monument stood: the Scyrians' capital city of Ar Cretacion. The Tiikons aimed to find clues on the mysteries of the planet and create a paradise here, creating space stations, some being wildlife breeding ecosystems, supply drop pods, bionic dinosaurs, and even tech obelisks to act as beacons. The civilizations even ended up being mixed with USRA and UIS races. But some wanted to explore this new world for science without help from the Tiikons. Two of the first being a Tiikon named Johnna Runner, who died looking for the secrets of the Scyrians. Later her daughter Heili Runner took her place. The other was a pompous self-loving Chredder scientist named Edwyn Stonewell, who hospitalized his parents before they could capitalize on the potential of Scyrian technology. The two met on Animosity Island, later meeting new friends or enemies including Meya Liu, a secluded Sauran warrioress who built an army of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, and Nervay, a conqueror flying theropod who aims to escape his island prison where his tribe was imprisoned for trying to annihilate the Scyrians tainting their planet. In the end, Meya almost died, Heili was imprisoned by Nervay for her knowledge, along with Stonewell for 'betraying' him by researching without him. Heili learns that her mother was killed by the Overwatcher, the AI-derived from the ancient leader of the Scyrians, out of fear she'd abuse the technology. After she and Stonewell survive a crater desert with help from Rav and her presumably dead boyfriend Johno Coopher, they entered an underground bioluminescent cave with life beautifully mutated by enhancelement, where Heili meets Dinia Altories, a Skorner she surprisingly became friends with, and Santrago An Sanct, an Aectoid-Xuron hybrid hacker. They find the missing Meya after she survived the irradiated surface above leaving Nervay to die, and they fix up the obelisks above to take them to Ar Cretacion. Unfortunately, Stonewell grows obsessed with enhancelement, planning to capitalize on it and manipulating everyone until he eventually got forced to inject himself with it and succumb to genetic madness and become a monster. Dinia is seemingly killed, but her five students heal her and sacrifice themselves to imprison Stonewell in an enhancelement tank. The four heroes Heili, Meya, Dinia, and Santrago arrive in Ar Cretacion and find the condition of it's setting, being the basic fortress of the evolved enhancelement as it gained sentience and hived itself inside a giant Titos Rex. Titoses and corrupted wildlife littered the outskirts and they set up base planning their next move until Titoses ambushed the camp and killed Santrago. Dinia recovers his body and reunites with the others intent on resurrecting him as an android. The group eventually find Overwatcher again and escapes with info retelling the fall of the Scyrians, and the Overwatcher of the resistance leader during the Scyrian War, saying the other has been corrupted. They decided to remove the enhancelement infection while Heili healed from heavy injury from another Titos ambush. They create a giant mech that can absorb the enhancelement around it for power and use the power against the Titos Rex. They impaled it in the heart and the hivemind sentient core of the enhancelement, killing the infection by 75%. Heili gains control over most of the Scyrian network and thus become the planetary leader, intent on healing the world and the Scyrians so they can return.
1990 AB: The Bacabin Campaign
Dr. Sayus

The Mad Doctor Sayus Mayus Dayus.

In the times before the VA would be expected to rise, the AUU in the 90s was admittingly, a time where the long peace made by the Interuniverseal War's end was already starting to sour with the return of atypical tensions towards certain factors of life. Chief among them: The critiques towards' UIS' practices and belief, which grown especially intense due to UIS being an invisible entity during the Interuniverseal War that may as well had been like they didn't existed in the war, and were, understandingly bitter about their lack of ANY involvement, whether good or bad, and even began to think that maybe the Isolated Systems would've had things that would've made the war go MUCH more smoothly, along with intensities of prior critiques to UIS, the fact that the Economs' wealth could've SERIOUSLY been a GREAT help in the conflict, that UIS is practically an alliance juggernaut yet there was nary ANY attempt to even have a minor presence in the conflict, and joined with rising fears of a USRA-UIS Alliance war in being well familiar with what happened with the Aufones Skirmish with the Sailnecks. The 90s gave birth to the surplus of newfound UIS critics and attempted-challengers, both in the grander community and even in the otherwise not war effected Isolated Systems in largely due to the UUF in feeling the direct effects of UIS' forced attempts to keep independence alive. And Bacabin was not spared from such bro-hahas, if in fact it had one of the more infamous cases. Enter Dr. Sayus Mayus Dayus, an Alternate UUniversal Tiikon from Planet Vorlon. Dr. Sayus was a 90's era Globex scientist that was once part of what was referred to as the Bacabin Campaign that aimed to force the deisolation of Bacabin's isolated systems via endless protests that if it had been successful, it would inspired similar campaigns. Sayus was a prime philosophical leader of the campaign, and believed that it is the USRA's manifest destiny to unite all systems. However, his extremist ideology had UIS deem him as a threat that would've risked USRA expansion and had an elite Skorner Squad sent to break up the campaign and capture Sayus, which ultimately prevented others who had the same belief from ever trying the same thing. Sayus, as a Tiikon, didn't have too-kind of an opinion to the Skorners due to prior racial tension, but his opinion did not improve when being placed in a Skorner Penal Colony due to how influentially risky he could've been. And the scars speak for themselves that he did not have a great time in the prison. Sayus was able to escape thanks to his misguided niece Saya, who enlisted the help of some followers of Worm McSinep. Saya took Sayus to hide on the planet Scyria, a world of scientific wonder and potential. Here, Sayus has come to believe that UIS was 'a group that only respects force', going mad and vows to seek out the legend of the Teadr 1 Scyrians to utilize against the UIS's influence, which includes the Skorners because of far more personal wounds. Sayus had been long sought out ever since his escape. He currently resides in Lapse Wastes, an irradiated wasteland with a destroyed ozone layer that houses underground caves called the Lapse Caves which houses a subterranean bioluminescent biome and rich amounts of the Scyrians' top superpower, enhancelement. He makes this substance his own prime weapon and creates new weapons and technology from it, but finds that it's now being obscured of any traces since the downfall of its core being. He finds a lab that contains a monster calling himself Stonewell, who claims that he knows a lot that he'll need to know as well if he wishes to succeed, forming an alliance. Sayus promises that the two can carry on together with the raw power of enhancelement, and gives him five new monster minions to aid him. But Stonewell, not caring about the concerns of UIS knowing they were born from understandable circumstances, aims to betray him when he is freed, intent on 'doing them a favor', even when Saya gets suspicious and tries multiple times to warn him.

1997-Present AB: The VA in Bacabin

The time of the VA's rise in Bacabin ended up being what would solidify the Economs into coming to be with UIS to the point of racial membership, simply with the fact of the VA taking over the troupe and doing terrible and dishonorable things with it that upseted the Economs. This began to empower BEIG to start a mass bank-takeover of once vibrant Troupe areas and fire members there, even if they don't appreciate the new management. And the VA, preferring to not risk getting to conflict with UIS just yet until they're SURE of being in equal power, allowed troupe locations there to be removed, bought out and undermined by BEIG and the Economs. The VA allowed this hit to their pride in believing they can still rely on dedicated Troupe locations anyway, in so deeming losing the Economs' system not that painful of a loss, though some VA members were bitter about letting UIS push them around like that, fair points about their power aside. Though surprisingly, even the most prideful of VA members never attempted to counter BEIG's takeovers because even they knew that it wasn't like UIS was some minor inconvenience, they were an alliance that existed to counter USRA expansion and were comprised of powerful elder races or ones of at least very impressive tech levels, and any bold ideas to even just trying to take the fight to BEIG alone are immediately rejected out of fear of even only exclusively keeping BEIG shit would lead to UIS reprisal and risk the VA's standing, even in times of growing stronger, but rejections of going after BEIG intensified after the failed brief war at the first aim at an isolated system border in Alpha, which in term, increased BEIG takeovers of more Troupe Locations, even with some banks being burned down by UIS enforcers due to being direct financers of some of the VA's particular heinous actions, leaving employees with burning scars and loss of limbs, even whether or not they particularly cared for their VA abusers. By the time the VA would fall, enough of the system has become dedicated UIS territory that the planets that manage to avoid complete conversion are considered a minority spot destined to die out in time in UIS eyes, helped little that BEIG hasn't necessary stopped takeover attempts. They eased up when the VA doesn't control them anymore, but some troupe locations are in too bad of shape that takeovers are common anyway. This has slowed down exponentially though when the time of reconstruction few years later had entered, but unresolved conflict reminds as of now.  Regardless, The Bacabin Sector, having been now being known as the most infamous of all sectors, because it housed the Ceallans. Founded by such a Ceallan, Corpius Bacabin, the sector forever lives in infamy because of the Ceallans presence alone. However, in irony to this, it's a relatively orderly system and that it's infamous cause of association. It also houses the birthplace of AUU Halloween, The Famed Portus Prime, and the home of the proud Krakonites, who are currently missing, however. And as with all of the AUU, this still has quite some problems to sort out, and it might require more than the Wondos presence this time.


(TBC upon completion of Bacabin Sector)

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