Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf is an ally to Pete, and a minion to the Villain League. He is also the main villain of the Three Little Pigs shorts.


Zeke Wolf usually wears tattered red trousers held up by green braces, and an old top hat. He believes that being bad is what wolves are supposed to do. He likes to disguise himself - sometimes in drag - to fool the Three Little Pigs and try to catch them and eat them, or sometimes just get them into trouble.

In two animated appearances, Zeke Wolf has three sons who are just as bad as he is. They are triplets who dress almost identically to him. They pay no never mind to their father's orders, and are just as eager to eat the pigs as he is.

However it is now more consistent that he has one son called Li'l Wolf. Li'l Wolf wants to be a good wolf, and his father often scolds him for being friends with the Three Little Pigs. However, it has been shown that Zeke Wolf is not a bad father. He adores his son and has on occassion passed up the possibility of pork chops for the safety of his son.

Animated appearances

Three Little Pigs

Big Bad Wolf is first seen stalking the three pigs as two (Fifer Pig and Fiddler Pig) were playing their flute and fiddle and Practical Pig was finishing up his house of bricks. Big Bad attempts to eat the two who are playing, but fails due to the cleverness of Practical Pig.

The Big Bad Wolf

In the wolf's second appearance he attempts to eat Little Red Riding Hood.

The Three Little Wolves

Zeke Wolf is giving his three mischievous sons a lesson on the best parts of pig to eat. Meanwhile, Practical Pig is building a Wolf Pacifier (patent not applied for), while Fifer and Fiddler Pig trick him by crying 'Wolf' with the Wolf Alarm. Zeke Wolf dresses up as Bo Peep and tricks Fifer and Fiddler Pig into following his sons, who are dressed up as the lost sheep, and captures them. When they blow the Wolf Alarm, Practical Pig passes it off as another trick. Fifer and Fiddler trick Zeke Wolf into blowing it, which finally summons Practical, who brings along his Wolf Pacifier. He tricks Zeke into running into the Wolf Pacifier, which beats Zeke, then tars and feathers him, and finally fires him out of a cannon, while his sons rush to catch him.

The Practical Pig

Practical Pig is building a Lie Detector. Fifer and Fiddler mock him for being afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, and despite his warnings, go swimming. Zeke Wolf dresses up as a mermaid to trick them, and captures them, then brings them back to his home, where his three sons eagerly await dinner. He tells them they don't eat until they have Practical Pig too, and goes out to capture Practical Pig. While he's out, the Three Little Wolves prepare to eat Fifer and Fiddler, who are shocked that they don't obey their father. Zeke Wolf then dresses up as a messenger and delivers a badly written note to Practical Pig. He is captured and put in the lie detector, which scrubs his mouth with soap, spanks him, and beats him on the head when he lies. Back at the mill, Fifer and Fiddler escape when the Three Little Wolves use pepper, and run home. Zeke Wolf tells the truth and is dispatched with a rocket, and Fifer and Fiddler rush in. They claim they didn't go swimming, and the Lie Detector gives them a spanking. Practical Pig tells them that "This hurts me worse than it does you", and the Lie Detector spanks him too.

Role in the series

Big Bad Wolf (KH)

The Big Bad Wolf (KH Outfit)

The Big Bad Wolf has currently made zero appearances in the series. He will make a cameo appearance in Spyro discovers Who Framed Roger Rabbit as one of the toons who try and find out who Doom really was. Other than that, Scroopfan may not be fully use him yet for the rest of the series because the shorts he was used in are not in his possession.

Reguardless, he was indicted to the leage as a lowly grunt, then kidnapped by Frollo's Nobody, turned into a much more compident verson of himself as a heartless, and became a general for Mortimer Mouse (Organization XIII) for the invadion of Mickey's kingdom. He was anti-climaticly defeated by Larxene kicking him in the croutch, turning him to normal and no memory except for a fear of the very nobody.

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