Biggy and Littly Biggs
Vital statistics
Title Big and Little Boys
Gender Both Male
Race/Species Urban Barbear (Barursus urbus)
Faction RGM Universal Entertainment Cartoon Characters
Description Biggy: Squeaky Voice, Dumb, Cheerful, Clumsy, Abused, Innocent

Littly: Deep Voice, Smart, Violent and Insulting, Snarky, Mean, Arrogant

Skills and Abilities Natural Bear-Like Ability, Cartoon Immortality
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Laughsville, Cartoonworld (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, ???) (Homeworld and Current Residence)
Alignment Ranged

Biggy Biggs and Littly Biggs are two Alternate UUniversal Barbears from Planet Cartoonworld. They are two bear-like cartoon characters created by RGM Universal Entertainment, as they are famous for switching the normal characteristics, as Littly is small yet has a tough deep voice, and Biggy is large yet has a squeaky and innocently passive voice, as the two have ranged alignment and yet are bumbling clumsy idiots who get into trouble many times. (TBC...)


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