Vital statistics
Title Bilge, AUU Claptrap (OUU Residents)
Gender Genderless (Male Tone)
Race/Species Robot, Cypherion 31L6E Unit
Faction Many Roles
Description Funny, Brags A Lot, Overenthusiastic, Cowardly, Lonely, Mixed Mood Swings, Last Bilge Unit In Existence
Skills and Abilities Little to None
Status Operational
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Anywhere In The Beofynzeny System (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector)
Alignment Mixed Leadership
31L6E-666, AKA Bilge, is an Alternate UUniversal robot from the Beofynzeny System. He is a funny robot who used to come in many units across the Beofynzeny System, manufactured by the Cypherion Corporation, and acting as general purposes as watchers, stewards, maintainers across the system and beyond. One such, the last model of his outmoded kind, guides the Vault Seekers on multiple adventures and manages their bounty boards and the other things in their headquarters in the Beofynzeny trading town of Fyregem, and then later on their new home in Sanctuaria, a flying city and later a spaceship. The model's personalities are a flawed defect in their prototyping by their Cypherion inventor Doctor De Bray, who died before he could fix it because of a corporate counter-assassination by the creator of the Trapp Unit, Doctor MaGyden, and thus the 31L6E Units have been like this following their distribution, yet became a corporate and propagated favorite because of such a defect, making them popular among the system and beyond. Though they became less popular when they became less reliable, and after a classified incident involving a crazy, comical, but nevertheless deadly revolution, even when such a controversy died out quickly when the units themselves apologized, the line was shut down and destroyed by Awesome Jaxtom when he stole the contract for ownership of the unit. Thus this one, who works in Fyregem, is the last of his kind. It is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Claptrap, among others, and as such it has been programmed with an overenthusiastic personality, and brags frequently, yet also expresses severe loneliness and cowardice, yet has a much more original design.


The 31L6E-666 stewart bot unit was manufactured by Doctor Mocstin De Bray of the Cypherion Corporation. They were created with the sole purposes of acting as watchers, stewards, maintainers across many systems, and many other objectives. Though this would not be the first or last unit produced by De Bray and the Cypherion Corporation, it was one of the most successful alongside C0N-5 Constructrons, L0D-10 Lance Guard Robots, IR Comlink Bots, and the failed brother line of the 31L6Es, the 3UR63 Line. The Bilge Units became so popular that they became widespread primarily in the Beofynzeny System because of a sale war between them and the TR4P Units from the MagRyve Corporation on Qandora created by Doctor Marvo MaGyden, making both models obsolete in the end to greater robots and this making both of these cousin models hate each other. Though the Trap Units grew more popular over time, this added more to the Bilge Units' hatred and restricted them to the Beofynzeny System, not helping that the creators of both models died in a counter-assassination attempt, leaving their jobs to their kin.

Though the Bilge Units still remained in the Beofynzeny System because of this corporate feud, they prospered as a successful model, yet still refuse to even mention or be insulted through the Trap Units' own success. However, as time went on, the Bilge Units were left without being programmed out of their smartaleck and overtly-eccentric personalities, something that De Bray couldn't fix before his death. Although each Bilge Unit was slightly different, they almost universally exhibited eccentric behavior and annoying tendencies and habits, such as regularly shirking responsibilities. Because of this, and their relative uselessness when it came to even the most menial jobs, when Awesome Jaxtom took control of the Beofynzeny System's Armatage and Huncus branches, he discontinued all of them by stealing the deed to the model from De Bray's family, obtaining the Holocode to all of them and used it to destroy every CL4P-TP in existence.

But one remained. A Bilge Unit, 31L6E-666, who was in charge of the businesses in the Uridian town of Fyregem, was saved from bandits by Sir Halebrock, and in turn he returned to Fyregem and helped any arriving Vault Seekers to take revenge against Jaxtom, as Fyregem was named the capital location for hiring and housing Vault Seekers.


Coming soon...


  • "Oh come on, I gotta do everything around here!"
  • "Bite my shiny metal ass!"
  • "This is Under The Law fully-realized, so GET USED TO IT, D***-SPIT!!!"
  • "Please don't shoot me, please don't shoot me, please don't shoot me!"
  • "This is as aggravating as a goddamn censorbot!"
  • "Hey, my MOTHER was a *Insert random AUU robot here*."
  • "AHH! I think I'm leaking!"
  • "Crime! It's everywhere! Get used to it, meatbags! Geese, you guys are more whinier then trapp bots."
  • "Oh, God, woe is me? Why did I have to be made a Bilge Unit? Why couldn't I have been a vend-bot? Or an Omnican, one of those rare semi-androids like that Pixollo kid, or an unbelievably-sexy gynoid, or even an A-Sentinel, OR MAYBE EVEN A ZERKER-BOT, SWEET ARBASUS?!? THEY ENJOY KILLING AND INSULTING THEIR TARGETS!!! WHY CAN'T I BE COOLER THAN THIS?!? But hey, at least I'm not a trapp bot. That would've been WAY worse."
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